Kalix character


Biographical information
Probably behind a dumpster 18 Vel Anir
Physical description
Human Male 6’3 190lbs Black Gold Fair
Political information
Dreadlord Initiate
Out-of-character information
Silence Conspiracy 1/29/2022 Baji

For years now I have come to conclusions
without my father’s help, discovering
on my own what I know, what I don’t know,

and seeing how one cancels the other.
I've become a scholar of cancellations.
Here, I stand among my father’s roses

and see that what punctures outnumbers what
consoles, the cruel and the tender never
make peace, though one climbs, though one descends

petal by petal to the hidden ground
no one owns. I see that which is taken
away by violence or persuasion.

The rose announces on earth the kingdom
of gravity. A bird cancels it.
My eyelids cancel the bird. Anything

might cancel my eyes: distance, time, war.
My father said, Never take your both eyes
off of the world, before he rocked me.


Kalix has a very feline look to him, a face that’s rather pretty despite his obnoxious personality. His hair is longer than what’s in style for many men, going past his shoulders.

Skills and Abilities

Gravity manipulation is Kalix’s major speciality. He uses it to enhance his punches and kicks, and can even grant himself the ability to float about. Has been seen to pick up large boulders by reducing gravity’s impact on their weight. Increases gravity’s impact whenever he’s making contact with an enemy. His punches can feel like you’re being hit with 1 ton of force. Is able to change other’s mass and weight as he desires.



The younger half brother to Lysander, a dreadlord who supported the revolution, Kalix is the exact opposite of what people would assume him to be. It’s almost as if he purposely tries to stand out from Lysander as much as possible. Some has guessed perhaps it’s because deep down he doesn’t agree with his brother supporting the revolution but due to Kalix’s lack of emotional maturity it’s hard to know if that is even something he’s considered. The type of guy to hit harder than last time, he’s known for his overbearing strength and physical aptitude to obliterate any target in front of him.

If one were to look up anger issues in a dictionary, no words would be needed, just a picture of Kalix would do. Kalix is very loud, even generally speaking he constantly sounds like he’s yelling or angry despite being in a good mood. Has a terrible sense of humor, his jokes rarely make sense. Not the “brightest tool in the tool shed” as he’ll openly tell you, but intelligence means little to someone who wields so much strength. Purposely tries to piss people off so he can have an excuse to punch someone.

Extremely morally gray, understands when he’s doing something bad, but has a big belief that only the weak care about what’s fair. The stronger you are the less you’ll care about being “fair.” Kalix is overconfident and a part of him recognizes this in a sense, but it’s always pushed back. He struggles with emotions that aren’t sad, angry or happy. Ideas like melancholy, despair, and frustration can only correlate to sad or mad. Because of this, kalix struggles in understanding others and their emotions and has an even harder time explaining how things make him feel.

Luckily, he’s 98% of the time his rambunctious, boisterous, instigating self that is happy to not come up with the big ideas and instead just get his hands dirty.

Biography & Lore

Constantly says “hey, hey, hey” loud and aggressively whenever he’s greeting someone, pointing something out, or trying to grab someone’s attention.

Used to lie about his height, saying he was either 6’2 or 6’3, and often told Kristen Pirian she’s not 6’2 because he’s 6’2 and there’s no way in hell she’s taller than him.

Always has a couple of bands on his wrist to tie his hair back when he’s about to get into a scuffle.

Looks like an angel when he sleeps, and ironically, cats are attracted to them. He does have quite a large soft spot for stray animals in a city.

Terrified of large bodies water/drowning. Doesn’t like water much in general as many of his punishments used water. Also afraid of ghosts.

He’s far-sighted and dyslexic, which might explain why he hates reading/writing so much.

If rubix cubes were invented at this time, he’s the type to give up after a few twists and then paint the whole thing red and would still claim that he solved it fair and square.


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