1. Jürgen Kaiser

    Open Chronicles The Attack on Fort Endurance

    He lay dying on the ground. And though it seemed so distant to him, the thudding footfalls and knucklefalls of the creature--that beast, that grinning thing--as well as the shouts and battlecries of his fellow Guardsmen came from further inside the interior courtyard of the fort. His name was...
  2. Wargheit

  3. Kiros Rahnel

    LFG Vampire slaying with the Kinniger outriders

    Posting this in search of 1-2 more writers who'd like to join our vampire slaying quest in the spine that Crows Call and I are threading: For a quick summary so far; we're currently on route to one such stronghold...
  4. Heike Eisen

    Fable - Ask The Path of Purity

    "Are you sure you still want to do this?" asked Captain Bronmarch of the Allirian Guard. "I have to try," Heike said. "I owe it to my people. To Ferelith. To Maria. To King Rommel. To my father Albrecht and my mother Sieglinde. I owe it to all of them." And she said again, "I have to try." *...
  5. Conrad

    LFG A Flash of Black

    Conrad is a young vampire, and therefore is eager for adventure, excitement and romance! There’s no real plan for this, just something to kick his character arc off. Anything can happen! Post here if you’d like an RP.
  6. Heike Eisen

    LFG Any active Templar?

    Are there any active Templar out there? I'd like to run a potential story idea involving Heike Eisen by any such Templar--see if you might be interested.
  7. Victoria O'Connor

    Private Tales Blood Ties

    Greyrock Castle had seen more guests in recent weeks than it had in decades. From her conversations with a merchant king of Alliria to whispered allegiances in dark, underground ballrooms, Victoria O'Connor's small kingdom was about to become much bigger. Today's guest would not be the same...
  8. Jürgen Kaiser

  9. Heike Eisen

    Fate - First Reply What has happened?

    Heike Eisen awoke with a start. She sat straight up, cognizance in this immediate waking moment like a distant campfire seen in the night. How did she get here? Why had she been sleeping? Things she did not yet know or remember. What was soon became aware of: She was in a bed; white sheets...
  10. Kazimierz var Morvich

  11. Heike Eisen

    Private Tales The Proud Daughter

    His name was Tzuriel Alanthis. And Heike was told that he was once a vampire, and that he had found a cure for his affliction. So she set out to find him. Here, in Alliria. * * * * * She entered the city as she entered all cities: at night, and not through the main gates. Even before the dawn...
  12. Lionel Armon

    Open Chronicles A Dark Dalliance (Snacks invited)

    It is said that the shadows of nobility are deeper than any darkness, some say it is a darkness that casts a shadow on darkness itself. In the depths of the noble cast's deepest darkest secrets, where non pure of heart dare to delve too deep, are found the slave merchants, the prostitution...
  13. Heike Eisen

    Fable - Ask Winter

    "Tell me your name!" Heike said. Her words desperate and pleading. She was crouched down in the snow and the palms of her clawed hands were pressed down on the dying man's shoulders. An empty vial of coagulating salve lay next to Heike's feet. Around them the snow continued to gently fall in the...
  14. Orla

  15. Victoria O'Connor

    Private Tales Clashing Fangs

    The road was too rough for the carriage. Although it was elegant, it was old, and wooden box groaned and creaked as it bumped over roots and slid in and out of ruts. Victoria sat alone inside, being bounced around the plush seats, furious. She would have the driver’s head for this. Literally...
  16. Victoria O'Connor

    Open Chronicles The Debutant’s Birthday

    It was a warm and lovely night in the Reach. There were stars in the clear sky, but they were partially obscured by the paper lanterns strung up throughout the gardens. Glowing torchlight from elegant sconces on stone walls illuminated the vast courtyard and highlighted the blooming hedgerows...
  17. Heike Eisen

    Open Chronicles What Remains

    Heike Eisen ran down a street in the City of Shadokien. Stumbled and recovered and kept running. She clutched with the palm of one hand the severe burn wound on her stomach and steadied herself along the endless wall of interconnected houses and shops with her other hand, claws faintly...
  18. Heike Eisen

    Fable - Ask Oddities

    Morri's Oddities. A secluded mansion and shop, north of Elbion and close to the Gulf of Liad. A store for things one wants. A store for things one doesn't. Behold the menagarie of things you never knew you always wanted, things you never knew you would shy from. There's a bit of yourself in...
  19. Heike Eisen

    Completed Kenne deinen Feind

    The perfect night. The perfect time. A quiet darkness dropped down from the great wall of the Monster Hunter Fortress. Landed in the courtyard, just beyond the reach of torchlight. Black moving amidst black, that figure tread from shadow to shadow, from corner to wall to pillar, behind archery...
  20. Heike Eisen

    Fate - First Reply Always the Thirst

    Night had fallen, and Heike wandered into a town of moderate size whose name she did not know and did not see posted on a sign. Rudimentary wooden walls, a small but permanent force of professional guards. This could prove difficult. Risky. But it had to be done, and the night was her ally...