The Underrealm

The Underrealm

Physical Information
Massive Underneath Arethil Undercity of the Drow, The Myath Webs
Societal Information
Dark Elves (Drow), Goblins, Ogres, Rous Varies by Settlement Drow
Economic & Military Information
Metal Ores, Bioluminescent Flora, Spider Silk Food, Raw Materials
OOC Info
Matheus Graef

The Underrealm is a vast and cavernous area beneath the feet of those who have settled above ground. It is as large and massive as the above ground area though much of it remains uncharted and unexplored. There are a myriad of settlements primarily inhabited by races which are shunned in the above ground. Although, some races are simply more adapted to a life below ground and prefer to remain there with their own kind.

Within the Underrealm there are various underground lakes, mushrooms and vines which glow via bioluminescence, and a wide array of species which are uncommon above ground. These not only include the sentient races such as goblins, rous, or drow but also giant spiders, centipedes, and glowing fish.

Though non-Underrealm races are generally allowed to venture throughout the vast and cavernous expanse they are advised to do so with caution. It is likely they will not receive a warm welcome and they may be unaware of the various dangers that await them.

Points of Interest

The Undercity

Myath Webs


Dark Elves (Drow)

Dark Elves, or Drow as they often prefer, are a race of elves that split off from the main breed of elves found in Fal'Addas. It isn't fully known why the original elves and the dark elves separated or why the drow settled in the Underrealm whilst their cousins settled in the Falwood. What is known however is that both the elves of the Falwood and the elves of the Underrealm insist they were the original species and it is their cousins who have gone astray.

Drow tend to be similarly lithe and tall like their wood elven relatives and they are as equally inclined towards magic. Their lifespans are extraordinarily long which has resulted in a belief of arrogance and superiority over other races. It is not uncommon for a dark elf to live for over one thousand years.

The dark elves primarily reside in a massive metropolitan city known only as the Undercity. They follow a strict religion which worships ancient "Elder Gods" and their people are guided by religious priests. The word of these priests goes without question among much of the populace lest they anger the Elder Gods.

Interestingly, drow can have various eye colors ranging the entire spectrum of color. Though there are exceptions certain eye colors designate status and place within society. Many of the priest caste have purple eyes, the nobility red, and the soldier caste blue. That isn't to say a noble bloodline might produce an heir with blue eyes or that a soldier may have green eyes but those are more rare rather than the rule.


Green-skinned and oppressed in the upperworld the goblins are rather common within the Underrealm. Living amongst many different tribes and settlements.


Rat people


Grey Dwarves or Duergar are distant cousins of surface Dwarves that - distrustful of the ways of non-dwarf species - and aghast at the opening of society towards such races descended into the depths of Arethil. In the centuries since their departure, their skin grew pale and grey and their eyes gained a wholly white hue.

Their society revolves around the worship of the Fire God Zharr, who ensures the magma rivers - which act as the lifeblood for their civilization - remains flowing. A wholly insular community, Duergar never venture from their communes except to wage war on races they deem 'lesser' in status - that is, everyone that isn't a Duergar.

Their rules and laws are harsh and authoritarian and their communities are controlled by the Primal Order. A zealous group of warrior priests who enact the will of Zharr and lead the Duergar armies against other denizens of the Under Realm.


At one time, many centuries ago, large swaths of the Underrealm were ruled by the drow. They held onto a mighty empire and many of the other races were oppressed by the dark elves. Throughout time greed, corruption, and a costly civil war led to the empire's collapse until the dark elven holdings were limited to their great city.

Entry to the Underrealm

Entrances to the Underrealm are scattered all over Arethil and can sometimes require secretive magics to pass through. Some races, such as the goblins or rous, have small entrances connected via above ground caves or hidden tunnels. These entryways allow them to pass between the Underrealm and the upper world quietly.

Locations in this region below

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