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    Groups are player-led organisations that characters can join. If your group is starting to become established and has at least four members you can become a Featured Group. This brings certain benefits:
    • A joinable group with its own user banner
    • The ability to tag the group on the forum to notify all members
    • Your own role and room in our Discord server
    • Your advert kept here in this thread for people to find
    If you want to create a group use the template below, must have 4 members and some threads etc

    Name: Name of the group
    Description: A brief description of the group and why people should join
    Active locations: Name the areas of the map your group is active in-character
    Wiki pages: Link any wiki pages relevant to your group
    Members: Tag the members who are forming your group
    Threads: Link any roleplay threads where your group has featured
    Banner (Optional): You may have a banner for your group that will appear beneath member's avatars. Must meet style of other banners (PSD here). 200x40px, bold, size ~18 IM Fell FW Pica font
    Icon: Your group must have an icon (86x86px) this will appear when people tag your group members. It will also be added as an Emoji on the discord server and is required as a reaction to let people join/leave the discord chat room.

    Once you have posted this here a member of staff will either approve the application or let you know what else is needed. Post your images to imgur or another host for the application, but a member of the admin team will request them directly as files after acceptance. Icon should preferably be saved in a vector-based format

    Joining a Group

    If you want to join any of the groups below head to the preferences page (link) and join the group you want to join. It may take up to twenty minutes for your banner to appear and to receive notifications when the group is tagged. Use the #dice_roller_and_roles channel of discord to join the Group's chat room.
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    Name: Eternum
    Description: The Eternum is a massive group of undead given free will and are lead by Eilasandree Ival Faerachon, a banshee who styles herself as their Queen. They seek to establish a dominion among the frozen wastes of the Eretjva tundra, where they can live without fear of the Orders sworn wiping them out. The Eternum welcomes those who who would typically be shunned, from dark arts users to monsters without a home, as all are one within the cold embrace of death.
    Active locations: Eretejva Tundra, The Blightlands (decreased presence), multiple tiny pockets of undead being raised at gravesites all over Arethil.
    Wiki pages:
    https://chroniclesrp.net/Folklore/Category:Undead https://chroniclesrp.net/Folklore/Undead?highlight=undead
    Eilasandree Ival, Nexas Anubis, Draegan the Undying, Norjalac, Magnan Smithson, Amankh Kaltar, TTamark, Rainie
    Banner (Optional): [​IMG]

    Approved by Raigryn Vayd 20/06/19

    View the current Eternum membership by clicking Eternum
    This may now be used to tag all members.
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