In this area you will find all Locations. Not all locations are shown on Chronicles Map.

How do I get started?

  • Click the "Create New" button at the bottom of this article and then "Page"
  • Choose the suitable recommended templates from the drop down
  • Fill in the Placeholders
  • Click "Insert" and finish your location article
  • Give the new article the Title of the location
  • Add the Region and Type (e.g. Town) of location to the Categories
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  • Choose the Region from the Field drop down above the "Create new page" button. (This will automatically populate the infobox)
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  • Click "Create new page" to post your article.


The Regions of Arethil are shown in the table below. Each page also contains a full list of all of the locations within that Region.


  • If you intend to make a larger/more significant location/settlement then this should be reflected in having been used extensively in roleplay on the forum.
  • Ensure at least the basics and a summary paragraph are completed
  • Do not copy a canon item from another genre/intellectual property
  • Please add sensible tags and categories to your page to make it easy to sort and find
  • Though there is no upper limit to the size of a location one can create on Chronicles, we ask that you remember to add references and flesh out this location first through RP threads.
    • If you haven't roleplayed a location yet, write your draft to the Sandbox page
  • When writing up an article for a city, state, or a larger entity you should remember that any claim made as to size of your nation can and will be contested by other articles.
  • Please refrain from marking out a territory of any location/nation, but instead mark the centre and give a description of its extent in your article.
Can I claim this unnamed island/claim this region/have my city put on the map?
From the Faq said:
No. And yes. You can roleplay a location and give it its own name and culture. However, there is nothing to stop anyone else roleplaying a different lore in the same area. Talk to them and collaborate if you feel someone else is ignoring existing Lore. Only if Lore is featured heavily in roleplay over a long period of time will it be added to the map or afforded the Core Lore prefix on the Wiki


You can find settlements by size under these pages:
Other types of locations can be found under these categories:

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