How this wiki is organised

The following structural elements are used to organise this wiki. They form a rough hierarchy of groupings.


These are the largest groups of articles.
Articles can only be within one area.
Only admins can create Areas.


These are smaller groups within an Area.
Articles within a Sub-Area are not displayed on the main Area list
We do not intend to have a significant number of sub-areas.
An example is NPCs within Characters
Only admins can create sub-area


These group a category of items with Areas/Sub-Areas
Categories can be used across Areas where appropriate
Only Moderators can create Categories
You can find the full list of available Categories here


Tags are flexible designations that can be applied to articles
Multiple tags can be applied to any article
Any member can create and use tags
Tags can be used in common across the forum and Wiki
Categories: Guidelines and help pages

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