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Thiria is as close to legend as a thriving city can get. Most of the people who reside in Arethil do not even really believe that Thiria is real, and those that do rarely live to see it's glory. There are very few people in this world that will ever live to see the metropolis in the clouds, and fewer still who will leave to tell the legends of it's existence.

The reason for this is in no way sinister or dark, but rather due to the simple fact of the pleasantness of the cities existence in the first place. The Dwarves of Thiria are not an exceptionally welcoming group of individuals, though they are far from hostile. Rather they are protective of their city, and ensure that guests within their metropolis are either planned, or will forget the cities existence all together.

For nearly a thousand years Thiria has existed, floating through the skies and ensuring the survival of a different sect of one of Arethil's greatest species.

Of course, many people will never see Thiria, and many more will never even hear of it. This suites the residence of the city just fine. The metropolis is self sustaining, growing it's own food, making it's own goods, and acting as a port for the extremely controlled trade of magical goods that are crafted within the city itself.



Thiria is a city born within more ancient times. It is populated almost entirely by Dwarves that split from the city of Belgrath during the first great schism. Over the years a small amount of other species have trickled into the city, Humans, Elves, and even a few Orcs have managed to find their way into Thiria.

More often than not those living within this city are scholars, craftsmen, or of an educated class. Warriors are extremely rare within Thiria, and the city itself does not maintain and army or even something resembling a militia. There is a certain amount of pride within the City for being peaceful, and great pains are taken in order to ensure the calm found in Thiria itself.

Unlike many other centers of population, Thiria has relatively few people, and almost no prospects for a great amount of expansion. There are only a few thousand people living in the city itself, and this isn't likely to change any time soon.


The best way of explaining Thiria is as a safe haven for scholars. The city is not made to be a fortress, it is hardly an economic center, and it does not act as the political capital of anything at all. Instead Thiria is more of a repository of knowledge, a place where the historians and academics can live and gather in peace. Study is greatly respected within Thiria, and this reflects within the cities society.

Of course Thiria is not a college and no one necessarily 'teaches' anything within the city itself. Rather it is simpler to say that the city simply acts as a safe place for people to do their own thing, and due to the nature of the place it tends to attract scholars.

This is not to say that the city itself never has contact with outsiders. On rare occasions foreigners do visit Thiria, either through their own magics or various other means. Certain merchants and traders are often invited into the city itself, as are messengers and dignitaries from a select few cities in Arethil.

By and large however, Thiria is an isolationist society, rarely paying attention to the outside world.



Thiria is a city of legend and myth, it's architecture is almost a perfect reflection of that fact. There is a mysticism that sits around the city, and that of course stems from the fact that the entire metropolis is in fact permanently suspended within the air.

Unlike a regular city, Thiria does not sit upon the land, beneath the mountains, or betwixt the trees. Thiria is a floating myth, a series of grand platforms and towers that seem to be anchored to one another through some grand piece of lost magic. No one is entirely sure how the city manages it now, nor is it known how long the city will stay afloat. The residents of Thiria are expending a great amount of time ensuring that the city actually remains stationary within the air.

This lost piece of knowledge means that Thiria is quite simply incapable of expanding. There is no real growing of the city, there is no adding buildings, what Thiria has is what it gets.

Due to this Thiria is an incredibly clean and well maintained place. Everything seems to sparkle and sheen, holding a certain glint. The residents take great pride and care within their City, and this is perfectly reflected within how they take care of it.

Of course, the floating sections of the city are all interconnected through a series of bridges. These bridges span the lengthy gaps between the sections of Thiria, and are often barely visible to the naked eye. Travel between the different sections can sometimes be difficult for those uncomfortable with heights.

Points of Interest

The Market - A remnant of what Thiria was intended to be, The Market, as it is called is the largest platform located within the very center of the city. This section is, as it's name would imply, an incredibly open and wide space. There are dozens of little gardens, flower pots, and stone benches littering this section, offering a pleasant place to sit and relax.

Originally the Market was supposed to be a place for the sale and trade of goods, as it would be in other cities. Of course as the years went on and Thiria became more isolationist this was done away with, and now the Market serves more as a common area for the citizens of the city.

Areth'Al'Sella - Located at the edge of the platform city, Areth'Al'Sella is what could be called the 'docks' of Thiria. Though not in common use, the docks are most often where foreigners and outsiders stay when they visit the city. The platform is not large, containing only a few buildings and a single bridge, there is more than enough space for what few visitors come to Thiria.

Oddly enough Areth'Al'Sella also has a large pier extending from it's edge. There is a rumor that once the Dwarven Builders of Thiria intended for airships to moor here, though if there was any truth to such tales then the ships have long since been destroyed.

Thiria'Al'Nirith - Thiria'Al'Nirith is home to the small Republican government that controls and acts within the cities best interest. Located only a single platform over from The Market, this small section of the City is perhaps one of the most architecturally beautiful.

There is something that catches the eye to this platform, the curve of the towers, the statues within the gardens, the carefully trimmed hedges that seem to sit on every corner. This section of Thiria is incredibly important to the function of the city, and within it reside those who decide what path the metropolis will actually take.



Thiria is a city of legend and myth, something that most common folk would ascribe to the stories of children. It is widely believed that the city in the sky is not real, and those who speak of it are either mad or are simply attempting to create some sort of scam.

Of course despite what many may think, Thiria is in fact very real.

The city itself was originally created during the first great Schism of Belgrath. A small population of the most learned Dwarves, Archivists, Teachers, and a small number of the few Dwarven mages that existed decided that the political turmoil was simply becoming too much. Instead of attempting a coup of inciting violence, this group simply left.

Using their vast knowledge and skill, this group created the first floating platforms of Thiria. Know one is quite sure how they did it or what magic they used, but whatever spell pulled Thiria into the sky is well and truly still in effect to this day. Current residents of course know that the magic will not last forever, and some are desperately seeking to replicate it's design.

Of course, Thiria was never designed as a large city, and thus the founders never truly thought to expand the metropolis to more than just a few dozen platforms. Once they were finished they were content to live their lives, simply studying and maintaining their home.

Over the centuries not much at all has changed. The people of Thiria still remain peaceful, they still survive, and they still attempt to avoid the outside world as much as possible.


"I saw it once, floating just above the clouds. I was just a young'in, not much older than my tenth name day, but I know what I saw.

People in the village called me crazy, said I was makin things up to impress girls, but I know it. I know I saw Thiria. Me Granda used to tell me stories about it, the city that floated in the sky. He said it was the Dwarves that built it, that some of em' didn't want to live underground anymore and decided instead to reach for the sky.

Dunno if I believe that, but...

I know I saw it.

Don't matter to me none what anyone else says. Don't matter if they think I'm lyin. I know what I seen above those clouds, I know what it was. There was no mistaken it. Those golden buildings, the towers that seemed to reach into the sky.

All of it fit with what my Granda said. For a minute I thought I was foolin' myself, but it hung there just above the mountains. I couldn't believe no one else saw it, but then...I always did like going to those fields more than anyone else."
-Aren Balketh, Farmer.

To many people in Arethil Thiria is little more than a legend. Though there are many books, scrolls, and accounts of the cities existence, no one is quite sure if it is actually real.

The city is isolationist to a fault, and only a select few merchants and traders are actually allowed to visit the Metropolis. These men and women are more often than not trusted, and will not speak of the cities current location or where it is going next. Because of this, most people will simply not believe the city is real at all.

To most, Thiria is just a legend.


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