College Magic

College Magic is the term used to refer to a broad category of human magical arts that are taught at academic institutions across the land.

There are a wide variety of disciplines that come under this heading. From the Elemental Arcane schools to the College of Alchemist Arts. Many schools teach a variety of disciplines.

These disciplines have all been started by human wizards over the ages. Some are very old, some have been recently developed or branched off from other schools. They are almost always taught in a formal setting with spells and abilities learned through practice.

With their short life spans humans typically devote a lot of time to academic research and documentation. Wizards are often paid as much for their skill with the written word as for their magic. Each generation experiments and expands on the text books held by the school.

The elves might show disdain for the way this is done, but secretly they fear what the humans might achieve, unlock or destroy. A human might spend just ten years learning before they start experimenting beyond the bounds of what is currently practiced. For an elf that might spend three centuries only to master arts that have been practiced for thousands of years this method of learning seems drastically irresponsible.

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