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The wilds are one of the least explored parts of Epressa, and for good reason – the thicket of old growth is as impassable as it is full of hostile beasts and hungry predators just waiting for a juicy morsel to come stumbling by. The jungles are humid and hot throughout the year, and clouds of insects clog the air in addition to the pollen of the million plant species that sprawl across the fertile soil.

In the west, the wilds are cut off by the steep rise of the Spine – to which they owe their bountiful rains – whereas in the south, the jungle peters out into the labyrinthine Iuk-'u delta. Just off the coast of the wilds lies the island of Nagai, home to the recently discovered Naga species. In the north, the Ixchel wilds are separated from the Blightlands by the wide river Drawa that flows into the ocean of Fjirstaf in the east. The isles of Sheketh serve as a buffer between the wilds and the ocean, its myriad volcanoes keeping the jungle as warm as can be.
  • Name: Ixchel Wilds
  • Location: East of Epressa
  • Type: Jungle and rainforest


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