Resource Guide How To Ignore And Report Members

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When to Ignore a Member and When to Report Them.

The Chronicles RP Board community is small, but a friendly place. However, we realize that sometimes personalities just clash - it's not because anyone is doing something wrong, it's simply because you don't mesh well.

With that in mind, we want members to be self-aware and responsible for their interactions in the community! Remember these tips:

You are not going to like everyone you meet on the Chronicles RP Board and that is okay.

You be you! You don't have to be everyone's friend. Occasionally there will be a member you just can't stand. If this is a situation where you are completely unable to skip over their posts, and just seeing their name irritates you - put them on ignore. Ignore doesn't hurt them AND it gets them out of your sight.

If you see a member breaking site policies and/or being a huge asshat what do you do?

Is it personal or is it a legitimate case of policy violation? Using ignore is the best way to resolve personal issues that can't be talked out. However, if site policy is being broken you should:
  1. Use the report button on the offending post. It gets sent directly to staff for investigation.
  2. Use the report link on the member's profile. Make sure you write down in detail what you are reporting them for and provide linked threads or a copy-paste of logs.
How do I report a Post or a Member?

To report a post either due to the breaking of the Chronicles RP rules or because you are unable to come to a reasonable compromise for a resolution with another member, simply select on the "Report Post" Icon at the bottom of the respective post. A member of staff will contact you.


How do I Ignore a member?

Simply go to the member's profile summary and select the ignore button. You may also ignore a member in discord chat by selecting ignore on their User Profile.


I feel a staff member is abusing their position. What do I do?

If you ever feel a staff member is not doing their job correctly, abusing their power, harassing you or another member you can contact one of the administrators directly to be privately investigated.

Credit to Diana for the original guide.
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