House Virak

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House Virak

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Noble House Sirith Reinhardt Virak Erich Anselm Virak Vel Anir
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Millenias Ago
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Vel Anir

House Virak is one of the seven Great Houses of Vel Anir.

Founded even before the building of the great walls of Vel Anir, House Virak is one of the most ancient noble family lines located in the fortress City. This fact is a core identity of most of the members of the House, and it is a closely held point of pride for each and every one of them.

Having been around for so long House Virak has melded into almost every single facet of Anirian Politics. Chiefly however the House has centered itself around concerns of the military.

Most of House Virak's holdings are in forges, mines, and the sale of arms to small nations. This trade has made the House incredibly wealthy and afforded them a great portion of prestige and power within the Great Council House of Vel Anir.

Their wealth and chosen trade also means they hold a great amount of sway with the Military of Vel Anir and most of it's soldiers.

Due to this, House Virak has managed to accrue the largest House Guard of any of the Seven Great Houses. Their private forces are nearly a match for the Anirian Guard. Most of the Guard is made up of Veterans and former soldiers of the Guard itself, meaning the force is well trained.

Because of this, House Virak retains a prestigious position within the Great Council, even though it is not currently part of the ruling Alliance. Few other Houses move against Virak, knowing their strength and fearing what they could do if unleashed.



House Virak is one of the Seven Great Houses of Vel Anir. This means that it as an entity holds vast amounts of wealth, political influence, and military power.

Though currently not part of the Ruling Political Alliance making policy in Vel Anir itself, House Virak nevertheless remains a powerful force within the city itself. Having long ago aligned itself with the Military, the House holds a great amount of sway over the Anirian Guard and it's allocation of resources.

Most mines in Anirian Territory are either owned or operated by House Virak, as are a great portion of forge works within the city. It is easy to say that the business of Virak is war. They have long since embraced their roll as dealers of death and often revel within that reputation.

A part of this reputation also comes with an extreme sense of nationalism. House Virak praises and puts Vel Anir first and above all else. The House has long since rejected any and all 'outsiders', and is likely the most xenophobic of all the Seven. That being said, Virak is not above using outsiders when it is to their boon.

Due to this, House Virak has continuously ensured that their reputation with the Anirian Guard and the Dreadlord's is at it's height. The patriarch of the family often makes gifts and donations to Officers within the Guard, and throws many banquets for regular soldiers. Among those in the military House Virak is well liked.

Of course, this does not mean House Virak is without it's enemies.

Almost since it's inception the members of the Virak family have nearly been at all out war with House Luana. The two families have clashed on more than once occasion, twice leading to open battle between their House Guard and numerous duels being fought between the centuries.

Along with House Luana, Banick, and Pirian generally stand against nearly everything Virak proposes. These rivalries have been long since held close to the Houses and have resulted in dozens of political snipes, surreptitious plots, and outright assassinations.

Despite this, Virak has managed to hold onto its place in Anirian society with a death grip. It is still considered one of the most powerful of the Seven Great Houses and has the respect of many inside and outside the city.


Though in Vel Anir it is law that any and all mages are given to the Dreadlord, House Virak has disobeyed this edict since it's creation.

This is not out of any moral or just reason, House Virak does not believe in 'protecting' their family from the training of the Dreadlord's. Rather, it is because House Virak does not wish to lose the true source of their power; their connection to the family's blood magic.

Although no one is quite sure why House Virak turned to the use of Blood Magic, the family records do show that the founder of the House Erich Anselm Virak was the one who began it.

The founder of the House created a twisted form of Blood Magic, creating a ritual that would form a Well of Power. This Well would be filled by the lives of dozens of slaves, and be permanently bound to House Virak through the sacrifice of their own blood. In the midst of the Ritual Erich slaughtered his own sister, cutting her throat and sealing the magic into place.

The Well was crafted, it's depths overflowing with the power of dozens of lives.

Through the centuries this power was far from enough. The well ebbing as more and more of it's strength was used. Thus, over the centuries the Well has been suffused with the lives of thousands of individuals wrought through rituals of war, sacrifice, and outright massacres.

Due to how the Ritual works however, a price had to be paid. In order to keep the Well connected to the family, one of each generation must be sacrificed to maintain the link.

This power is not without it's other faults, and along with the sacrifice of their own blood the members of House Virak must take careful note to measure themselves. The Well of power is not just a thing of blood, but has over the centuries nearly become it's own entity. It twists the mine and breaks the body, always hungering, always reaching. Only the strong can survive it's touch, and the weak die out.

For the Members of House Virak, the Well of Blood is what allows them to do their magic. It grants them strength, confidence, and everything they need to remain in their proper place.

Active Family


Erich Anselm Sellon Virak[Father/Patriarch]
Valeria Lyene Virak[Mother]
Elise Valeria Athesia Virak[Eldest Child/Daughter]
Erich Sarkun Virak[Eldest Son/Twin]
Reinhard Anselm Virak[Youngest Son/Twin] - Deceased

Branch Families

House Virak is a Great Noble House of Vel Anir, thus in it's wake the family caries dozens of minor noble houses and family members.

Cousins, second cousins, and adopted relatives all serve loyally...or constantly try to supplant their betters. A few of the branch family names;


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