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Four Hundred Years Ago
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Dreadlords are the mages of Vel Anir.

They are above all and anything else the backbone of the Anirian Guard and the primary reason that the city has managed to survive for so long. Dreadlords have an incredibly fierce and deadly reputation, one that is well deserved and reinforced often. Unlike the mages of Elbion or those of the Allirian College, a Dreadlord is not taught the finer points of magic. He or she is a weapon, purely and simple. Honed and crafted like a sword to protect Vel Anir at any and all cost.

Taken from their families as soon as they show signs of magical ability at a young age, Dreadlords are raised from as early as two to be battlemages. Not only well trained users of magic, Dreadlords are also well rounded combatants in their own right. Taught to fight in multiple different ways, all befitting the individuals own talents. This means some Dreadlords will fight with sword and shield while others use more unique weapons.

Though in ages past Dreadlords swore their allegiance to the Great Houses of Vel Anir or the King himself this has now drastically changed with the advent of the New Republic. With the revolution and the new goverment of Vel Anir, Dreadlords are now faced with a three fold choice. Upon graduation from the Academy an Initiate must choose to either Join the Anirian Guard, become part of the reserves and be a private city who may be called upon at any time, or exile from the city itself.

In this new age of the Republic, Dreadlords are an interesting piece in an ever-changing political landscape. Many are still finding their place, and some are even attempting to constantly change it either by force or through political machinations.

Regardless, the Dreadlrods of Vel Anir are still an incredibly important facet of the city. A backbone of it's military might, and independence.



Vel Anir has a long history as a Militant city, their military is well trained and their walls are strong, but in both the modern and the ancient era an army is not much without the backing of magic.

The Dreadlords fulfill this purpose for Vel Anir.

They are the magic backbone of both the Anirian Guard, and the various armies operated by the Noble Houses. As far as most people know they are the only sorcerers operating within the City.

Trained from a young age, Dreadlords are purposefully created to be as military minded as possible. Unlike Elbion, Alliria, or any other schools of magic, The Academy that teaches young Dreadlords their magic is purpose built for only the art of war. Dreadlords do not learn magic that is not useful in battle.

Dreadlords, much like everything else in Vel Anir, are geared towards war. From a young age they are brought up and taught as weapons. The process is grueling and extremely difficult, but produces perhaps the greatest warrior mages on the face of Arethil.

The purpose of Dreadlords is to be weapons of war. They conduct themselves in battle differently depending on their tutelage, but the mastery of their magic is wholly geared towards fighting. Out of the near thousand Dreadlords only a dozen or so are taught healing, and this more often than not is because they are too weak to do anything else.

No matter where a mages talents lay, whether in the conjuring of creatures or the creation of illusions, if he is born in Vel Anir he will be forged for battle.

This has been the way of things for over a thousand years.


Dreadlords begin their training at an incredibly young age. Although efore the Revolution Children were forcibly taken from their families in order to induct new Initiates, this process has now come to a jarring standstill. No more to the famed Dreadlord teachers comb through every avenue of Anirian territory.

Instead the process has become more natural. Since the Republic took power a general plea has gone out to the public. Explanation of the importance of Dreadlords to Vel Anir, continued funds for parents who give up their children, as well as a culture that has stood fast for nearly four centuries has ensured there is still a steady flow of new students at the Academy. Though of course, the total number of new students has decreased.

Despite this change, much of the process of the Academy itself remains the same.

As soon as the Child is inducted into the Academy training begins.

The child is taught to read, write, mathematics, and a suite of other subjects. Once they reach the age of eight a student also begins combat training. Each Dreadlord, regardless of gender, is taught the use of the Bow, Sword, and several other implements.

Of course, alongside this more standard education comes tutelage within a students magic. At first this composes of broad training. Proctors educate students in the five laws of magic, the more standard tenants of wizardry, and everything else that could be found in beginners classes in Elbion.

As the students learn however, their own gifts are tested. Once a student is found to hold a particular affinity towards a certain type of magic it becomes the central focus of their training.

When this gift is found a students time at the Academy becomes measurably more intense. Training becomes more difficult, even deadly. Everything is honed in on the student specifically, Proctors constantly test, poke, and prod students in every way they can possibly think of. This period of time in the Academy goes on for years and is where most students 'break'.

Though once a continued stream of harassment, beatings, and outright abuse this process has now changed ever so slightly. Far more harsh than Elbion, Althhaven, or any other school of magic still the Academy has changed a great deal under the Republic. Despite these changes however many of the practices would still be considered outright cruel, and that is only to mention what goes on outside the shadows.

The goal of all of this of course is to invoke an instinctual grasp of magic within the Student even under the most horrid of conditions.

This training is what turns a Dreadlord into a true battlemage. They are, through and through, creatures of war and death. It is said that as long as Dreadlord has a single piece of their body they are still capable of fighting. This is instilled within them in the Academy. There they are broken, rebuilt, and honed even now.

When a student has come far enough they 'graduate' from the Academy. Though this is usually at the age of seventeen or eighteen, it can change depending on the Initiate's skill, power, and general aptitude. When an Initiate does graduate, they are now faced with a choice; Service in the Guard, The Reserves, and Exile.

Service within the Anirian Guard is the path which most students choose. Even the weakest Dreadlord is automatically given the rank of Lieutenant and is then evaluated for their aptitude. Once this is done, they, like any other Guardsmen are placed within a particular branch of the Military. From there they serve on missions, gain rank, and follow the same path as any other citizen might.

The second choice for an Initiate is joining the Reserves. This option was created to allow Dreadlords the same freedom as any other citizen might enjoy, with the caveat that begets the tutelage they have received. A Dreadlord takes time, effort, and energy to train. They are simply too valuable to waste and too powerful to wash ones hands of. The reserves allow an Initiate to effectively become a private citizen, but with the knowledge that any time they might be called up for service. Of course Anirian Law stipulates that this can only be done in certain times of emergency. Reserves are also granted a small stipend by the Government, allowing them to live their lives.

Lastly is exile.

Dreadlords are powerful and enigmatic figures. They have been taught as weapons of war and soldiers. The Government realizes that often people like this can be as much of a threat as they can be a help. Thus if a student wishes true freedom with leash or regard their only choice is to leave the city of Vel Anir permanently.


Technically speaking Dreadlord's have only two ranks though the second of these ranks holds four separate levels that decides seniority. These ranks are simple; Dreadlord and Archon.

These titles have now been folded into the Guard's subset of Dreadlords. Militaristically speaking they are more of a classification rather than actual rank. The classification is used mostly for assigning missions. Deciding who is strong enough to go where and when. Though awkardly enough this has sometimes leads to oddities such as a Second level Dreadlord taking orders from a Third.

Archon: Few Archon's exist within the ranks of the Dreadlord's, and this is mainly due to their function. These men and women are the most powerful, longest lived, and generally most cunning of all their brothers and sisters. Archon are extremely rare, with only a handful currently living.

Becoming an Archon is an exceptionally difficult task even in the age of the Republic. One must truly prove themselves both on the battlefield and outside of it. One cannot reach this height through simple cunning. It is not enough to be smart or powerful. Only the most well rounded and truly deserving have ever reached the title of Archon. With even other Dreadlords often fearing them.

The main reason for this is because Archon's not only wield martial power, but political as well. They are as a general rule exceptionally clever and important. Having through one way or another positioned themselves into being at the center of things.

An Archon is a truly terrifying foe on the battlefield, in politics, and any other theater that one might face them in.

Dreadlord: The Rank of Dreadlord is held by those who graduate the Academy. This rank is of course where the infamous name originates from and is the title of the bulk of mages within Vel Anir. Though it is nearly all inclusive, the Dreadlord rank itself holds four 'levels' which denote authority, strength, and skill.

1st Level: Dreadlord's of the first level are the highest rank of their kind. These men and women are extremely skilled, cunning, and most often; powerful. The first level is usually only reached after years of self improvement and battle, and takes quite a bit to actually attain. First level Dreadlord's are incredibly deadly foes.

Most consider these men and women an army unto themselves, and generally speaking they are not to be trifled with. There are only a dozen or so First Level Dreadlords.

2nd Level: Second level Dreadlord's are those who have achieved and outpaced the average. These men and women have shown that though they are perhaps not yet there, they will one day be of the First Level. Second Level Dreadlords have generally mastered at least one form of magic and are often quite skilled in another.

Though not as powerful as those of the First Level, these men and women are often still more than a match for even the most powerful mages of other lands. The Second can be found in more numbers than the first, though it is still only barely a hundred.

3rd Level: The Most common of all Dreadlord's, most students graduate to become a Third Level. These men and women are the baseline expectation, with anything less being of the Fourth. The bulk of the Dreadlord numbers, Third Level's are generally speaking deadly combatants and skilled mages, though lacking either power or the time to hone their craft.

Most never make it past the Third Level. That being said, these men and women are still extremely dangerous battlemages.

4th Level: Barely acknowledged and hardly spoken of, the Fourth Level of Dreadlords is reserved for those who have fallen below the Third. Generally speaking, these men and women are injured Dreadlord's who can no longer perform their duties in battle. On rare occasion a Fourth Level can also be a weaker student who somehow managed to graduate from the Academy.

Dreadlord's of the Fourth are often relegated as teachers, healers, advisors to parliament, and other tasks ill-suited for those of higher status.

There is also rumor that Dreadlord's of the Fourth have also on very rare occasion been used as assassins.


For as long as anyone can remember Vel Anir has been a city of war. This simple truth has stood out since the cities founding. There are dozens of stories as to why, a hundred explanations, but always it has been there.

From the beginning this martial prowess has set Vel Anir against the forces of the world. Elves, raiders from the plains, and even other Human settlements have long been at war with Vel Anir. Throughout these turbulent wars and battles the Anirians have honed their armies.

The Anirian Guard stands as one of the greatest military forces in the world, and has since nearly the beginnings of the city.

During the founding of the state however Vel Anir did not yet have Dreadlords, nor did it have a university for magic like Alliria or Elbion. Though some mages volunteered for military service, the truth was Vel Anir lacked a true arcance backbone.

This truth became more than apparent during the first Elven War.

When the first true King of Vel Anir Cinira Anireth invaded the edges of the Falwood his forces were swiftly swept aside by the power of the Elves magic. Their finely trained warriors backed up by Shamans and Elders utterly decimated the forces of Vel Anir. Within days of entering the wood, Vel Anir's forces were utterly decimated.

The Elves then pressed out from their home and scoured Anirian lands, blighting the good people of the Fortress City and setting siege to the foundling state before it could truly grow.

Eventually Ciniria Anireth managed to settle a claim of peace with the Elves. Though the details of this agreement are lost to history, the Anirians claim it was a mutual pact, while the Elves state there was naught but other capitulation.

After this defeat, Ciniria Anireth was able to see the missing link within his army. An edict was issued, one the likes of which Arethil had never seen before. Anyone and everyone with magical ability was to be drafted into military service. Whether they be peasant, merchant, or even noble.

All were called to serve.

Thus the Dreadlord's were created.

Despite protests from nearly every sector of life, the edict was followed. The people of the city gave up their sons, their daughters, their fathers and even grandmothers. Everyone with even a hint of magical talent went forth to serve the King and his army.

It was these men and women that founded the Academy. They were trained in the arts of war, pushed to flex their magical abilities, and integrated with Vel Anir's military. Within a generation these users of magic became fully a part of the Anirian Military, and Ciniria Anireth declared his edict a success.

Upon his eightieth year, Cinria Anireth broke his treaty with the Elders of the Falwood and began the Second Elven War.

It was during this conflict that the mages of Vel Anir earned the title of Dreadlords.

This second conflict was brutal, dark, and nearly lead to the burning of Fal'Addas itself. The armies of Vel Anir swept forward from the city and at their head stood the Dreadlord's. During this conflict the mages proved themselves, going toe to toe with the great Elven Sorcerer's and overwhelming them through their sheer audacious war-magics.

The conflict ended when Ciniria Anireth died. The old King passed away on his eighty sixth year, and with him went the desire for further war. After a brutal siege and much death within the Falwood, the Great Houses of Vel Anir agreed to a...somewhat amicable peace with the Elves and withdrew.

Now proven in a baptism of blood and fire the system which brought about the birth of the Dreadlord's cemented itself within Anirian Society.

Of course, as the centuries passed things became more and more twisted. Originally simply a part of the military the Dreadlord's managed to wrangle themselves out of the traditional hierarchy. Their importance and their power positioned them outside of the military command structure, and their strength made them important tools for the Noble Houses as they clamored for more power.

After centuries of service to the King and many wars, the Dreadlord's were eventually wrested away from the Monarch of Vel Anir. Much like everything else in the city, the Dreadlord's were swept up in the power struggle between the Royal Family and the Great Houses.

Though through this time there was very nearly several bloody coups, the Archons of the Dreadlord's eventually capitulated with promises of power and position. They like everyone else put their Loyalty with the Noble Houses, though of course still officially served the King.

This system stayed in place for nearly four hundred years.

The lives of many Dreadlords did not improve, and by all accounts actually became worse. Treatment at the Academy degenerated, and many Initiate's graduated as little more than broken fragments of human beings. Despite that the effectiveness of Vel Anir's greatest weapons could never be called into question, and over the centuries the cities power only grew.

As that power grew, so did that of the Great Houses. Over time the stranglehold began to tighten until whatever ruling Alliance was all but impossible to dethrone.

Of course this created a great amount of resentment, anger, and eventually; Revolution.

Though it is difficult to say when the anger truly overcame trepidation and who truly took the first step, elements both within the Dreadlords and the Anirian Guard began to plan a coup against the Great Houses and the King. Through careful planning and years of preparation a Revolution sparked within Vel Anir.

A bloody, torrid, and nearly fatal affair, the Dreadlord Revolution eventually overcame the forces of the Great Houses. Backed by the entirety of the Anirian Guard and falling upon the city after a siege those who ruled Vel Anir had no choice in capitulating. Though the fighting between Loyalists and Revolutionaries lasted for only a day, the destruction was nearly the ruin of the entirety City.

Nevertheless, the coup was successful and after many weeks of negotiation a new Republic was formed in the place of Vel Anir's old government.

Under this new power the Dreadlord system was slowly reformed. Though not entirely changed, nor abolished, a gradual shift for the betterment began to take hold. Many, however, criticize these reforms as little less than polish. Openly stating that while the tree might have been trimmed, it's roots still cling deep in the ground.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


"They came during my one hundred forty seventh year.

I was young then of course, but I had fought in the first war fifty years before. I had only just joined with the Nal'eiheem, the Forest Guard in your language.

The first time the Anirians came it was a joke. They had mages, men and women with some training, but nothing like they brought the second time. During the first war they knew nothing. We were better trained, more skilled, our Elders cut half their army to ribbons with their magic alone. I remember watching as a third of their army was buried among the forest, ripped apart by the very trees.

It was not a battle, but a slaughter.

The Elf swallowed hard as I watched him. I could tell this was a subject he didn't want to talk about. For us humans the war was four generations ago, by great grandfather couldn't even remember it, but this man? This man had seen it with his own eyes.

It took you fifty years. Fifty years to betray your word.

We were all surprised, shocked even, when the scouts reported that an army was marching North of the Falwood. We thought it was a joke, a parade maybe. We didn't think that you would be so foolish you see, but then...then it happened.

As we mustered reports started to come in. One after another the scouts came back, even some of the wardens. When they spoke...the way they looked. There was an emptiness to their eyes, a hollowness. They spoke of fire, the earth moving and the Falwood tearing itself apart piece by piece.

Your army marched, and before it marched a great wall of flame. You burned our homes, reduced the Falwood to ash and left nothing in your wake.

Nobody understood at first. We thought it was your machines of war, the technology you were so fond of.

There was a great rush to the front as our army met yours. I was with them during the first attack, standing upon the highest perch and peering down. I saw them then. Soldiers in armor of jet-black, no swords in their hands, but instead...fire.

They burned the Falwood, and when we attacked...they did the same to us.

We were foolish. We were arrogant, and it cost us."

~Alluin Wyntres, First Ranger of the Falwood on the Second Elven War

Recent Events

The Revolution of Vel Anir

NPCs & PCs



  • Brutte: Double impact
  • Casca: Camouflage
  • Erina: Dart control
  • Fermin: Foresight
  • Javier: Earth manipulation
  • Lyra: Siren voice
  • Maha: Magic blades
  • Talea: Parasitic body control
  • Terris: SPECIAL EYES




Deserts/Runaways/Retired Dreadlords

Lost Children: Group of Dreadlords who have left Vel Anir to take over their own city
MPD: Missing Presumed Dead since the Revolution
Genexile: Initiates who followed Archon Gilram and joined his cause



  • Archon Nassau - Exile
  • Archon Gilram - Exile, leader of the new Dreadkid Exile Army
  • Archon Jaernys - Exile, once controlled Castle Mezlan
  • Archon Adelaide - Runaway, once imprisoned for her horrific experiments on other Dreadlords but escaped during the revolution
  • Archon Jaezrel - Currently working with the Republic and advisor on the Council with matters that concern Rogue Dreadlords
  • Archon Naja - Governor of Coraliv
  • Archon 1 - Loyalist to the Republic
  • Archon 2 - Loyalist to the Republic
  • Archon 3 - Loyalist to the Republic
  • Archon Isbrand - Deceased, killed by Sloan during the revolution
  • Archon Emil - Deceased, killed by Zana during the revolution
  • Archon Davis - Deceased


  • Renou - very anti revolution but secret about it
  • Harkenov - Subterfuge & Survival Instructor, vocal traditionalist, very challenging and unforgiving instructor, toes the line of the new Academy rules
  • Amoto - Very anti revolution but also hides it well
  • Gamble - Gives very hard written midterms, neither for nor against the Revolution, makes it clear he's working toward retirement
  • Proctor Malvern - Sword Instructor, traditionalist, anti-revolution but grumpily quiet about it
  • Proctor Andre Magomo - Neither for nor against the Revolution. Military-minded. Firm but fair. Hates politics.


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