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    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

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In the previous several years, the recording of history has drastically increased. In addition, knowledge of the past and history has improved. Because of this, the Elbion Timekeepers named the contemporary age as the Age of Chronicles. They predict that this Age will be full of discoveries and changes.

The current year is 370.

Year 369

  • Alliria, one of the largest cities in Arethil, is engulfed by a mysterious fog. Geckans and spiders assault the city under its cover. The sneak attack is beaten off by the inhabitants after a wild night's street fighting.[1]
  • An expedition to the Forbidden City disturbs something in the cursed ruins. [2]
  • Increased orc tribal tensions in the Spine are temporarily put aside when a gnoll migration trespasses into their ancestral grounds.
  • Allirian rangers hunt for the cause of a series of brutal murders in the Allir Reach.
  • Battle of Lor Holdram. A legion of Blight Orcs storm the outworks of Belgrath by escalade. The fort is taken with heavy losses but the orcs are defeated in fierce fighting in the dwarven hold's tunnels. [3] [4]
  • Gerra is later defeated at the Battle of Itirhul[5]
  • Unprecedented numbers of undead are seen roaming Arethil. Those who aren't destroyed are found to be marching north as if answering a summons. They join an ever growing horde, marching tirelessly towards the Blighted Sea.
  • The Templar orders begin a hitherto never seen level of cooperation when steps towards healing the great schism are made.
  • A party of adventurers explore ancient ruins in the wilds of Ixchel from the Age of Legends. They disturb its guardians and narrowly escape with their lives after opening a forgotten portal stone to a realm unknown. [6]
  • Pandamonium. Mysterious mists seep forth from the portal stones and begin to cover the land. Whole villages disappear and the cause is not discovered until several brave parties of adventurers venture in, fighting their way through legions of pandas. At great cost, the world is saved. For now.
  • An Allirian trading vessel is taken by the deep. All hands are reported lost.
  • The wizard Grangomelle offers rare artefacts and items to adventurers who brave his challenges. Many enter, few survive. [7] [8]
  • Menalus begins to stir in Molthal. For the first time in two decades, Blight Orcs are spotted west of Ryt and scouting parties range south of the Drawa towards the portal stones. [9]
  • Amol Kalit suffers heavier raids from the sand elves as they are spotted in unusually large numbers.
  • An increased number of 'misunderstandings' occur along the edge of the Falwood between the elves and Vel Anir.
  • A Cortosi expedition sets sail for Nagai in search of gold and glory.
  • A 'friendly' tournament is organised between the students of Elbion and apprentice Dreadlords.

Year 370

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