Welcome to the Sandbox section of Chronicles

What this Area is for

In here you may create any type of article you wish. This is specifically to allow you to:
  • Test out Wiki Code
  • Try to make new templates or edit existing ones without affecting the main Wiki
  • Collaborate on new idea with your roleplay partners
  • Work up draft articles (especially if you don't have any roleplay references.)
This area is NOT for player character sheets. Always post those to the character area even if they are a work in progress.

What are the guidelines for content in this Area

Resource Guide

General Guidlines

  • There is no formal approval.
  • If you finish a draft article simply create a new article in the appropriate Area (e.g. Locations) and copy and paste the contents.
  • You must not use a direct copy of a concept from from an existing genre/IP
  • Please add sensible tags and use the listed categories to your page to make it easy to sort and find.
  • The usual rules of the site still apply to this area (No adult content, etc)

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Sub-Areas in 'Sandbox'

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