Physical Information
Medium Isles of Sheketh Drakefall Fortress, Port of Minaris, Keeper's Temple, Spell Weaver's Repository
Societal Information
Half-elves, elves, and humans. Fractured Monarchy Minarisal, Common Tongue
Economic & Military Information
Geographic Isolation, Walls, Watch Towers, Royal Guard, Navy Fish, Pearls, Alchemy components Luxury goods, armor
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Isolated from the mainland, Minaris is a largely self-sufficient city-state that has only recently established working relations with other nations, within the past few decades. This change in policy came to fruition with the installment of a new Duke to the throne of Drakefall Fortress. Flourishing trade routes have been ratified, but are largely still in development as the Duke seeks to expand his influence.

Old habits die hard, however, and the nobility of Minaris is still hesitant to partake in Court on the mainland. That has not stopped them from opening their doors to those who wish to pay visit to Minarisan court. Noblemen eager to establish a foothold in such a strategic location have taken the voyage to meet personally with Duke Sabel.

These budding negotiations have been brought to a screeching halt; however, due to a recent raid that was carried out by the naga. Rumors have started to spread that an impenetrable shroud of mist has settled over the territory, and little is known about the current status of the city.



One of Minaris' defining features is its highly concentrated population of half-elves clustered in one area. In fact, almost every person that is born in Minaris is a mix of the two races to some degree. Though there are a few sectors in the city that have attempted to maintain rough separation of the races. Or, at least, so they claim.

Nevertheless, those who do proclaim a "pure" human heritage still have what would be considered an abnormally long lifespan on the mainland.

Away from the complicated politics and separated from the human/elvish strife by untold generations, there is a peace among its inhabitants that is rare to find throughout the rest of continent. This has made Minaris something of a safe haven for half-elves who can manage the journey to reach it.





An ancient and secluded city located on the volcanic Isles of Sheketh, Minaris has changed very little over the centuries. The city is nestled against a rocky coastline in the southern bay of the largest island. At the crest of the hill stands the relatively humble keep of Drakefall; which overlooks the entirety of the inlet. A modest village sprawls from the base of the fortress’ inner walls to the shoreline; all of which is surrounded by towering stone walls. Most of the buildings are made from carved stone, etched with various runes, and warded by the ancient spell weavers of old to protect the city from erosion.

Cobbled streets, constructed from small blocks of volcanic rock, meander through the village in a semi-circle pattern that curves around the outer edge of Drakefall's walls; giving the city a striking and exotic look.

There is a constant susurration in the air from the rise and fall of the ocean waves against the shore; the water crashing against the rocks, then whispering across the terrain as it flowed back into the sea.

This quiet cove offers safe harbor for the various vessels that make up the small Minarisan fleet.

The architecture is a distinctive combination of elvish and human designs, the likes of which does not exist outside of venerable city itself.


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It's unclear exactly when the city of Minaris was originally founded. Historians in the city itself quibble endlessly about specific time frames until they are blue in the face, but an agreement has never been reached. What has been agreed upon is that Drakefall fortress was first established by two different groups coming together: the human Spellweavers, and the elvish Ephemeral Wardens.




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