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  1. Eternity

    Private Tales Justus to be served

    Time changed everything for him, so he wanted to blame, to push all his responsibilities upon. Being the very creature that he was, the kind of species that lived as long as he did time was but an excuse to be used when wanting to get out of certain obligations. This was one that Justus had...
  2. Anubis

    Open Chronicles The last of us.

    Anubis walked through the village walking to a nearby tavern. He walked in and sat down taking off his bag. He sat at the edge of his stool and ordered a whisky. He took a drink and waited. " hey did you hear there was a new bounty added up, a high one too, A prisoner broke out of exile," He...
  3. Rayth Keirn

    LFG 1x1 Looking to start this character

    First thing's first: this character has an almost empty biography. It's a very thin concept right now. Rich merchant boy gets lost at sea at a young age. Now part of a ship of mercenaries (think the argonauts). I'll flesh it out as I go. I feel like something a bit less deep than some of my...
  4. Malachi

    Staff Live Voice Chat Feedback

    Greetings everyone! Two months in and it has been a BLAST here at the Chronicles RP Fantasy Roleplay Forum. For a new board, we are doing amazing with activity and with roleplays. We are almost at 4,000 posts, 3,200 of which are in character generated roleplays. That is amazing guys! As...
  5. Illyria Daemyar

    Discussion How did you become interested in roleplaying?

    As writers, we all started somewhere with getting involved in roleplaying. Whether it was chat rp, tabletop, forum roleplaying, or messenger rp, we all began somewhere. What’s your story?
  6. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Epressa

    The biggest of the two sister continents, Epressa lies to the east and north of the smaller Liadain. They are separated by the Allirian strait and the wider stretch of sea that opens between its two narrow points.
  7. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Liadain

    Liadain is the smaller of the two main continents of Arethil, separated from its older sister by the Allirian strait and the sea between its two narrowest points. Its eastern and southern reaches are densely inhabited, but the desert to the far west is
  8. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>The World of Arethil

    The world is named Arethil, so called by scholars long past or perhaps still lingering. There are three known major continents, two explored and one barren to all but those who dare brave it. Islands dot the seas, some frigid, some tropical. There are
  9. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Komodi

    Komodo(pl. Komodi) Basic Information Alternative name(s) Origin Legendary Komodan Lifespan Comparable to Dwarves, though they rarely live that long Diet Subspecies ...
  10. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Elves

    Elves Basic Information Alternative name(s) Origin Falwood Lifespan Long, ~800-1000 years Diet Omnivores Subspecies Many ...
  11. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Bhathairk

    Bhathairk[ wahirk ] Physical Information Size Large stronghold Location Fork of rivers Bystra and Wda Population 150,000 Points of Interest -Gr ...
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