1. Core Lore
  2. Allir Reach

Nobody knows if it was the reach or the city that came first, but Alliria and its outskirts are now inseparable both in nomenclature and in economy. The rich soil and flat land are home to hundreds of farmers whose goods are almost solely imported to the great merchant city on the strait. The reach, in turn, is rewarded with protection from brigands and marauders by the well-trained Allirian Guard.

In the north, the plains are separated from the Taagi Baara steppes and the Spine by the wide river Sayve. In the south, they extend a ways into the Asherah ocean, encircling Bayou Garramarisma together with Falwood on the Liadain side.
  • Name: Allir Reach
  • Location: South-east of Epressa
  • Type: Plains


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