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The tall and windy mountains that can be seen rising above the horizon from anywhere in Epressa were called the Spine long before the name was translated into Common. Thus it stuck, apt as it was for the tallest mountains of the continent. The highest of peaks bear a crown of snow even in summer, but the lower slopes of the range give birth to many of the roaring rivers of the steppes below.

The many valleys of the Spine are home to just as many lakes, some of which are said to be ice-locked year round. At the foot of the mountains, great temperate forests have stood guard for millennia, dark and old and untraversable to all but the cleverest of hunters. These woods are home to hundreds of Orcish tribes, many of which still live as they have for centuries. The mountains themselves, on the other hand, are the ancestral land of the Dwarves, and indeed one of their oldest cities, Belgrath, still persists at the southern tip of the Spine.
  • Name: The Spine
  • Location: Center of Epressa
  • Type: Mountain range

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