1. Velaeri

    Staff Reminder: Wiki Articles Require IC References

    Hello Chroniclers! This is a reminder that all Wiki Articles except for Character Bios require IC references before being posted to the Wiki. Members are encouraged to work on their ideas in the Sandbox area of the Wiki while you create your IC references for the official article. Some...
  2. The Herald

    Folklore/Wiki Folklore Wiki FAQ

    This thread will serve as an area to document Folklore Wiki frequently asked questions. You may ask questions in this thread or you can create a new thread using the Folklore/Wiki Questions Prefix. Once answered, it will be documented in here if it is considered to be frequently asked question...
  3. Locations

    Location Articles such as settlements and notable landmarks.
  4. Welcome to Chronicles RP Folklore Wiki! Here you can create simple Wiki pages to document your character, their history and various other items important for your Roleplay. In the World, the written word is still not widely known. Stories