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Commonly asked questions along with their answers can be found here. Don’t see a particular one? Feel free to drop a post in this thread and a member of staff will be along shortly to answer.

  • How do I create a character?
    • Please check out our folklore characters wiki for how to create a character.

  • How do I join the Chronicles RP Chat Rooms?
    • We use Discord. Join our Chronicles RP Discord via this link.

  • How do I create a sub-account? How do I switch to my sub-account?
    • Please check out this link for how to create a sub-account and switch between them.

  • What does each of the Prefixes mean in the Roleplay Forum?
    • You can find out the definitions of the Prefixes for Roleplay here.

  • How do I tag another member with the @ feature?
    • Please see the following link for instructions on how to tag another member.

  • What is the board story for Chronicles Rp?
    • Our general overview of the overarching story for Chronicles Rp can be found in our Folklore wiki page of The World of Arethil.

  • I can't seem to find a resolution with another writer in an RP. What do I do?
    • We would like that all of our members attempt to find a compromise when it comes to IC events in a roleplay. If you are unable to find a compromising resolution after speaking with the other writer, you may report the post for a staff member to assist and mediate.

  • How do I report a post?
    • Please check out this linkfor how to report a post. You may report a post or a thread if it breaks the rules of Chronicles RP or if you are unable to a compromising solution.

  • Does my character bio need approval?
    • No. There are no character biography approvals. Just create your character sheet in the folklore characters wiki section, select an appropriate character name and avatar to represent your character. Ensure at least the basics and a summary paragraph are complete before roleplaying your character.

  • How do I make or join a group?
    • Use our Roleplay Discussion forum to post a thread for Looking For Group, Quests, or one on one roleplay. You may use the LFG Prefixes to designate what you are looking for.

  • May I advertise another role play site, discord role play, or other website on the board and/or in the chronicles discord chat?
    • While we understand that our members may be involved with other role play sites ( be they forum, chat, discord, or anything similar), please do not advertise on the board or in our discord chat without asking and receiving permission from the administrative staff.​

  • Does your board accept affiliates?
    • While we are supportive of other roleplaying communities, we accept affiliate request on a case by case basis. If you are interested in potentially affiliating with our board, you may message an admin with the following information:
      • Admin's Name and contact information: You must be an admin of the board to request affiliations. This is so we are able to confirm that it is authorized and so that we can
      • Board Websites link and Discord Chat (if you have one)
      • Genre of roleplay
      • How long has it been an active community?
      • A brief description of why you would like your board to affiliate with us.

  • "Are the gods real? Is this item of history real? Is this thing real?"
    • The history of Arethil is mostly passed on by word of my mouth. One culture's experiences may be disputed by another. Your character has their own view of the truth and it is fine that this may conflict with others

  • Does my main account need to be OOC
    • This is up to you. Your parent (first) account can be an OOC account or used for a character

  • Can I import my Lore and characters from another site?
    • Yes you may bring your creations to our Lore. However they should fit the existing lore of the site. See our wiki guidelines as all Lore must be featured in roleplay on our forum before being written up to the wiki. Creations must be your own work. Once on the wiki they might be used by other people and the lore advanced over time

  • Can I claim this unnamed island/claim this region/have my city put on the map?
    • No. And yes. You can roleplay a location and give it its own name and culture. However, there is nothing to stop anyone else roleplaying a different lore in the same area. Talk to them and collaborate if you feel someone else is ignoring existing Lore. Only if Lore is featured heavily in roleplay over a long period of time will it be added to the map or afforded the Core Lore prefix on the Wiki

  • Can I locate new portal stone locations? If so, can it be added to the map?
    • Your character can find what they think is a portal stone. Only staff can confirm and add new active stones to the map. It might end up being one you have roleplayed about, but the only active stones are shown on the map.

  • I have an issue or concern that is happening in the discord chat, how do I report it?
    • Send a pm to our mod bot
    • proxy.php
    • From there a staff will respond as soon as possible to assist you.
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