1. Evelyn Briarthorne

  2. Heike Eisen

    Fate - First Reply Slayers of the Wicked

    The woman lay dead in the road amidst the downpour. Her flesh was shriveled, pale, body drained and face left frozen in a horrific visage of fear. There were two fang marks in her neck, and a river of blood left to run out upon the hardpacked dirt and the splashing rain. Herr Heike Eisen stared...
  3. Enca Boralaine

    Fable - Ask Here's your justice
    Threadmarks: The damsel in distress

    "Release her! Now!" The sweating and tense elf tightened his grip on his crossbow readjusting his sights on the creature stepping towards the edge of the cliff a raging tide swallowing the jagged shore below. Stones sharp and true rose toward the sky their tips like sharpened blades as they...
  4. Captain Wark

    LFG 1x1 A new Spawn

    A new vampire has entered the scene, and he has no guide, no help, no friends. He was turned but he doesn't know who his master is, he doesn't want to be what he is, but he can either accept it or fight it. But he can do neither without someone else to help one way or the other. Looking for a...
  5. Captain Wark

  6. Marianne Seyorio

  7. Ser Anya Kinniger

    Private Tales Swords and Hammers

    Anya was an adventurous soul. She was a loyal wife sure, but she also had a passion for fights. She loved fighting, and she loved doing it in places that only a few people had been before. So she was an adventurer at heart, clad in her black armor and carrying her numerous stabbing weapons. And...
  8. Conrad

    Private Tales Extended family

    Conrad and his wife Syvis had been married for several months by now. His father had fully abdicated to live elsewhere with his wives, and that left Conrad as the head of the family, and as the new lord of his father's lands. So he had to make sure that things were properly taken care of, the...
  9. Gideon Varnay

  10. Sir Eberwolf Kinniger

    Fable - Ask Blood and Honor

    Why did he have to go berserk? Why? He was a knight, first in line for the seat of Duke back home, and the monster under the bed for all vampires who dared threaten his home. So why did he have to lose it so thoroughly? This time was far worse than the past times though. He'd chased a number of...
  11. Jürgen Kaiser

    Open Chronicles The Attack on Fort Endurance

    He lay dying on the ground. And though it seemed so distant to him, the thudding footfalls and knucklefalls of the creature--that beast, that grinning thing--as well as the shouts and battlecries of his fellow Guardsmen came from further inside the interior courtyard of the fort. His name was...
  12. Wargheit

  13. Kiros Rahnel

    LFG Vampire slaying with the Kinniger outriders

    Posting this in search of 1-2 more writers who'd like to join our vampire slaying quest in the spine that Crows Call and I are threading: For a quick summary so far; we're currently on route to one such stronghold...
  14. Heike Eisen

    Fable - Ask The Path of Purity

    "Are you sure you still want to do this?" asked Captain Bronmarch of the Allirian Guard. "I have to try," Heike said. "I owe it to my people. To Ferelith. To Maria. To King Rommel. To my father Albrecht and my mother Sieglinde. I owe it to all of them." And she said again, "I have to try." *...
  15. Conrad

    LFG A Flash of Black

    Conrad is a young vampire, and therefore is eager for adventure, excitement and romance! There’s no real plan for this, just something to kick his character arc off. Anything can happen! Post here if you’d like an RP.
  16. Heike Eisen

    LFG Any active Templar?

    Are there any active Templar out there? I'd like to run a potential story idea involving Heike Eisen by any such Templar--see if you might be interested.
  17. Victoria O'Connor

    Private Tales Blood Ties

    Greyrock Castle had seen more guests in recent weeks than it had in decades. From her conversations with a merchant king of Alliria to whispered allegiances in dark, underground ballrooms, Victoria O'Connor's small kingdom was about to become much bigger. Today's guest would not be the same...
  18. Jürgen Kaiser

  19. Heike Eisen

    Fate - First Reply What has happened?

    Heike Eisen awoke with a start. She sat straight up, cognizance in this immediate waking moment like a distant campfire seen in the night. How did she get here? Why had she been sleeping? Things she did not yet know or remember. What was soon became aware of: She was in a bed; white sheets...
  20. Kazimierz var Morvich