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A tropical archipelago far off the south-western coast of Liadain. It consists of thousands of islands both big and small; some are atolls shaped from the arching coral reefs weaving between the islands; others have risen from the sea through volcanic activity. Among the largest islands are Ryan's Bane and Crescent Island, the latter of which is also home to Cerak At'Thul.

The islands are inhabited by a smorgasbord of peoples and species, although the Nazrani race of Humans claims the biggest presence. They live in scattered groups and tribes in the southern part of the archipelago where volcanoes still spit fire on a monthly basis.
  • Name: Aina o Ka La ('Āina o Ka Lā in the native tongue of the Nazrani)
  • Location: South-west from Liadain, in the Akea'omo'o sea
  • Type: Volcanic and coral archipelago


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