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The Bayou is something of an infamous thorn in the side of the great trade city of Alliria – for as long as there have been ships passing through the strait, smugglers and pirates have sought refuge in the treacherous maze of the Bayou's canals. Though the island has few permanent inhabitants, the criminals who prey on merchant vessels often take up residence in its winding channels.

Garramarisma itself is no kinder on the scoundrels than they are on their victims – the swamp is positively swarming with insects, and its murky waters hide many a ravenous predator looking to sharpen their teeth on a tasty pirate leg.
  • Name: Bayou Garramarisma
  • Location: To the south of the Allirian strait; between Epressa and Liadain
  • Type: Swamp island


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