Biographical information
Vel Stratholm 17 Vel Anir - Academy
Physical description
Human Male 1.91m MUSCLES Brown Blue Ashen
Political information
Dreadlord - Student
Out-of-character information
Kasim Areth Strelhem

Edric was born in the ancient city of Vel Stratholm.

His parents were by all accounts ordinary folk, his father working as a mason and his mother an assistant to the local archives. Neither of them lived particularly remarkable lives, though both had ancient roots within the city and it's once religious founding.

Though Edric himself knew nothing of this, both his parents would later be caught up in the decimation of Stratholm ordered by Elise Virak. Before this however the boy who would later be known as Edric was born.

His early childhood was by all accounts ordinary. Both of his parents loved him and he was raised in an environment that most would have envied. This of course changed when Edric's magic began to manifest itself. At the age of six a change began to occur within those around the young boy.

A constant feeling of tiredness and exhaustion clung to those surrounding Edric, and the boy himself seemed to have near limitless energy. No one quite understood why, nor what was happening. There was no conscious decision from the boy to do what he was doing, and yet it happened nevertheless.

Near a year passed before the Proctors finally found him, and only after an event where Edric was accosted on his way home.

Instead of succumbing to the attack, the boy reached out consciously with his magic for the first time. In an instant he rent the life from his assailant, saving himself, but striking the first scar within his psyche. After this incident, his parents willingly gave him away to the Proctors. They saw their son as an abomination, a murderer, and something to be feared.

This rejection drove Edric into a deep anger, a seething that would become his motivation throughout his time at the academy.

Unlike many other students the young boy did not stew in his misery, but instead embraced his new life. With the ferocity of a madman Edric threw himself into all facets of training. He worked hard, rarely found himself punished, and quickly began to excel within the Academies system.

By the time the Revolution struck Edric was one of the top prospects of his class, Courted by nearly every Great House and seen as something of a golden boy.

When the Houses were overthrown and the Republic came into being, Edric's foundations were once again destroyed. From beneath him was pulled the rug he'd been standing on for most of his life, and a new path was set before him. One that he was not entirely sure he could walk upon.

Skills and Abilities

Edric's magic is based on the foundation of entropy.

The young Dreadlord is able to take the life force of any living thing and add it to his own. He is capable of feeding off of men, women, children, plants, even insects. The more life something has, the more power he is able to add to himself.

Of course, this life cannot be taken on a whim. The more intelligent and willful someone or something is the more difficult it becomes for Edric to take their essence in greater amounts. A trickle of power is easy to pull from a man, but taking more requires both effort, and a breaking of that persons will.

Once life is taken, Edric is capable of using it in a variety of ways. Originally he was not capable of doing much at all, but as he's trained at the Academy his possibilities have grown exponentially. He is now able to make himself faster, stronger, heal wounds, and even increase his stamina. Though his abilities have grown, some of the Proctors believe over time he will be able to do even more.

This ability comes utterly naturally to the young man to the point where he is quite literally able to do it in his sleep. Much to the dismay of those around him.

As the Revolution has set in and the Academy has begun to change, Edric's magic is one of those classes as 'dangerous'. Because of how his abilities work, and his own nature, Edric is watched more closely than some of the others students at the Academy. His magic is deemed naturally dangerous, and thus a potential threat if he is not 'guided' the correct way.

The New Path

Since the revolution Edric had endured and learned a plethora of lessons that most Initates would have bucked and broken under,

Beneath the tutelage, torture, and lessons of the Proctors Edric has grown and become something entirely other than what he was. Through a dozen missions and near fifty assignments the young Dreadlord has developed and shaped into a new man all together.

Having survived deadly deserts, executioners axes, and the press of a dozen other missions, Edric has become all together something different.

With the collapsing weight of thousands of dead upon his soul the young Dreadlord has come to understand the curse his magic set upon. Through the touch of those whose life he has taken, and those whom he has learned from, Edric has becomemmore measured and understanding.

Among his peers his reputation as a monster has diminished. His time with them, their missions, and everything that has happened since the Revolution has slowly sanded down Edric's rougher edges. Though many see him still as something to be weary of, Edric has slowly begun to make friends with some of his fellow Initiates.

Though these relationships are tenuous, they mark a decided shift in who he is and what he intends to do.

The future, once a grim thing to bear alone is now something more. Perhaps a light even gleaming at the end of a very long tunnel.



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