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    Staff Live Voice Chat Feedback

    Greetings everyone! Two months in and it has been a BLAST here at the Chronicles RP Fantasy Roleplay Forum. For a new board, we are doing amazing with activity and with roleplays. We are almost at 4,000 posts, 3,200 of which are in character generated roleplays. That is amazing guys! As...
  3. Illyria Daemyar

    Discussion How did you become interested in roleplaying?

    As writers, we all started somewhere with getting involved in roleplaying. Whether it was chat rp, tabletop, forum roleplaying, or messenger rp, we all began somewhere. What’s your story?
  4. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>The World of Arethil

    The world is named Arethil, so called by scholars long past or perhaps still lingering. There are three known major continents, two explored and one barren to all but those who dare brave it. Islands dot the seas, some frigid, some tropical. There are
  5. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Core Lore</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Elves

    Elves Basic Information Alternative name(s) Origin Falwood Lifespan Long, ~800-1000 years Diet Omnivores Subspecies Many ...
  6. Locations

    Location Articles such as settlements and notable landmarks.
  7. Organizations

    In here you may post a organization pages. This includes organizations of any type or size, from a band of adventurers to an entire nation.
  8. Lore

    General Lore articles, including weapons, types of magic and anything else without a home elsewhere.
  9. Characters

    In the area you may post your character&#039;s biography and find all the characters being roleplayed. There is a separate sub-area for NPCs.
  10. Species

    This area is for species articles. There is a separate subarea for Non-Sentient Species.
  11. Board Story

    Articles in this area summarise events that have taken place on Chronicles RP.
  12. The Herald

    Staff Support Ticket Template for Bugs or Errors

    If you have a bug please use the following template to provide us the most information on what the issue may be. Please use the Prefix when submitting the following Support Ticket. Support Ticket Template The Issue: [A short description of what the issue is. IE, Image will not show.]...
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    Staff Submitting Feedback: Please read

    Hello folks, We always welcome suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to use the "Suggestions" prefix and to annotate a suggestion or feedback with a new thread that you might have for the Chronicles RP Board.
  14. Malachi

    Avatar and Signature Test Thread

    Feel free to post a reply on this Avatar and Signature Test thread if you are trying out new artwork.
  15. The Herald

    Illustration Credit Illustration Credits for the ChroniclesRP Board

    We would like to thank all of the wonderful artists who have made Chronicles RP board a reality. Without them, we would be unable to properly display this universe to it's full potential. We want to support and give due credit to them all for their wonderful work. The list below details all art...
  16. The Herald

    Resource Guide Staff Authority and You: A Quick Guide

    This Resource Guide aims to clear up any confusion that may exist about the status of Staff members compared to regular members, what to do when you see a Staff member doing their job in a chat or in a private message to you, and what to do in case you think a Staff member is abusing their...
  17. The Herald

    Resource Guide "Not Safe For Work" Content Policies

    Guidelines Regarding Content That May be NSFW. What is NSFW? Not Safe For Work means, simply, that content is suggestive (generally sexually) in a way that could get you in trouble with your boss. The following outlines our guidance regarding NSFW content on the forum: 1. Lewd usernames and...
  18. The Herald

    Resource Guide Warning Points: What They Mean

    Here's What a Warning Point Does: 1. It leaves a record for Staff to know why someone was warned in the past and gives a link to the content they were warned for if it was a post/discord chat/etc. This is useful for us in getting an at-a-glance concept of whether someone has been in trouble...