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The Quest Board is an Area that everyone can watch to be notified of new quests.

Click watch and then check "New Child Pages" to be informed of new quests.

Create a quest by clicking Create New > Page below.

You can ask questions about any quest using the comments section. If you want to take on a quest edit the page and fill out the response form shown below.

Include one blank copy of the response (to be filled when someone takes up the quest). If multiple groups take up the quest then multiple copies can be filled in

Location: Where is the quest?
Giver: Which character/NPC/organisation is posting the quest
Contract: Can multiple individuals/groups try and complete the quest or is it a one to one contract?
Description: Provide a description of the quest. What do you need achieved? A goblin nest cleared out, a prisoner rescued or an ancient tome retrieved? Link any relevant wiki articles. What dangers will the heroes face? You can add images and more!

Accepted by: Leave blank and to be filled in when a character/group takes up this quest
Thread link: link to the thread started to fulfil the quest
Looking for more: Y/N do you need more members for your party?

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