Roleplay Prefixes and Tags: Please Read

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Chronicles RP
At ChroniclesRP Board we offer location prefixes for our members to use for easy identification on what type of Roleplay it is. You may select from a drop down your Roleplay prefix at the creation of a new thread.

Available Prefixes are as follows.

Normal open roleplay

A roleplay which may be open to join but you must ask the creator first

Organization specific roleplays for governments, guilds, adventure groups, or anything similar

Roleplays set in more intimate settings that are closed to the public

A 1x1 Roleplay where the first writer to respond can join

Roleplays dedicated to correspondence type roleplays such as letters.

Event threads created by Event Staff

For Threads that are finished

  • We recommend you always use at least one tag for a roleplay thread that shows the location (e.g. Elbion)
  • Please do not use more than four tags
  • Staff may remove tags on roleplay threads if there are more than four
  • Staff may merge similar tags across the board for consistency
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