1. Core Lore
  2. Epressa

The biggest of the two sister continents, Epressa lies to the east and north of the smaller Liadain. They are separated by the Allirian strait and the wider stretch of sea that opens between its two narrow points.

The western part of Epressa is well-inundated by all the rivers pouring down from the slopes of the Spine, and has given rise to widespread agriculture over the centuries. The lands that lie beyond the mountain range have been significantly less explored, however, in no small part thanks to their general hostility and extreme climates.

In the south, the continent borders on Asherah ocean, in the east on ocean of Fjirstaf, and in the north to the Ra Gnamh and Blighted sea.
  • Name: Epressa
  • Location: Eastern Arethil
  • Type: Continent




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