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  1. YuriTatsuki

    Open Chronicles A small settlement within the mountains.

    Yuri emerged from the plains dragging behind her something that looked like a wolf, she looked around and noticed dusk approaching. Letting out a soft sigh the girl muttered "I guess i should hurry and find a place to set up camp... perhaps that abandoned village i passed on the way here could...
  2. Core Lore Epressa

    The biggest of the two sister continents, Epressa lies to the east and north of the smaller Liadain. They are separated by the Allirian strait and the wider stretch of sea that opens between its two narrow points.
  3. Core Lore Liadain

    Liadain is the smaller of the two main continents of Arethil, separated from its older sister by the Allirian strait and the sea between its two narrowest points. Its eastern and southern reaches are densely inhabited, but the desert to the far west is
  4. The Company of the Moon

    The Company of the Moon are one of the better known mercenary groups to emerge in the last period of widespread warmongering. In the years since the fragile peace holds among the recuperating states, they have faded in number and reputation, but many b
  5. Core Lore The World of Arethil

    The world is named Arethil, so called by scholars long past or perhaps still lingering. There are three known major continents, two explored and one barren to all but those who dare brave it. Islands dot the seas, some frigid, some tropical. There are
  6. Core Lore Bhathairk

    Bhathairk [ wahirk ] Physical Information Size Large stronghold Location Fork of rivers Bystra and Wda Population 150,000 Points of Interest -Gr ...