Elise Virak

Elise Valeria Athesia Virak

Biographical information
Vel Anir Twenty Nine Vel Anir
Physical description
Human Female 1.79m Average Blonde Gold White
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Baroness House Virak
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Kasim Areth 10-30-2018 Conor Smith

Elise Valeria Athesia Virak is the third child and only daughter of the main line of the Vel Anir Great House of Virak.

The youngest child of her nuclear family, Elise was the most spoiled of all of her siblings. Though by no means a useless brat, Elise was treated with a kindness that neither of her brothers were afforded. This has lead to Elise having a rather narcissistic and self-centered attitude.

Of course, this attitude did not stop her parents from sending her through the usual training that a child of a Great House receives.

Unlike her outward appearance would suggest, Elise is not some air headed little Princess. She is in fact an incredibly cunning and deadly individual, trained to kill just as her siblings were. This is a mark of the Great Houses and the deadly game of politics that surround them.

Though her training was as harsh as any, Elise, like many other Anirian Nobles, managed to keep her haughty attitude and narcissistic tendencies. She views others as little more than tools and playthings to be used how she wishes. She will often completely ignore people below her station and take for granted the things she is supposed to have.

Of course, being raised in the incredibly insular world of House Virak Elise is also incredibly racist. She regards other species as lesser, and is particular abhorred by Elves.


Elise has the appearance of a young, haughty Princess. She, like many of her peers, will wear only the finest silks laced with gold and silver. There is no second class for Elise. She is of the Great House Virak, and her appearance must reflect that status at all times.

The young Baroness takes great care with her appearance, taking several hours to get dressed and choose her clothing for every occasion. Each day might see up to four or five different dresses, each combined with their own necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

This is incredibly important to Elise and even the people around her.

Everything she wears conveys a message, whether it be one of welcome or complete and utter rage. Like everything else within Vel Anir, what one wears is a way of communicating your intent, specifically for the women of the Court.

Elise takes great care to always be at the height of fashion.

Aside from these choices of fashion, Elise has an incredibly distinct posture and visage. Almost at all times the Baroness carries herself like a Queen. Her chin is always held high, her gaze is set forward, and she walks as though the oceans would part for her.

Though this is common among nobles, the way she regards others is almost scandalous, mostly because she acts as though she already ruled Vel Anir.

Skills and Abilities

Elise is no lost little Princess. She, like her other siblings, received an extreme amount of training in various forms of combats. Though she was not taught how to use the sword or spear, she is a deadly foe to face nevertheless.

Her weapons of choice are a pair of needle like daggers almost always tucked into two sheaths upon her thighs. Both are laced with Basilisk venom, and it is oft said a single cut can lead to paralysis within just a few minutes.

Aside from these weapons however Elise holds something far more deadly at her disposal; The Familial Magic of House Virak.

Centuries ago Erich Virak, the founder of the House created a twisted form of Blood Magic, creating a ritual that would form a Well of Power. This Well would be filled by the lives of dozens of slaves, and be permanently bound to House Virak through the sacrifice of their own blood. In the midst of the Ritual Erich slaughtered his own sister, cutting her throat and sealing the magic into place.

The Well was crafted, it's depths overflowing with the power of dozens of lives. Of course, this power was far from enough, and over the centuries the Well has been suffused with the lives of thousands of individuals wrought through the dozens of wars brought by Vel Anir and House Virak.

Due to how the Ritual works however, a price had to be paid. In order to keep the Well connected to the family, one of each generation must be sacrificed to maintain the link. This price was paid by Elise's brother; Thered.

His death at the hands of his own twin sealed the link of the Well for another hundred years, and it was this that allows Elise the continued use of the power within.

Of course, even with the Well a price must be paid. Nobody can sustain power flowing through them indefinitely, and although Elise is trained in it's use the Well taxes her body significantly. It tears at her skin, rips her veins, and opens blood vessels throughout her body. The more she strains, the more it tugs at her body and attempts to take her into itself.

At the same time the Well has a will of it's own, the collective consciousness of her Ancestors constantly fighting to get their way. They sing a song, tempting, controlling, and always lingering in order to force her into action.

Biography & Lore

Elise's history is rather similar to a dozen others that can be found within Vel Anir.

Born to one of the Seven Great Houses as the only daughter, there was not much expectation placed upon her shoulders. As the youngest sibling, and the only daughter, she was not in line to inherit control of the House nor was she intended for politics.

Instead Elise's role was simple, act as a spy and sometime assassin. This was of course not at all uncommon within Vel Anir itself. For centuries women had been trained to be just as deadly as their male counterparts, Anirian Politics being less about the spoken word, and more about hidden acts and knives in the dark.

For Elise this meant a relatively simple life. She endured the same training as her brothers, but never had the same expectations.

This allowed the girl a limited amount of freedom, and over the years as she developed and made friends with her cousins and Allies of House Virak it lead to her having a cruel streak. She would often entertain herself by having two servant fight, or simply torturing a wayward maid that had misstep within her presence.

Though not outwardly evil, Elise has always had a bit of a mean-streak, something observed by both her parents and siblings.

Along with this cruelty came ambition. Perhaps due to her parents lack of interest in what she did, Elise always strove to her own plots and plans. From a young age she realized that her brothers were to be the heads of the House, and in a great amount of jealousy she began to build her own base of power.

Before she could do anything with this however, something happened. Much to her delight, or perhaps Horror, her eldest brother abandoned his post.

Having no desire to take over the family or fulfill the Ritual of House Virak's magic, Erich decided to leave Vel Anir.

This wrench threw House Virak into a near panic, and it was only through the machinations of her father that things managed to be pulled back into place. Though Erich still escaped in the end, the Ritual was completed when Elise's father tricked her brother into killing his twin. This sealed the Well of Power for another hundred years, and allowed House Virak to stabilize itself.

With both of her siblings gone Elise was left as the only child of House Virak's main family. Now positioned as the Heir apparent, Elise was granted both title and power.

Her father gifted her with an estate several miles North of Vel Anir, and the King was...convinced to grant her the title of Baroness.

There Elise now waits, plotting the return of House Virak to true dominance.

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