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Continent Arid north, moderate south
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Malakath is a continent south-east of Epressa. It is dotted with ruins that predate even elven civilisation. It is theorised that these ruins may belong to those that built the portal stones hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These are not the only relics of the past. Preserved remains of great Titans dot the landscape. The creatures of Malakath are often great in stature, but these titans can be hundreds of feet tall.

Thagretis is located on the northern half of the continent, one of the few cities on this wild frontier continent. The last of the Elder Dragons may have passed, but the Valley of Decay seems to be the final graveyard of those that died before. An entire ecosystem has built up around these remains.

South of the mountain divide there are no civilised kingdoms. Perhaps the monsters that inhabit this continent are so deadly that no cities have stood strong. Instead small groups reside in the ruins of the Stone Builder cities.



To the north of Malakath the climate is hot, dry and arid. To the south it is far milder, known for hot, dry summers and mild or cool, wet winters.

Native Species

The Titans might have gone, but the general fauna of Malakath is large and dangerous. Lone travellers stand little chance of crossing the continent in safety. There are many species out in the wild than can eat humans whole.


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