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  1. Malachi

    Staff Live Voice Chat Feedback

    Greetings everyone! Two months in and it has been a BLAST here at the Chronicles RP Fantasy Roleplay Forum. For a new board, we are doing amazing with activity and with roleplays. We are almost at 4,000 posts, 3,200 of which are in character generated roleplays. That is amazing guys! As...
  2. Malachi

    Entertainment What are you currently listening to?

    Because music is a big theme and right now this doesn't quite fit in our thread for Fantasy roleplaying music. Figured we can have a thread to toss up just what is currently jamming in our tunes.
  3. Malachi

    Discussion Discord Fantasy emotes

    Hello folks, We were wondering if anyone would like us to add fantasy themed emotes to our discord chat. Please feel free to make your suggestion in this thread by linking the website or direct image link to the emote. If it fits our setting, we will be happy to add it! A few silly ones will...
  4. The Herald

    Staff First Event!

    Hey guys! This is our first week in operation and I'm happy to say we already have quite a few members! There are a ton of RP's already being thrown out and we love seeing it. To help with this and to help in engaging our early members we'll soon be starting out first event. This will be a...
  5. Kasim Areth

    Open Chronicles A Little Village By The Way

    Kasim sat quietly in a tiny tavern within a tiny village in the middle of absolutely nowhere. His expression was a dead one, pale yellow eyes staring into the cup of ale that had been placed in front of him by an overly attentive innkeeper. He hated places like this. There was something so...
  6. Kasim Areth

    Private Tales A Performance In The Fortress

    Kasim drummed his fingers against the side of the table, lips thin, eyes slowly wandering around the inside of the small waiting room. He wasn't entirely sure why he had come to this place. There were a dozen rumors surrounding the Iron Fortress. Tales of Mages being strung up, thrown onto the...
  7. The Herald

    Staff Welcome

    Hello everyone and welcome to ChroniclesRP. First of all we want to thank everyone who helped in the creation and foundation of this board. Several of you have been with us since the start and we appreciate all the work you've done. Special thanks to Netherworld who has done the majority of our...
  8. Core Lore The World of Arethil

    The world is named Arethil, so called by scholars long past or perhaps still lingering. There are three known major continents, two explored and one barren to all but those who dare brave it. Islands dot the seas, some frigid, some tropical. There are
  9. Core Lore Komodi

    Komodo (pl. Komodi) Basic Information Alternative name(s) Origin Legendary Komodan Lifespan Comparable to Dwarves, though they rarely live that long Diet Subspecies ...
  10. Core Lore Elves

    Elves Basic Information Alternative name(s) Origin Falwood Lifespan Long, ~800-1000 years Diet Omnivores Subspecies Many ...
  11. Core Lore Humans

  12. Core Lore Dwarves

  13. Locations

    Location Articles such as settlements and notable landmarks.
  14. Organizations

    In here you may post a organization pages. This includes organizations of any type or size, from a band of adventurers to an entire nation.
  15. Lore

    General Lore articles, including weapons, types of magic and anything else without a home elsewhere.
  16. Characters

    In the area you may post your character's biography and find all the characters being roleplayed. There is a separate sub-area for NPCs.
  17. Species

    This area is for species articles. There is a separate subarea for Non-Sentient Species.
  18. Board Story

    Articles in this area summarise events that have taken place on Chronicles RP.
  19. The Herald

    Staff Support Ticket Template for Bugs or Errors

    If you have a bug please use the following template to provide us the most information on what the issue may be. Please use the Prefix when submitting the following Support Ticket. Support Ticket Template The Issue: [A short description of what the issue is. IE, Image will not show.]...
  20. The Herald

    Staff Submitting Feedback: Please read

    Hello folks, We always welcome suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to use the "Suggestions" prefix and to annotate a suggestion or feedback with a new thread that you might have for the Chronicles RP Board.