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Located southwest of The Spine, the Eldyr Tree has gone by many names and been known by many peoples over the centuries of this world. This ancient tree is the largest in any known land, its trunk as tall as a mountain and its branches disappearing into the clouds. Surrounded by a great forest in every direction, the lands within which this tree grows were also once known by another name, in a different era.

Hundreds of years ago these lands were known as the Vale and were home to a variety of magical creatures. Gods were said to roam the wood in the form of great beasts, conjuring spirits of the forest as they saw fit. The Vale was a garden sanctuary, protected by magic and natural formations of the land. Here one could travel to be rejuvinated by its waters and healed by the magic flowing throughout. In return for payment of prayer or sacrifice, the Gods would heal ailments and lift curses, and sometimes even grant wishes. At the very heart of the wood sat the Gods Tree, once named Eolydiir, that stood as testament - and some say the source - of their power.

Many traveled to these lands to take the wood of the magic trees to make their wands or carve their runes from the polished river stones. Creature and man lived peacefully for some time, but such things were not meant to last. Over the years the races of man grew greedy and even suspicious of the Gods that made their home within the gardens of the Vale. They began to hunt the spirits within, culling herds of magical creatures for the powerful properties of their blood and bodies. Trees were cut down to create great halls and the waters were tainted by the blood of the tresspassers.

It is said a great war was waged here between the realms of men and the Gods of the Vale. No longer a place of peace, and with the rivers red with the blood of their creatures and man, the Gods receded into the tree, pulling their power from the lands and leaving behind traces of their presence in the form of strange symbols in the bark.

Today the forest stands quiet and dark, home now to darker creatures said to be the shades of the slain spirits. No Gods walk these lands anymore, but the brave adventurer worthy enough to pass beyond the shadows of the wood can find their way to the Eldyr Tree where the Gods light can still be found. At its base a pool of clear waters revitalizes the weary and is said to cure the ill and cursed. The bark the Eldyr can still be harvested for its use in crafting magical items. Its boughs can still be climbed for one of the most breathtaking views in all the lands.

Those that reach the top have said to hear the voices of the Gods whispering in the winds.

  1. ^Source: Giant Tree by FlowerZZXU of DeviantArt
  2. ^Source: Magic the Gathering by FlowerZZXU of DeviantArt

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