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There are tales of ghouls and the dead rising along the Eastern Allir Reaches. The Templar chapter based of Allria has gone to investigate the matter... and perhaps bring to an end to whoever is at the root of this evil...

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A necromancer seems to be ravaging the Eastern Allir Reaches(near the spine). Some of the Templars are trying to stop him/her. Feel free to join in as a survivor, a passerby, maybe the necromancers servant!

Folklore | Wiki

Welcome to Chronicles RP Folklore Wiki!

Here you can create simple Wiki pages to document your character, their history and various other items important for your Roleplay.

In the World, the written word is still not widely known. Stories are passed on by word of mouth and can change. Even yours. No historical record is ever absolutely accurate. Many of our Lore articles reflect this tone and that there are many perspectives.

Below are Areas for different types of articles. If you can't see an obvious home for the page you want to make, then head to the Lore Area.

Items marked Core Lore are those originally created by staff to create the World of Arethil. Click on this page for a brief introduction to our setting.

See How this wiki is organised and the Guidelines Area for further usage and style guides.

General Guidelines:

  1. Please use the wiki to document what has been featured in Roleplay. Articles must have references to board roleplay links. The only exception is new characters.
  2. With the exception of Player Characters, adding a Folklore page to the wiki is optional. For example, you don't need to make a page for a recurring NPC. It is just recommended.
  3. There is no formal approval process for an article. If a member of staff does request edits please make them as soon as possible. Feel free to comment on and discuss each other's articles and provide constructive feedback.
  4. Where a type of page has a guide/template this is optional but your page must have sufficient detail to be useful.
  5. Core Locations (highlighted with the Core Lore prefix) may be edited with notable roleplayed events only with all applicable completed roleplay links referenced. You may not create new Core Lore without approval.
  6. Do not edit another writer’s Character sheet without permission.
  7. You may edit another author's article without explicit permission if it is an update to reflect roleplay (with the exception of Characters). We expect everyone working on an article to communicate and collaborate (every article has a discussion page). If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved please get in touch with staff by raising a report and we'll be happy to help.
  8. Use the appropriate Area (seen below) for your pages. If you feel we need a new Area, get in touch with the Admins.
  9. See each Area for specific guidelines.
  10. Use Templates if available and break up large articles with sections, designated with the heading tags. A wiki page will automatically generate a table of contents if there are at least 4 sections. You can remove the table of contents (Guidance here).
  11. Do not use special characters in article titles.
  12. Do not copy content from other wiki sites without suitably referencing the authors. We suggest quoting the text and linking back to the original article. See here and here.
  13. If you use artwork or illustrations, please provide a reference link to the artist.

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