Alistair Krixus

Alistair Krixus

Biographical information
Vel Anir 18 'The Academy'
Physical description
Human male 6'0 black blue fair
Political information
Dreadlord Apprentice
Out-of-character information

The first son of House Krixus, a minor noble house of Vel Anir. He was raised since birth to be the vessel by which the Krixus household would gain power. The markings on his body are symbolic of that responsibility. He has been crafted to be the ultimate weapon of House Krixus.


A well-muscled young man with a confident, yet precise demeanor. His medium-length black hair is always neatly kept. Along with his incredibly neat dressing habits. He seems to favor a simple pair of black pants, with a loose-fitting dark blue shirt. A gold ring with his family's crest denotes him as heir to House Krixus. All of Alistair's clothing and own skin is covered in meticulously detailed magical runes.

Skills and Abilities

Rune Magic: Alistair was destined for rune magic as soon as he was born. With no clear magical affinity, but with a surprising amount of magical talent for a family that had historically been non-magical, Alistair's father marked him with minute runes early in his life. While not being used at that age, Alistair was continuously marked with runes until he was sent to the Academy at the age of five. While at the school, Alistair has only improved his knowledge of rune magic.

His scholarly nature lends well to his rune magic specialty as he is an avid rune theorist, willing to experiment with various rune designs.

Specialty Rune (Vision): Alistair has runic eyes that dot his body. These runic eyes can be seen through as if they were a part of Alistair's own sight. Upon touch, these eyes can be transferred to other solid objects The number of eyes can be increased, but eight is the max Alistair can currently use without being confused by the influx of information. These runes grant expanded vision, improving his accuracy by leaps and bounds. Overuse of these eyes can induce nausea or blindness, temporary or permanent.

Specialty Rune (Mirage): It causes his image to flicker and move around him, making it difficult for an opponent to get a good shot against him. It works well with his flued and fast-moving combat style.

College Magic: Alistair has been trained and has an average skill with college magic, but he has extensive knowledge making him an incredibly adaptable and jack of all trades type of mage. His magic often takes the form of floating runes as he uses his skills with runes to better direct and control other forms of magic. This means that his magic might not always be instantaneous, but he has far better control with his spells.

Swordsmanship: Alistair is considered to be a sword genius by several. He uses flued, yet precise movements to dance around his opponents until he is prepared to take them down. His incredible sword skill makes it easier to rely on his sword rather than his potentially damaging rune magic.

Alchemy: The signature skill of House Krixus, although Alistair never focused on it as much as others. He still picked up a good bit of information. He is able to craft simple poisons and potions given enough time. It also keeps him from accidentally poisoning himself with plants out in the field.

Bookworm: Alistair spends a majority of his time reading about various different fields whether that be swordsmanship, magic, commerce, history, languages, etc.

Craftsmen: Alistair's magic naturally led to his training in several craftsman skills. He has knowledge and basic skills in most areas such as smithing, jewelry making, and woodwork. However, his specialties lie in leatherworking and tailoring.


Driven: When Alistair decides on a path then that is what he will do. That does not mean he runs in blindly, but he becomes solely focused on solving that single problem, nearly to an unhealthy degree.

Cold & Calculated: Alistair has spent years at the Academy to perfectly keep his emotions in check, so he can best properly utilize his intelligence. This can make most of his conversation seem short and overly formal. Only his closest allies and friends get to see his warmer side and very rarely do they get to see his negative emotions.

Perfectionist: Average is simply not enough for Alistair, he will spend hours practicing a very singular and minute detail of a skill. A positive point for someone practicing rune magic.

Father Trauma: The negative childhood that his father placed upon him makes it difficult for Alistair to stand up to his dad even though he doesn't necessarily agree with his dad's ruthless thoughts on Vel Anir and its people.

Imposter Syndrome: Alistair's intellect and hard work have pushed him into the top ranks of his class, primarily because of his efficient decision-making. However, his lack of powerful and grandiose magic constantly leads Alistair to wonder if he will be able to keep up with his friends once graduation comes.

Combat Confidence: A strange habit that Alistair picked up from one of his first swordsmanship masters at the Academy. When Alistair is involved in combat, his tone and demeanor become far more relaxed, sociable, and light-hearted. It may seem random, but it is calculated to throw his opponents off-balance, so he can manipulate them into his own rhythm.

Biography & Lore

Alistair was the firstborn child of Amadeus Krixus and Natasha Krixus of House Krixus. The House of Krixus is a minor house of Vel Anir. The family has struggled to rise up the social ladder of Vel Anir largely because the family does not have a history of producing warriors or mages. The family is most noticeably known for its knowledge of Alchemy, and its trade for rare alchemical goods. In a city filled with magicians and focused on military might, it is not all that surprising that House Krixus was largely ignored.

His magical talent was discovered almost immediately upon birth. This was it, this was the chance House Krixus had been waiting for. Alistair would be the one that changed the family's station. Alistair was subject to harsh runic experiments upon his body by his father, along with more physical and mental training, utilizing various alchemical agents to improve his magical abilities.

Alistair was given to the Dreadlords at the age of five to continue with his training. Amadeus made sure that Alistair was aware of his responsibilities for the family. The training of the Dreadlords was harsh on Alistair, but he slowly learned to turn off his emotions, making it easier to avoid his pain. His precise and driven personality made it easier for Alistair to accumulate for his training.

While his preferred training was being lost in thought with his books, what he truly succeeded in was his swordsmanship. Others may have taken some time for fun and other things, but Alistair only focused on becoming an even greater weapon. When the revolution of Vel Anir began, House Krixus joined the side of the revolutionaries. It was a gamble, but the chaos that follows is surely a chance for the family to rise.

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