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Tucked between Falwood and Gulf of Liad, the Aberresai savannah is home to many nomadic peoples as well as permanent settlements. Its climate turns from generously warm to pleasantly temperate towards the north, where the Cairou river winds from the Seret mountains towards the gulf. Elbion, one of the greatest college cities lies on the Cairou lake, accounting for much of the travel across the savannah.
  • Name: Aberresai Savannah
  • Location: Central and northern Liadain
  • Type: Savannah
The central savannah has two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The dry season, over winter, is only slightly cooler than the wet season with temperatures being cooler towards the north. During this time water can become scarce. No large woods or forests can be supported and most of the area is flat scrubland.

During late spring/early summer the wet season begins. Rainfall lasts for hours at a time with huge quantities of water falling. Within days the landscape changes, becoming a vibrant green.

The savanna is inhabited by several species. Lions and packs of dogs roam. Pasqak (a creature between a boar and horse) travel in small groups. Savanna trolls stay in the shade during the dry season, but are a roaming threat during the wet season. Crocodiles are a danger to any who dare drink from an oasis.

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