Essential Guide How do I start Roleplaying at ChroniclesRP?

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Creating a Character

Step 1: Learning about our setting:

  • Chronicles is set in Arethil, an original medieval fantasy world. Arethil is home to humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and many more. This Page will tell you the basics of our settings.
  • Arethil is a “mid-magic” setting. Magic is present throughout Arethil and is governed by the Five Laws of magic.
  • You will find all the articles (such as species and locations) about Arethil on our Folklore Wiki. You may build upon existing concepts or create your own.

Step 2: Making a subaccount:

  • Once you have registered you can create a subaccount for each Character. This enables you to have a seperate avatar, signature, linked biography and notifications for each character.
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  • To make your first subaccount click your avatar on the top bar and then “subaccounts” from the drop down as shown below. In future you must be logged into the account you first registered with to make subaccounts.
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Step 3: Making a character sheet

  • Head to the Character Areaof the Wiki to make a Biography for your new Character.
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  • Use the Macros drop down to bring up a pop-up to enter some character details. You may press Insert and finish entering details at any time.
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  • There are no approvals for your character sheet. You only need some basic details to get started. (appearance)
  • Feel free to use/expand upon a pre-existing species or create your own. Don’t make a wiki page for a new species yet (see Wiki guide for rules and regulations).
  • Detailed information on Character pages is included on the front page of the Character Area
  • Now link your biography to your profile to make it easy for everyone to find!
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  • You can even embed the whole sheet as a tab on your profile:
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Starting to Write

Here are our main tips to get started writing:
  • Join the Discord Chat and talk to the community about your ideas for stories. Our environment is very open and this is the best way to meet people to write with.
  • Make a Looking for Group Post. A bot will also post this to the LFG discord channel for discussion. People often reply to Looking for Group threads.
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  • Post an Open or Fate Thread.
    • The Roleplay forum uses a number of Prefixes to describe the type of thread and whether it is open or private. See more here
    • Open Chronicles are open to all writers and Fate threads are 1x1 threads open to the first writer to reply. You will find that these are very popular threads and others will quickly join them.
    • Simple introduction threads may be glanced over, but a compelling story concept in the opening post always gets a quick reply.
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Guide to Key Chronicles Features

  • You can mention a user in a post which will send them a notification
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  • You can add tags to threads to make them easy to find. People usually make sure they add the location of a thread in a tag
    • You can search for threads by Tags and see a Tag Cloud Here
  • You may change the name of a subaccount if you get it wrong or want to change it to a different character.
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  • You may delete an account if you no longer wish to use it. The posts will remain from the account, but it will no longer be accessible:
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  • Add Lore to the Wiki
    • Use the wiki to add Lore to the site by documenting what has been featured in Roleplay. All articles must have references to board roleplay links.
    • The only exceptions to this rule are:
      • Creation of Character pages (you need a biography before writing a character)
      • Sandbox: If you want to test wiki code, collaborate on a new idea with other writers or work on a Draft article that has no Roleplay references yet then head to the Sandbox Area.
    • More guidelines are available on the front page of the wiki, and the front page of each area (e.g. species)
    • There are more infoboxes you can use for articles. To quickly insert one into a page select them from the Templates drop down:
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  • Change your theme! Chronicles has many themes and you can use a different one for each character. The font colours in the colour picker are safe on all themes.
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  • Join a Featured Groups
    • Groups are player-led organisations that characters can join.
    • A list of Featured Groups can be found: Here
    • Featured groups get their own banners under their names and you can even mention an entire group in a post in the same way as a user! They also get their own channel and role on Discord (join in them in #join-groups-roles)
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