Biographical information
Edge of the Falwood 17 Vel Anir Academy
Physical description
Human Female 5'8 Average Golden Tawny Fair
Political information
Dreadkid 3.0
Out-of-character information
Tahi Pinterest

"That kid is fierce like the sun. Burns hot and bright. Did you see how she dealt with those bullies? They didn't have a chance. Wonder if she'll ever run out of fuel."

-Grade School Teacher Clarik


Hair like a sunny field of golden wheat. Tawny eyes like a loth cat. Weight on her shoulders that signifies more than just armor.

Skills and Abilities

+Temperature manipulation: can make objects, the space around them, or even a person dangerously hot or cold
+Knows how to sign and speak multiple languages
+Excellent at physical combat or close-range weapons
+Great with groups and social situations/tends to put on the 'momma' or big sister pants
-Long-range weapons aren't her thing
-Short-fused when it comes to bullies


A taste of fall on a hot, humid day. A flicker of warmth in the dead of winter. It's clear that Lumen is comfortable around all types of people. She usually knows how to read a room. Is self-confident, never meets a stranger, and finds herself catapulted to popularity quite easily.

It's clear that being popular is not one of her motivations. Her friends can see her drive is to protect the small. Protect those who can't protect themselves. She is often put as the older sister or mother figure of a group because of this.

Biography & Lore

Lumen Adagio's mother was a famed dreadlord who was more-often-than-not away from home and on missions for Vel Anir, serving House Weiroon. She died in battle when Lumen was five. Lumen's dad, a merchant who risked travel near the Falwood, became an alcoholic after she died. Lumen did everything she could to provide for her family and protect her two younger twin brothers. Her drunken father would often go in a rage and try to take his anger out on the children.

One day, authorities found his body frozen from the inside out on a hot summer evening. Lumen was seven and was taken to the Academy. Somehow the girl and her charisma convinced her mother's dreadlord house (Weiroon) to raise her brothers as their own for her promised pledge when she graduated.

Now, post revolution, Lumen continues to provide for her twin brothers so they can live a life out of poverty. And being one of the oldest of her class, her natural, protective instincts has made her a figurehead of protection for the class. It seems as though she doesn't mind.

Favorite Food:
Green Apples
-mildly lactose intolerant

Mother's Shield:

Lumen's Sword:


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