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The isles of Sheketh should perhaps be called 'Sheketh and islands', seeing how the largest isle dominates the five smaller ones off its coast. They are all riddled with volcanoes both old and new, and not a single night goes by that the red glow of lava can't be seen crawling slowly downslope. Thanks to their prolific tectonic activity, the isles always seem to be wrapped in a shroud of volcanic smoke, ash, and mists from the ocean of Fjirstaf.

To the west, a wide sea channel separates them from the mainland of Epressa and the Ixchel wilds. In the north the isles straggle out to connect Sheketh to the large landmass of Eretejva tundra.
  • Name: Isles of Sheketh
  • Location: Off east coast of Epressa
  • Type: Volcanic islands


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