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Time changed everything for him, so he wanted to blame, to push all his responsibilities upon. Being the very creature that he was, the kind of species that lived as long as he did time was but an excuse to be used when wanting to get out of certain obligations. This was one that Justus had pushed off for far too long, one that had finally caught up to him now that he had settled in a new home in Arethil. One of his stature couldn’t shuck his duties for too long; it didn’t matter how many decades passed for a pure blood; the council would always find him no matter where he stood.

He was of noble standing with certain obligations, and duties that had to be fulfilled. One of those particular obligations was to take up one of the council seats with the other pure blood families, another would be soon pushed upon him by the elders. He loathed the idea of taking his father's seat at the council table, to listen to the families bicker about old holy wars and ways that were no longer being followed by the fledglings.

Justus had left much of his old life behind to serve another for a time, a great injustice served to the other families as they like to remind him. His family often sought him out with no luck, as he had grown in power with the ability to shut them out of any links that may pull them to his locations.

It was time to mature so to speak, take up the mantle that was readily available. With that Justus settled in a very elegantly crafted manor not too far from the nearest city, the very craftsmanship screamed elven. With his own touch of style in the inside, it soon beamed with life as a pack of wolves took up the woods near his manor protecting the lands of their master.
Gabriela awoke just as the sun dipped beneath the horizon and her bedroom was plunged into a more profund darkness than what had been achieved with the heavy light-blocking drapes that hung, tightly shut, over her windows. And it was in this settling darkness, within the safety of her warm room and comfortable bed that her golden eyes opened to perceive the shadows that fell across the walls. There was an immediate sense of calm -- a sense of tranquility that could only be appreciated because of its lack of existence in the distant past.

A past she did not remember.

Most people would have been frustrated at the prospect of having no past. But Gabriela did not mourn the loss of her history. She understood her history, in some strange and, perhaps, musical way. She understood that history only in the deep comfort she took within the ease that she currently existed in. Somehow, she simply knew that her life had been hard -- to what degree? She could not be certain, but she didn’t care to know, to find out, or to puzzle over it for longer than just a moment or two.

Beyond that life was sheer bliss. Her bedding was soft, and although her blood ran cold as ice, there were rubber bags filled with boiling water stuffed under the covers. The servants took good care of her, and were keenly aware of her preference for warmth, even though the cold did not bother her much at all. But it was such a delicious agony to feel the urge to stay in bed and have to abandon hope in order to actually get up, get dressed, and go about having a totally inconsequential existence.

So that’s exactly what she did.

Groaning about the tragedy of having to get out of bed, Gabriela shoved the covers back, threw her legs over the edge of the mattress, and sat up -- all while rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her movement stirred her beloved companion, a massive harlequin Great Dane, who took to his feet atop her bed as well. He nearly took up the majority of the mattress, and almost made her topple over as he bound without a lick of care off of the bed and toward the double doors that lead out to the balcony.

“You want out?” she asked, but she knew better than to expect an answer.

The monstrously large creature whined at her and pawed at the door as if he were a mere kitten… It made her smile. She dragged herself out of bed, pulled a robe over her nightgown, and went running the drapes open and open the doors that lead out into the courtyards of Wolfe Manor.

“Well, off you go then -- go get your breakfast.”

Jager didn’t have to be told twice. He trotted out, like a spotted spirit of the night, off to terrorize the staff in the kitchen. She watched him go, smiling as he bound over the rail of her balcony and took the massive leap down to the gardens below. It wasn’t that far of a drop -- her bedroom was on the second floor, but the dog was clearly imbued with some sort of supernatural abilities.
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Justus had awoken just before dusk, his mind alert and running wild with all the tasks that were set before him. He had dressed before any of the servants were able to aid him in any of his evening tasks, black slacks with a tailored button-down silk dress shirt with a white hand embroidered vest. Standing before the body length mirror near the armoire that held many of his ensembles; Justus' hands moved to tighten a silver-plated raven's skull into place at the neck of his black button down.


With his settlement Justus hadn’t needed to wear his sword and it soon came to rest mounted in a locked case over the mantle of his bedroom's fireplace. The very blade was kept battle ready; often Justus could be found in the courtyard with it practicing as if he were to go off into battle at any moment. Many of the young ladies in the employment of the Wolfe manor were often caught watching the young vampire lord, and one-time questioned Justus explained that it was a necessary part of his daily duties.

This particular evening, like many of his starting before the sun set, Justus would exit the manor through the kitchen's door. He would descend the stairs to leave the small gate that would lead to a path around the manor, except Justus would continue for the forest behind his home. He would be greeted by the alpha of the pack which roamed the woods, he would stand ten feet from the deep black beast matching its golden gaze. No words would ever leave the vampire's lips, he would only after a short time nod and return to the manor. The few grounds keepers that witnessed this act at first thought it strange, but over time they learned of the wolf being the master of the house’s animal to call. In many ways Justus took reports from the beast each evening, sitrep one would say. Soldiers were in his eyes the wolves.

The sun had finally found its place at rest by the time Justus had finished with the wolves, and they had disappeared into the woods. Returning through the kitchen door, he stopped to breathe in the fresh smell of baking breads and pastries, his eyes bouncing from all the goodies that were being laid out for the morning breakfast. Gretchen the cook eyed him with a familiar look, he started to learn his lesson in trying to sneak anything before it was ready to be served. Shooting the older woman a smile, he left the kitchen folk to their hard work.

Before Justus could sidestep out of the way a flash of white and black was leaning hard into his legs, tossing his arms up into the air for a brief moment. Justus let out a deep laugh, he knew what chaos was about to ensue once the dane made his way into the kitchen. Giving the great beast a hearty pat on the rear, he stepped aside to allow the dane past into the kitchens for his breakfast. He could hear the sudden squeals and shouts, and Gretchen's motherly tone as she scolded the dane for nearly taking a loaf off the countertop.

Leaving the kitchen behind him, Justus made his way to his study. Moving to the other wing of the manor where his study laid near the massive green house and library, Justus entered the quiet room to settle among his desk to tend to the scrolls and other miscellaneous correspondence from the other vampire families.

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This wasn’t the sort of place where one had to dress properly to move about the manor. There was an ease and warmth to the space, to the service staff, and of course, to the master of the estate. Things were peaceful here and without the strain and difficulties that came with duty or pretense. So all she did was draw upon her small form the heavy and warm fabric of her robe, a woolen material that was trimmed in a fine-lace design around the cuffs of the sleeves and collar. And barefoot, she treaded out of her bedroom to explore the quiet halls.

Her first stop of course was the greenhouse, where she paid daily homage to her collection of orchids. She wasn’t much of a botanist, but she still did her best and her efforts were bearing fruit now as some of her clippings had produced buds. Full, blooming flowers were soon to follow, and she was more than ready to start documenting what sort of beauties she had helped produce. But today was not that day, for not a single long stem carried upon it an open bud yet. So she busied herself sprits water, ensuring the roots of her favorite specimens were healthy, and after a moment or two of fretting over her plant babies, she finally left.

She knew exactly where to find Justus at this hour of the evening. The man was more than likely in the study, handling the daily correspondence, or enjoying a moment of quiet by himself before the activity of the night went into full swing. And she, not much caring for his private time or its value, waltzed right in with all the pomp and noise of one who held themselves in very high esteem. The double-panged french doors swung open, and she entered with a dramatic swing of her arms.

“Good morning,” she called brightly, her golden eyes settling upon the studious figure sitting at the desk, “...I mean evening, good evening.”

There was a grin on her face -- a dangerous curve across her plump lips as she sauntered into the study, cuddled snuggly into her robe, and her little pale toes peeking out from the dense, warm material with every step that carried her forward. She didn’t dare to go to the desk -- she didn’t mind annoying him a little, but she didn’t want to be completely disrespectful to his work. Instead, she directed herself to an overstuffed leather chair. It was well-worn, a warm, brown color, and it welcomed the shape of her body with a loving embrace.

She snuggled into place, crossed her legs -- one knee over the other -- and picked up the book she had left there, on the small wooden table that stood beside the chair. This was her favorite spot for reading -- near a large window, overlooking the gardens outside, but not too far away from Justus and his desk.

“How was your patrol? Is everything running in tip-top form, dear Lord Justus?”
Since the day it was brought to Justus’s attention that Gabriela was in this new world; that she wasn’t aware of her past and of who she was, the council was smart to bring her to him first. Accepting her as part of his responsibility, he fought with them about educating her on her past. It would be cruel to try and force something upon this woman that she didn’t remember, to allow her to live a happier life would be beneficial to her. If she were to regain her memories, well that was something he would take with great care when it happened if it did.

Sitting at his desk going through the latest correspondence from the vampire council, Justus heard those feet before the doors flew open. His eyes didn’t leave the parchment before him, his fingers carefully tracing each line as a soft smirk graced his lips. This evening routine quickly started after Justus convinced Gabriela to stay with him, showing her around and explaining that this too will be her home as long as she needed it to be.

Letting the parchments fall from his hands after hearing the doors pang dramatically, and her words sang out to him. “Good Evening Gabriela, sleep well I hope” Shuffling everything back into order, he heard her take over the brown leather chair she claimed months ago. Justus no longer dared to sit in that chair for fear of messing up the shape it had taken to her body. Every evening he spent in his den going over the political documents constantly sent to him, she sat in front of that window tending to whichever book she had found among his vast library. It was always a dream of his to share his love of books with someone, he never knew it would be with the late Queen of Orisia.

Looking up once more from his stack of paperwork, having taken a quill and ink signing his name to a few of the parchments setting them off to the side to dry. “Why yes, the patrols are going smoothly, nothing exciting to report.” Since he had taken up residence in his new manor the excitement of others wanting to fight an original vampire had dwindled, or so it had seemed. It all seemed to be business as usual, as Justus took up his lordship once more.

“I ran into Jager near the kitchen, I heard him giving the kitchen maids a little hell.” He had a grin on his face when he shared this, as they both knew how eager the dane was for his meals. Anytime mealtime was mentioned, the dog's ears would perk up to their highest point and he would wag his monstrously long tail so fast.

Dropping his eyes to another roll of parchment he had yet to open, Justus pulled his small seal popping knife from its sheath in its stand. Sliding the knife under the hardened seal, he moved his wrist in one way allowing the knife to pop the seal from the rolled parchment. Sliding the knife back into its stand, Justus started to read the parchment, his soft look started to change.

Standing from his chair, Justus decided it was time to step away from the politics that were involved in his title. Quickly closing the space between him and Gabriela, he knelt beside her chair. “Sorry, I can’t be in here as usual, feel free to get your reading in.” The look in his eyes was darker, but he managed to give her a slight smile to reassure her. Grasping the arm of the chair he leaned in to give her a quick peck on the forehead as he rose up, his eyes fell back to his desk a moment.
“I ran into Jager near the kitchen, I heard him giving the kitchen maids a little hell.”

He grinned and it was utterly infectious -- she grinned right back at him with all of the mischievous glee of a very naughty child. It was utterly unheard of, such expressions taking residence upon the Black Queen’s face. That woman had never smiled, had never laughed, and had never shown so much as an ounce of enjoyment upon her porcelain-perfect face. But surely this young woman sitting comfortably and regally on the brown leather chair was not the queen of the legend of that far-off land. This girl was in fact a wounded creature and the ward of the great Lord, Justus Wolfe.

This girl had no wealth, no family, and no name.

But she did have joy -- unmistakable, and undeniable.

“That treacherous devil,” she said, the smile never faltering from her lips… that is until

She saw the change overtake Justus -- how his warm and mirthful features turned dark and hard. It was in the shape of his brow, how it pinched and how angular it became as opposed to the open bend of his forehead when he was without care or concern. How quickly a man could change from welcoming to completely calculating and cold. It startled her every time, but not enough to ever question his motivation.

Justus Wolfe was a good man.

He had pushed away from his desk and was standing now, and in turn, she closed the book she was holding in her hands and set it upon her lap. There was no chance to follow his example and gain her feet. He was already around the desk and kneeling by her side.

“Sorry, I can’t be in here, as usual, feel free to get your reading in.”

“What’s wrong,” she asked, even as he leaned in to kiss her forehead -- as any father would to a beloved child. But she was no well-behaved daughter. She reached out and her cold hands grasped the cuff of his shirt. She held onto him and did not allow for his departure. Instead, she tugged him back down, closed once more, and looked into his eyes with that golden glare of hers that was so well-known in distant lands.

“Tell me,” she demanded -- and for a moment, just an instant, she was that same Black Queen of Orisia, the same creature that would not be denied an answer.
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Feeling her fingers slide into the cuff of his sleeve and give that perfect yank, Justus knelt back down to her meeting that golden gaze. Her eyes pierced his deep gray hues, staring back at her he couldn’t help but see the Queen he had once served long ago as a knight. Now she was a much different woman, a much happier woman.

“The council is dealing with a rebel group of fledglings that are rising up against them. They believe that the old ways should be demolished..” Pulling his free hand up to rest over Gabriela’s hand, he just smiled. “I don’t want you to worry about any of this. Now that I am back in my role as a Noble and from a line of Pure Bloods, I get the grace of being part of this council, I will handle these issues.” Truth be told, Justus had originally left it all behind because he didn't believe in the rule of the old council.

"Since my return I have been under pressure to take a wife and continue my bloodline and take my official place among the council." Justus skirted his duties as long as he could, his father having always sat at the table with the council; now the pressure from the elders fell upon him to finally join them and continue the pure line of the Wolfe house. There were many pure lines, though the 9 oldest lines made up the council.

Letting out a sigh, he would just smile at Gabi. “I apologize, these are my problems to deal with.” Finding himself almost apologizing to her again, it seemed trivial what he was going through compared to what she had gone through. Although she wasn’t aware of her past, she was now living a new life unaware of all the pain her heart had buried deep inside. Giving her hands a squeeze with the one he had pulled over top of her own, he just kept her gaze in his own icy gray hues.

It was truly a wonder how different she was now that she was living with him, a woman free of all her titles and all the baggage her last life had piled upon her shoulders. To see her smile was like seeing the moon rise for the first time, seeing the light cascading over the waters of a beautiful lake. Gabriela laughed, she moved through the manor freely to be who she was in this present time and there wasn’t anyone here to tell her otherwise. Justus kept it safe for her, he promised her without her knowledge that he would give her all the freedom of a new life as long as she wished for it and protect it.
“The council is dealing with a rebel group of fledglings that are rising up against them. They believe that the old ways should be demolished.”

Her incessant need to know everything had managed to pull Justus back from the jaws of abandonment -- her abandonment. He didn’t leave as a result and was once again kneeling before her, offering a warm smile that she felt was a touch condescending. She couldn’t help but feel the weight of his worry as she asked about the things that troubled him as if she were some frail thing that could not handle much more than a walk to and from the library.

He patted her hand.

“I don’t want you to worry about any of this. Now that I am back in my role as a Noble and from a line of Pure Bloods, I get the grace of being part of this council, I will handle these issues.”

Those golden eyes darted back and forth across his face, drinking in the sight of his calm complexion -- looking for some sign of weakness, some sign that he was worried and that he needed help. But he never asked for help. Justus was a creature of mystery, and he seemed to thrive in his solitude, especially when it came to dealing with troublesome issues. And the reality, she considered, was that she hadn’t the slightest idea how to tackle a rebel uprising of fledgling vampyres.

But surely she could at least offer some comfort -- or company.

“Since my return, I have been under pressure to take a wife and continue my bloodline and take my official place among the council…”

The mention of marriage and offspring caused her to grow uncomfortable. There was something in her mind -- some distant memory that was nothing more than a feeling now. Some deep sense of loss. A hollow in her chest that came about so suddenly she could scarcely breathe through the sudden pain of it. However, Gabriela was resilient and whatever memories of long-healed wounds managed to come up, she was able to push back down under the golden surface of her eyes.

“I apologize, these are my problems to deal with,” he spoke with a deep sincerity that nearly broke her heart.

“You’ve allowed me to live in your home and given me every comfort I could ever ask for, surely you must consider me a friend,” she replied, returning the warm gesture of squeezing her cool fingertips against his. “Then as your friend, whatever troubles you also troubles me.”

They regarded one another, sharing a long and meaningful gaze. It was a little unnerving to stare so deeply into such depthless gray pools, but she managed not to blush in the sudden intimacy of the moment. Deciding that it was better to move things along and provide some usefulness to her kind-hearted host before he decided she was a good-for-nothing freeloader, Gabriela came up with an idea.

“Why don’t we host a ball? A small celebration where you can dance and mingle and potentially meet the future Lady Wolfe? Hm? Isn’t that a good idea? I can take care of all the preparations so that it isn’t anything that would have to trouble you. All you’ll have to do is show up and be the eligible bachelor that all the ladies will swoon over.”

She knew her time with him was fleeting -- duty called and she had already held him back for far too long. But as long as she got some sort of confirmation from him she would start on her work of planning a grand event to help her dear friend find his mate.
Truth be told Justus wasn’t someone who asked for help, he never had the pleasure of calling on someone for help. It was instilled in him at a young age by his own father that someone of his stature didn’t ask for help, they gave orders to those under them. It wasn’t noble of him to ever appear weak, but in return Justus also learned that he could never rely on his own family for help if he so desired asking for it.

Feeling her hands squeeze his own in return, she smiled “Of course you’re my friend, more than most can say Gabriela.” His words held a great feeling in them, just her presence alone has brought a warmth to the usually cold and secluded knight Justus. He could even say that he had been blessed with the chance to see her in a light that no one has, to see her smile freely was like seeing the world for the first time.

Holding her gaze in that moment, all he could think about was how much has changed since he first met her as a knight of the black order. The idea broke Justus from his thought, a formal ball to bring out others to his manor and possibly introduce him to the future Mrs. Wolfe? A soft laugh left his lips, the idea actually made him very anxious. He had been avoiding this part of his life for so long, he didn’t even know how to approach a woman with the idea of her being his wife. It had been several decades since he had even a lover, he was always business and no play.

“I think Gabriela, that is a splendid idea, but to be honest with you.” Pausing he leaned into her just a bit, looking around the room as if to make sure no one else was listening. “I am terrible in events like these, I am awkward and often stand offish..” Pulling back a bit, his smile fading slightly. In truth he wasn’t ready to fill a hole he wasn’t aware was there, but this would be a great way to please the council for the time being.
“Of course, you’re my friend, more than most can say, Gabriela.”

She sensed the sincerity in his voice and was moved by the warmth that radiated from him. It was a bittersweet sensation – the regard in which he held her. She couldn’t help but wonder if in all the whole wide world there was only one person who cared for her so deeply. And while she knew she was more fortunate than most – those were abandoned and alone – it ached somewhere deep in her soul to know she had only Justus.

What had she done?

What sort of life had she lived…

Why, upon awakening in this world, was she all alone and devoid of any memories?

The thought made her uncomfortable. It seemed, perhaps, it was better not to linger on the past and instead look toward a brighter future. And the future was kneeling before her. A handsome man with a sweet, boyish face and bright eyes that were full of hope. He made her smile, and the expression on her face was freely given and devoid of doubt.

“I think Gabriela, that is a splendid idea, but to be honest with you…”

He leaned close and she tilted her head toward him. They were like little children, whispering secrets to one another.

“I am terrible in events like these, I am awkward and often stand-offish…”

“As you should be my lord,” came her reply as he leaned away, “ are one of the most eligible bachelors. You should be very mindful of who you bestow your affection. The future Lady Wolfe cannot be just anybody.”

She patted his hand with a touch of condescension as if he really were a child and he was pouting against the inevitable – marriage. And then she pushed herself out of her chair, the cool skirts of her nightgown brushing against his face.

“I’ll get to it then, my lord… and I’ll go fetch that monster of mine before your kitchen staff kicks me out of the manor,” and with that and a grin over her shoulder, Gabriela was off to make preparations for a night that no one was soon to forget.
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Justus held his smile from the conversation with Gabriela then suddenly the skirts of her nightgown brushed over his face and she was heading towards the doors of his library. Still able to feel the cool fabric lingering on the flesh of his cheek, he stood up from where he had knelt beside the favored chair. Touching the fingers of his left hand to his cheek a moment, he watched as she disappeared down the hall. Turning his gaze to the desk with the neatly stacked parchment, he sighed following the ghost trail left behind.

His senses being what they were; Justus could smell where Gabriela had been recently, a smile just rested on his face. The idea of her planning a ball to bring eligible women to his attention, to more or less bring him to the attention of them for marriage was slightly overwhelming. Having spent a good portion of his life ignoring his duties and following his own path, Justus knew that he had to do what was expected of him some time or another. Did he really have to conform to what this council decreed? His family's heritage didn’t have to continue to be this way? He fought it so long, but he knew that he didn’t want to be alone for the rest of his seemingly immortal vampire life.

Needing to clear his head of all the things that came in the delivered messages, and that of the soon to be overwhelming yet exciting ball to come, Justus disappeared into his quarters leaving the double doors wide open. Kneeling down in front of the four poster bed, he pulled out a polished case that held a small stringed instrument. Grabbing the case by the handle, he stood up and began his journey down the halls towards the enclosed greenhouse.

Rarely did he pull this instrument out of his room, today was different. Disappearing into the stained glass doors, Justus placed the cased instrument down on the edge of a running fountain. Kneeling before the case his hands moved over the clasps that held it closed; popping them open carefully, the lid opened to reveal a beautifully black and pearl polished violin. Picking up the instrument like it was a baby, he looked it over once testing its strings before setting it firmly under his chin. Gracefully his arms moved the bow over the strings of the violin, a dark melody leaving the wood and strings to echo against the plants and glass of the green house.

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