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Nairth San'Seya

The King of Spring -- Preservation Through Action
Character Biography
The trees sighed with contentment on this early dawn, the sun only barely creeping over the horizon to greet them with the warmth of its rays. The wind blew through the leaves that they carried so gently, so peacefully. The water that flowed through the springs and rivers was as calm as the crystal blue that settled in the lakes and the ocean that surrounded the land of Falwood. Creatures big and small traversed the lush paths underneath the canopy, grazing, hunting, and basking in the haven of life that he had sought to protect for so long. It was he that now sat in the grove that had been his home for ages upon ages, naked and damp, beads of water from the wide lake that was his own personal reservoir of lifeblood for so long-running down his body. He had bathed in its soothing waters for the last time, and now he was admiring this place that he'd defended for so long. He was saying goodbye to this grove.

It was time to dry the tears that ran down his cheeks. The grove would cease to be as it was now, but from it would spring a new hope, new fervor to boil his blood and push him onwards to an even greater goal that until now had been out of his reach. This would not be his home, but the home of all of Spring. Nairth San'Seya, King of Spring, would make it so. His hand rising to his face, thumb swiping any hint of moisture from his eyes, the San'Seya rose to his feet and closed his eyes tightly. Imprinting the final image of the Grove into his mind, and taking a deep, final breath of the crisp air he'd grown to love so much, he began to dance.

It began as a soft sway, as though he were naught but another tree shifting under the loving caress of the breeze. The trees swayed with him, matching the bend and curve of the duanann as his feet spun him in place, fingers spreading and hands outstretching. From those fingers, he would change this land; the water in the lake began to ripple as though a looming earthquake threatened, but as Nairth raised his arms above his head the shores of the water would rise, water spilling out into the grove as if some titan had sought to bathe his body and caused it to overflow. There was a song in his head, a tune he once knew but could no longer recall the words to, as he would stomp his feet and the ground beneath him would tremble in turn, fissures in the dirt spreading to capture the water until the bed that had once been full of life was naught but a damp basin. The San'Seya spun and twirled, silver hair flying wildly in the growing wind The shaking of the trees growing even more violent, as though angered by this sudden shift in the balance of the grove.

The dancing fae was not smiling, but wearing a somber frown as his movements sped up, twisting his body and bringing his arms around his waist in self-embrace. The treetops surrounding him curved inwards sharply, leaves falling from the branches due to the sheer force of this movement as the limbs of each tree would reach out towards the center, straining to meet the others. Only a touch and they would join one another, the branches intertwining and growing around one another at the command of Nairth's will. The horrific snapping of wood, the shifting of land, and the rushing of water filled his ears, threatening to pierce the music he danced to. The tall sentinels of oak now formed a dome above his head, blocking out the sun and sky, leaving him in darkness. It was in this pitch black that the Duanann would begin to dance his way into the basin where the lake had once stood, bare feet leaving patches of the barren dirt that had been hidden by the water lush with budding flowers and grass everywhere he stepped.

Once his movements had carried him to the bottom of the empty lake, Nairth dropped to his knees, bringing his palms down into the wet dirt. He could still feel the tiniest forms, clinging to life at the empty lake bed as his fingers dug into the muddy ground. He could only offer a silent apology as he opened his eyes, glowing a pale shade of green as he let that last breath he'd taken escape at last. The final act of his performance would take every ounce of his concentration, every bit of power he held to complete.

Outside the dome of trees he'd created, across the entire expanse forest that covered southern Falwood, rocks would begin to tremble in the ground both large and small, from loose pebble to ancient boulder. Some moved quickly, uprooting from their spot and flying through the air towards the dome, others needed time to free themselves before Nairth's call could drag them to their destination. From his spot in that now dark and lonely grove, The former Hand of Oberon sent a call to all the stones and rocks his voice could reach. A call to action.

And when they met at the end, they would collide just as the trees did, meeting and becoming one to form walls, great towers of stone, rooms, and hallways shaped by the force of the San'Seya's will. The entire forest sounded with thunderous crashing as nature itself constructed a great castle, tall and enshrouded in the mist of morning. This would be the home of the Spring. This would be where the change that Nairth sought to create would begin.

He would call it Grovehaven.


"They are beginning to arrive, Father. Are you ready?"

From what remained of the tree he'd once sat on, fashioned into a throne at the apex of the highest tower in the newly fashioned Grovehaven castle, Nairth smiled gently at his only remaining son, Tharu. The younger fae was no longer under the effects of a curse from his father, and he wore robes of emerald and gold similar to that which Nairth had worn as Chamberlain. Fitting, as San'Seya had chosen Tharu as the new Chamberlain. It was through this great change that the two of them had mended their relationship. Well... that, and what a certain warlock had said to him some time ago... Nairth did hope to see that fellow here. They both owed him no small deal of thanks.

It was good to see that his invitations had been received. The ray of sunlight he'd bent to extend into the heavens from the castle was no longer a necessity, and with a have of his hand it was dispelled.

"Yes, Tharu. I am more ready than I have ever been. This means everything now. I take it that the hall is prepared?"

The base of the tree-crafted dome that Nairth had created now had a wide gateway to the interior, and a path had been cleared to it from the edge of the forest. What had once been Nairth's grove was now a grand hall, long tables arranged perpendicular to one another and adorned with nothing short of a feast's worth of food, and a fortune's worth of spirits and liquor. In lieu of candles or lanterns, exotic glowing plants grew from the walls to illuminate the hall. Banners bearing the mark of Spring hung from the ceiling, and the ground beneath one's feet was the same grass and beds of flowers that had always thrived in Nairth's care.

Today was the day that Nairth San'Seya would be crowned the King of the Spring Court. He was to have the crown placed upon his head in front of his kin, and deliver words to them all. He'd been thinking long on what he planned to say. In the end, he could decide on nothing that would not draw the ire of at least one of the other courts. So be it. He would let his agenda be known, and let his enemies show themselves.

"Yes. I'll be heading down to serve our guests as well, of course. If I may ask... do you really intend on such inflammatory remarks?"

Nairth's eyes narrowed to glare at his son. "You've been reading me, have you? What have I told you about that?" Tharu immediately seemed to shrink at being scolded. Really, it was unfair of Nairth to blame his son; their blood was unique in the connection it granted them with one another. It was no difficult feat to discern exactly what the other was thinking at a glance should one wish. It was a notable San'Seya trait. Still, Nairth didn't appreciate the invasion of privacy. Nevertheless, his expression would soften, and he would sink back against his throne, bringing a hand to his forehead. "I suppose it can't be helped. Never mind it, Tharu. In truth, all I can do is speak my own truth. It would be more disrespectful to lie to them all than it would be to tell a truth they dislike."

Tharu seemed to mull on those words silently before a sound from beneath them broke the quiet air. It seems their guests had entered the hall. Nairth offered a nod to his son. "Go, I shall be behind you very shortly."

From one of the many staircases that led from the hall up into the castle, Tharu descended to greet their guests. Despite his newfound status, he still dressed oddly for a Fae, especially one as young as himself. His similarly silver hair was tied specifically to hang over one shoulder, and his robes were far more modest and concealing than anything his father would wear. Stopping at the bottom, he spreads his arms to greet the arrivals.

"Welcome, my friends! Please, have a seat, eat and drink to your heart's content! My name is Tharu San'Seya, and my father will be joining us very shortly so that we may begin!"

Nairth listened from high above, rising to his feet and walking slowly over to the window. These clothes were so unfamiliar, garb of silver and blue with pronounced shoulders and sleeves, with a long-skirted bottom that made him wonder why he didn't just wear his normal robes. His disgruntled disposition was softened lightly as he gazed out of the window. The sky was clear of any kind of cloud, the air warm and comforting. He could feel the forest teeming with life, even without the grove. It made him feel at ease; they did not need his constant supervision, and the loss of his grove would not stifle growth here.

This was still his home. Now, it was time to put it to use.
Change always required chaos. Such was the way of the world. Of creation and rebirth.

Isiell had felt it teeming through the ley lines since dawn of the appointed day. But she'd been too far away, in the Dawn Court, to aid Nairth in anyway.

But this was something he had to do on his own anyway.

Just like she'd had to leave the Winter Court of her own accord.

If he had help, then it wouldn't count as him ousting Oberon on his own. He wouldn't be the strongest fae in the Spring Court.

But she could be there to pick up the chaotic pieces.

She did not dress to seduce or tease this time. Not like she'd dressed for the summer solstice, or when she'd privately visited Nairth's grove. This time, she wore a shimmering green gown that matched the shade of her eyes. It left her shoulders bare, hugging around them to cross over her breasts, then wrapped around her torso before falling gently from her hips till the hem brushed the floor. Soft boots of kid-leather graced her feet, and a net of orange topaz was draped over her head, the edges of it vanishing into her softly curled hair.

And then, in the way that anticipated events both took forever to arrive and then were suddenly upon one, it was time to depart.

Ley line travel was still odd, at times. Her parents had never permitted her to utilize it, and so she'd had to learn on the sly, and she still wasn't quite sure she was always doing it efficiently, but today at least her stomach hadn't turned when she arrived.

She couldn't help her quiet gasp as she took in the changes Nairth and wrought on the grove.

It was a grove no longer, and while she thought that she would miss the way the grove had been--ever since that trip with Ariel into the woods outside of Underhill when they were young, she'd had a fondness for secret places where nature thrived--this place was more than suitable now for a king.

Everything was oddly quiet, though, as she stepped within the hall. A few others were around, but it was obvious that Isiell was one of the very first to arrive.

"Welcome, my friends! Please, have a seat, eat and drink to your heart's content! My name is Tharu San'Seya, and my father will be joining us very shortly so that we may begin!"

Isiell inclined her head toward Tharu in a brief greeting. She'd heard of his son, the only one to survive after the Kinslaying, but had not met him formally. But even if she hadn't heard of him, the family resemblance was obvious.

She turned to eye the seating arrangements thoughtfully, and snagged a passing server. "Do you have Frost Wine?" she asked.

"Of course, my lady," the server answered. "I will fetch it for you."

Then, with one eye on the entrance to see who might arrive after her, and another on the hall, Isiell selected a seat at a table that seemed near the dais where Nairth would be crowned, but not so near as to be... too presumptuous. Normally she wouldn't have cared, but he had specifically invited her. She wasn't sure what role he had in mind for her to play today.
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Shaileigh Ilayda had watched as Nairth had created Grovehaven out of the very earth she had initially met him on when she had arrived in his Grove. She had stood in stunned silence as he worked the land around him to create the beautiful castle she now lived in. When she had arrived to become a part of the Spring Court, she was under the impression that Nairth San’Seya was simply the Chamberlain. She had accepted his gracious offer for her to stay with him and it came as a shock to her when he had finally spilled the beans that he was to be King.

That was only a week or so earlier, but it seemed so far away now. Now, she stood in her room preparing herself for her first event as a member of the Spring Court. Her red hair had been carefully prepared and it now settled into long, soft curls. Shaileigh wore a floor length blue dress that was embroidered with silver floral designs. The front was just low cut enough to allow for some cleavage and the back plunged down just to above the curve of her backside. The slender straps were the same color of silver that decorated the rest of the dress. She smiled at her reflection before leaving her room and heading to find her King.

Shaileigh bowed her head to Tharu as he exited the room that held his father. She pushed through the door as he went to great the guests. Nairth was looking out the window and she walked up behind him as he pondered whatever he was pondering.

“Nairth,” her voice was soft and her eyes were even softer. “Are you ready for today, my King?” Her hands automatically started to adjust his clothes to make sure everything was perfect. He did not need it though. He looked perfect already.

Nairth San'Seya
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"Your Eminence, King Oberon is dead."
The news was not exactly a shock but it was certainly untimely. With the world plunging into Winter Spring would not be far behind and if there was a vacuum or a weak puppet at the helm it would cause problems for both fae and mortal realms. The Erlking sighed and glanced up from the heavy piece of parchment he had been reading to look at his spymaster. Raphael was still on one knee with his head bowed and leathery dragon wings fanned out around him like a cloak. His son's friend. Midir's pet. Would his son be strong enough when the time came to realise that a ruler couldn't have friends in the same way as he did now? Another problem to add to his list though one that came much further down the ever growing list.

"A pity," he said without an ounce of it in his tone. Oberon has been an ally but an unreliable one. Under his rule the Spring Court had wilted with his attentions more focused on pleasing the summer Queen. She must be most upset after all the time she had sunken into that particular plaything to lose it so. When Raphael didn't get up he glanced over to the prostrated puca again and raised a brow. "Something else, Raphael?" This time the puca did finally stand and plucked from his coat a letter. An invitation if Midir were a betting man.

So. It begun again.

* * *
Midir plucked a tall-stemmed glass from a tray as it went passed with a cursory nod of thanks towards the servant who carried it. An interesting choice to serve Dawnish wine at such festivities. Nothing was done by happenstance among the fae and he wondered what the point of this particular message was meant to be. Alliance to the Court of Chaos? Perhaps. His eyes cast around the room to inspect who had arrived so far to the generic invitation sent by this newcomer. His rise had been quick from the reports Raphael had given him and Midir had thought the crown had come a little to soon to this particular head but rulers had flourished in worse conditions.

In contradiction to his reputation of being evil incarnate Midir was dressed in colour. His tailored jacket was a deep blue the exact shade of a clear autumn morning with gold braiding in knots up his arms and across his chest. His breeches were a pale cream and he wore snug riding boots as though he had ridden here and not travelled. His hair was half pulled back and the autumn crown with its twining leaves and swords adorned his head. The firestones flashed every time they caught the light.

Before taking a sip of the wine he bent his nose to it and took a sniff. Oberon had apparently died of a disease. He had not seemed himself at the last Winter Solstice but he had taken that to be more an affliction of being in Mab's presence than anything serious. When he had begged Autumn to hold the Spring Equinox celebrations he had been more concerned but their agreement was to stay out of one another's affairs. His death had seemed expected and yet... and yet he did not trust it. Parlours changed hands often enough but to poison a King... If this Nairth had used such tactics to win himself the throne and portray himself as a fae thrust unwilling into the spotlight... Midir's lips curled slightly in disgust despite the pleasantness of the wine on his tongue. Of course he had no proof and there were other candidates for who might have done such a thing. Namely, his niece. He searched for her amongst the crowd but could not see her.

Yes... this would be very interesting. A coronation would bring every ruler here and the last time that had happened had been nearly 4000 years ago for the Dawnish king. It had not gone... smoothly.
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Leon Ilayda had needed little convincing to attend the Coronation. He had needed convincing to escort Lady Alynthi as his guest due to the nature of the arrangement that brought her into his life. He was still leery of bringing her to the Spring Court, to an event outside of his control, but Alynthi could be incredibly persuasive and he really did not like to disappoint her. She had also been very patient with his learning curve of living with a female these last few weeks. She deserved an evening out. He just hoped for the usual amount of trouble and none that involved her getting hurt.

He smiled down at the blonde that walked with her arm hooked into his. It had somehow become the norm for them ever since that first meeting. She was radiant in lilac and he felt like he looked terrible in the same hue, but she had insisted that they match. Leon had won out by only having the jacket in her preferred color while his light brown tunic and his darker brown slacks were his own choice. His blonde hair lay flat over his shoulder, he had not felt like tying it back today.

As they entered the hall, his golden eyes scanned the room for anyone he recognized. He immediately spotted the Chaos Fury herself, Isiell. He also saw King Midir and that was the end of his line of recognition. He guided Alynthi to their table in time to grab two glasses of red wine from a passing server and listen as Tharu San’Seya welcomed them. He handed one to Alynthi with a smile. “I know I said it before we left the manor, but you look breathtaking tonight.”

Mab had stared at the letter in her hand for a very long time, her eyes scanning it quickly. With every word, her temper rose along with the blaze of crimson across her face. She crumpled the letter angrily, stalked out of her study and into the courtyard garden, and chucked the offending wad of paper into the koi pond.

She returned to her desk to write with as much ferocity as a lioness taking down its prey, the quill scratching the very essence of her anger into her response before she folded it (without even letting the ink dry) and sealing it with a firm, deliberate stamp of her seal into the wax. Mab held the letter aloft and summoned the magick to send it.

And hesitated. She held the letter in her hand, staring at it for some time. Then her eyes drifted to the pond.

The fish were nibbling curiously at the paper when she lured it out, magick lifting it from the water and pulling the moisture from it before it landed in her hands. She unfolded it and stared at the blurred ink with a strange kind of sorrow gripping her heart. What had she done? The color had drained from her face and she looked again to the desk and the letter written in haste and anger. Beyond it, an invitation lay open for her consideration. A coronation in Spring and.... Mab looked down at the letter she had ruined. The request to have the honor of being seen upon her arm at that coronation.

Mab sighed. She walked back to the desk, withdrew a new piece of parchment, and began to compose a new letter.

Grovehaven. A fitting name for the palace glowing in the middle of the lush, emerald forest. A new home for the Spring Court that (according to rumor) had been built on the foundations of its new King's own home.

How interesting this whole affair was already. When she'd first received word of Oberon’s illness, she had never considered that it might lead to his untimely demise. Nevertheless, every passing solar event had come with news of his deterioration. First his poorly appearance and regrettably lackluster attendance at her winter fete last year. Then his request to have the spring equinox held in Autumn. Rumor had it that he had been visibly unwell at Titania’s side at her tournament, and then hadn't come to Midir's Wild Hunt at all -- something he had never missed.

Curiosities that all pointed in one inevitable direction. Now the Summer Court was burning with wildfires as Titania expressed her emotions in the only way that violent child knew how and they were here, not to celebrate an end, but a new beginning.

Her entrance into the hall was early, but already a modest crowd was gathering. As fair and regal as ever, Mab strode through the doors beside Asemir. More than one person turned to look at the Winter Queen with apparent surprise. It had almost been four thousand years since she had stepped outside of the Winter Court; her appearance today was a statement -- a bold one.

Nevertheless, Mab carried herself with the poise of a woman who didn't deign to notice their glances. Her eyes swept about the room casually, her chin high on her long, pretty neck.

She had broken from her usual macabre palette to don hues better suited to the liveliness of the Court her presence honored. Low off her shoulders, a mantle of gilded feathers swished and sparkled with every step. The feathers came to a point at the dipping vee of her open neckline but hung losses like a caplet across her back. Below, her dress was fitted to the waist and the flare of the flowing skirts hugged her svelte curves. A long slit exposed a long, alabaster leg and golden sandals with every other step. The gown was the same pale pink as the blossoms tucked into her hair, which had all been bound up in a single smooth knot at the nape of her neck. Denoting her station, the queen wore a circlet of gold four-point stars that disappeared into the smooth sweep of her hair at her temples. Twin diamond stars hung from her ears, twinkling over her bare shoulders and casting little rainbows of color against her fair skin.

Titania was not present, but that surprised no one and was something Mab could tell from the first moment her feet passed into the glittering new hall. She breathed a long, happy sigh. Good. It promised a better evening for everyone. Her eyes, dusted with a gold powder that made their silver seem almost blue, flitted about before lifting to Asemir. She leaned in gently to whisper over his shoulder.

"Who do you think they are more surprised to see? Me or you?" she asked, watching him. Mab was, by all appearances, happy to be here and happy to have her arm wound into her old friend's once more.

Friends. As reinforced by the polite distance she maintained from his side. There would be enough rumors already; she did not want to invite any speculation he didn't want now that they were friends again.
She would try to contain her excitement, try to maintain the composure befitting of a female of her stature and upbringing, try to behave herself as she'd promised she would - but it was like asking a fire not to burn. It was her first time in the Spring Court, and Alynthi's amethyst eyes flared in wonderment. How severely the Spring Court differed from the Night Court was unfathomable, and she squeezed at Leon's arm as she took it in as he weaved her through the gatherings of guests, her expression pausing now and then when she gazed upon any who were not obviously 'high fae'.


'I know I said it before we left the manor, but you look breathtaking tonight.'

His compliment dragged her attention from a horned female with hooves, unable to avoid blinking a few times before she looked up at her escort with a fleeting smile and a dazzling show of teeth as she took the drink with a dip of her chin. She was particularly fond of the dress she donned, an ankle-length lilac gown, the low cut fabric sheer enough that had it not been scattered with crushed crystals, there would have been no less modesty involved had she arrived naked. Fine silver chains draped the length of her spine and down her shoulders, and her ash blonde hair tied in a loose knot at the nape of her neck, leaving loose waves of it to frame her delicate features.

"I know." she answered smugly, her lips twisting in fond amusement as she lifted a hand to smooth over the matching jacket she'd convinced him to wear. "You scrub up not too badly yourself, Leon Ilayda." she grinned up at him over the rim of her goblet as she took a long sip of wine. As bold as she may have been perceived at times, she knew no faces here but his, and she held fast to his arm as once again she surveyed the crowd.

Her gaze settled on the silvery blonde hair of a male whom she did not have to have met before to guess who he was. "That must be the Erlking, from the Autumn Court, yes?.." she asked quietly as she leaned into Leon's shoulder, her eyes lingering on the male in question for a long moment before drifting again.

"And is that.. Queen Mab?" her brows rose, a lilt of excitement in her tone.
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"Tharu, its a pleasure to see you again," Vulpesen offered as he stepped forward to greet the chamberlain. Behind him stood three of the most powerful fae in existence, a bit of a welcome comfort in a land where he would likely be surrounded by beings that objected to his very existence. "And it would seem your father is in better spirits, considering that we now talk eye to eye." As he spoke a large black tail swished form side to side from behind his back, a sign of his jovial mood. He wasn't entirely sure that his words had been the warmth to melt San'Seya's heart, but the mere idea and the results regardless of cause were something alone that he found worth celebrating.

And of course, no celebration was fit for rags, and thus Rerreno, now having a part in the delegation had taken it upon himself to ensure the warlock was properly fitted to be seen in public with the trio of lords. His clothes seemed to be modified from his old dress uniform as an officer, though where once the buttons and buckers were steel and silver, now they stood out in glittering gold. his jerkin, once a dark leather now stood covered in the finest of black inlaid silk which sparkled faintly with sapphire and gold filaments. His boots had been tirelessly polished, and his had had been perfectly crafted, one side upturned while a large feather bristled out of its back, adding to the fanfare of his outfit. Though perhaps the most valuable piece, more so even than the glittering broach on his lapel, was the sword that lay sheathed at his waist.

A rapier of expert craftmanship seemed to hum with power, its leysteel construction imbued by Varos' enchantments to aid the warlock in his future endeavors. While the blade lay hidden in its scabbard, where it had been tied to secure it from any rash actions, the hilt sported an intricate guard which would seem to dance around the wielders hands like vines from a bramble while protecting it from all outward harm.

Nairth San'Seya
This was the second event Dianthe had managed to get invited to. Asemir was making sure she knew what was going on within the courts, and she was very grateful for his help. It had been a hard adjustment coming back into the fae world, and most social things made her feel exhausted at day's end.

The travel through the ley lines was getting more and more bearable, though it still made her feel a bit sick. She had the two cnw annwn at her side to help her though, another thing she could thank Asemir for.

The castle was breathtaking, and she could feel it in the earth the changes that had been made to make it so. Her hands explored branches and leaves. The thrum of magic still permeated to throughout the space. She was in awe, and couldn't stop her hands from touching the nature that surrounded her. He was apparently some fae, for him to change things in such a beautiful manner.

They made their entrance, not the first and not the last it seemed. Familiar faces where in the sea of fae, and she swallowed nervously. Dianthe was not going to make the two at her side babysit her all night, however. She bid Casimer and Astrid a soft farewell, embracing both of them briefly before making her way further in. They were sweet, siblings she learned. There was a softness about them that she loved.

She was dressed plainly, more plainly it seemed than the other high fae around her. She was not one for jewelry or making a statement. She wore a simple blue dress, it clung to her frame with elegance despite its simplicity. Exotic pink flowers were weaved into her hair, their scent intoxicating and sweet.

Dianthe grabbed a glass of wine, her intent to sip, but her nervousness made her down almost the entire glass. She saw Midir, and gave him an elegant bow of her head, but did not approach him. If he wished it, he would join her. She also saw Asemir in the crowd, but he had a fae she did not know on his arm, and her skittish tendencies kept her from approach. Instead, she grabbed another glass, and waited to see the new Spring King in action.
"You, of course," Asemir intoned back to her, his own gaze slowly surveying the new home of Spring about him with weathered wonder. It reminded him greatly of Mirlorne - the capital of Dusk, grandly and elegantly woven into the ancient trees of the Mirlorne forest. But this was grand on a scale he hadn't expected. Though, if he were being perfectly honest, he wasn't sure exactly what he had expected. Wasn't often an entire major Court changed locale; it took a lot of time, effort, and powerful magic to do it right.

"You're here," he said as he looked back to her with a level smirk, "and you're wearing pink." Queen Mab never left Winter. Never. And yet - here she was. A most pleasant surprise for himself that she had accepted his request to attend together.

"No one is looking at me," not in the presence of Queen Mab. Her righteous, vicious beauty. Standing beside her, even dressed to the tens as he was in the muted colors of Dusk, Asemir could not hope to outshine Her Splendor. He never had.

"And I'd like to keep it that way. I feel ridiculous wearing this crown," glaciers flickered upward to the pointed ornament upon his skull. Asemir hated wearing it, but given the political state of things at today's celebration it seemed prudent to remind others that he was yet in a leadership position as well. That and Eske had insisted ... and the High Omnia rarely ever insisted on anything without a good reason.

"Is it too early to break into the wine?"
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What an exciting—and not dangerous— fun mission! Casimir couldn’t believe his luck that both he and his little sister got to escort a duanann to such a prestigious event, which meant that they also got to attend to such an event! Cas didn’t know how it happened, something with Asemir asking Baen to do it but then they ended up being the ones to escort her. Cas wasn’t going to complain, especially since today meant he wouldn’t have to deal with Jago at all. And, Dia was lovely. Cas adored her, she was nice and even gave him a hug as she went to do her own thing.

We gotta watch her from afar,” Cas whispered into Astrid’s ear. Cas had pulled out his best clothes, heck, he had even spent some money on the little details to make sure it would be good enough for a King’s coronation. He was most definitely wearing colors that would remind anyone of autumn court, but his keen eye for color made him more stylish than just wearing random hues of oranges, reds, and yellows. Sticking to his habit of wearing no more than 3 colors, more than 3 always clashed with his pink harness, his entire ensemble was mainly beige: beige slacks, beige mandarin collar shirt that was only buttoned up to the center of his chest, and beige brogue boots. The fabric of these were crisp with nicely poignant lines to show the effort he had put into ironing. But the eye-catcher was his fitted suit jacket that was an olive green overall but with a herringbone pattern of dusky pink and burgundy woven throughout. Buttons were the color of silver, and Cas had even worn rings to match. Boy, did he feel great. He had spent a lot of time making sure his hair was neat and shiny, his pale blonde hair styled just enough so it looked purposeful but not trying too hard.

Can you believe that we’re witnessing one of the greatest historical events in our lifetime? Maybe the greatest ever…” Cas mused to Astrid, considering many cwn annwn didn’t live that long compared to the majority of the fae in the room.

Astrid Bielke
Astrid was fidgeting with excitement, this was huge. The face that she and her brother got to attend was beyond amazing. Dianthe was a lovely fae, and she hoped the hermited woman would join Autumn. She knew she would follow her around like a puppy, she was too sweet to not want to be close to.

Dianthe left them to their own devices, but she stayed plastered to Casimir's side. She was nervous, there were so many powerful fae here. She looked to her brother as he spoke. She gave a nod and scanned the crowd once more.

"I agree, I don't want anyone to take advantage of her and her lack of court knowledge." She played with a gold bracelet on her wrist, a nervous habit. She was dressed in a short black gown with an open back. Gold chains draped down her spine. It was simple, but that was how she liked it. "These kinds of events tend to have drama, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that Cas." She bit her lip, her anxiety getting the best of her.

Casimir Bielke
Nairth turned from the window as he heard footsteps after Tharu took his leave, the intense expression of thought creasing his brow softening as he recognized Shaileigh Ilyada. The beautiful Spring duanann had only recently joined Nairth's court, but already she was ingratiating herself to him. Shaileigh had been of Summer before, but through what little time Nairth had spent at her side he grew to recognize the spirit of Spring within her, the love for the world that the San'Seya regarded so highly. As one of the few Spring court Fae living in Grovehaven alongside him, Nairth had granted her far more freedom to move about the newly constructed castle. Even so, he hadn't been expecting a visit now.

"Shaileigh." Nairth replied rather informally to the soft and gentle voice as she approached him. A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, perhaps somewhat touched she was concerned enough to check up on him. "I am as prepared as I can be, though this outfit is rather confining..." Even as her hands tugged on the vest he wore, he found himself wishing she would just take the wretched thing off so his skin could breathe. Raising his hands to take hers, he lowers them gently to her sides. "I must thank you for your patience, Shaileigh. First, you change homes, and then that home becomes an entirely different place. Lesser Fae would be perturbed by such constant inconveniences."

Raising a hand back up to her face, a thumb traces along her cheek as his head tilts, eyes roaming her own for what was only a few seconds, but felt like hours. "I know we have known each other for a very brief amount of time, but I have faith in your loyalty to me. You will make this court, make me, very proud. I know it."

The sounds of life from the hall beneath them were growing louder and more varied. Narith's guests were arriving quickly, and he did not expect Tharu and the servants to placate them forever. With a sigh, he leans down to place a soft kiss on the corner of Shaileigh's lips. A sign of simple affection or of something more, who could tell? "You should go and introduce yourself, mingle. I will be right behind you." A kind smile crossed his lips as he ushered the woman out of his chambers with a hand to her back, following her out into the hall and waiting until she descended the stairs before he took a breath.

Just one more moment to collect himself. It was unbecoming to have such nerves when his duty awaited him, and when he locked eyes with such powerful contemporaries as those who would be in attendance today, his eyes needed to be sure, his voice unwavering and his posture unbreakable. Closing his eyes, and exhaling the long breath he'd taken in, Nairth moves to descent the long staircase to the Hall.

Everything so far had been quite Cordial amongst the attendees, Tharu could have been more relived. The young Fae hadn't met many of these powerful beings from across the courts, but he'd heard tales of many of them. The Erlking Midir, The Chaos Fury Isiell, even Queen Mab herself had chosen to attend! Tharu shuddered to think of the thoughts that must have ran through her mind when she'd learned...

A lesser fae, dressed up to serve and carrying several bottles of brandy to a table, stopped to address Tharu briefly as he passed. "Ah, Master Tharu. We have made arrangements for tonight's display as you requested, and we have plenty to eat and drink in store. Surely this will be a long and pleasant night."

The young San'Seya forced a smile to his lips and nodded to the servant. "Excellent work. Please see to it that our friends remain content. I've no doubt my father will arrive to speak to them all very soon." With a bow, the servant continued his work, and the smile faded briefly from Tharu's lips. He wasn't so sure that the guests here would be so keen on staying late. Worries plagued him about the consequences of what his father intended. He could only pray that Nairth had learned from the last time he let emotions rule him.

"Tharu, its a pleasure to see you again."

A look of recognition filled the Chamberlain's face as he turned to look at the voice he'd recognized as Vulpesen. "Mr. Vulpesen! I've been wondering if I would run into you!" The smile that crossed his lips this time was genuine. The Vitae Warlock had been the first that Tharu had spoken to aside from his father when he'd attended a ball with Nairth. Though that had been their only interaction, the slender young fellow considered Vulpesen to be a dear friend.

Hurriedly the Chamberlain smooths out his robes, bowing his head respectfully as the odd trinkets of stone that he'd tied into his hair fell over his shoulders. "Yes, I must say I was surprised when my father released me from my curse, but then all of this is a surprise to me. Spring has been in the shadows for so long, and father seems hell-bent on changing that today." Straightening once more and sweeping his hair back, he extends an offered handshake. "But enough about me, how have you been? You look fantastic."

The servants who had finished serving their designated guests now took to their next task; a long cloth had been draped from on high, hiding the very rightmost portion of the hall. Now, sidhe and servant fae worked to lower that cloth, which would fall away to reveal another opening to the bright morning sun, hanging over several deep basins of crystal clear water, bubbling with heat.
"You should go and introduce yourself, mingle. I will be right behind you."

Shaileigh took her own deep breath as Nairth walked her to the door of his chambers. She, Shaileigh Ilayda, was going to make him proud. Him, the King of the Spring Court. She pondered his previous words as she walked down the same staircase that the new Chamberlain had descended just minutes prior. Her blue and silver dress glided on the step behind her as took each one with slow deliberation. She would not fall down the steps in front of all these important Fae that were gathered. No, that was not going to happen.

When she reached the bottom of the steps and officially joined the gathered crowd, she felt the nerves creeping in. She knew some of the guests from other events she had been to, but she did not know them. She grabbed a glass of red wine from a passing server and took a long drink. I can do this, I can do this, she kept telling herself.

A tall, golden blonde male caught her eye and she knew immediately who he was. She had never met her older brother; he was over 10,000 years older than she was so he was long gone before she was even born. He had resided in the Dawn Court longer than she had even been alive and he did not return to the Summer Court ever. She could not really blame him for that one though.

Although they had never met, she had seen drawings of him and he looked just like their father while she favored their mother. She made a beeline over to him, glass in hand still, and smiled as she came to stand in front of him and the gorgeous blonde that was with him.

She took a second to remember the ridiculous name he had and she thanked her lucky stars that there had not been any bets when she was born. Simyeoleonolas Ilayda, we meet at last,” her voice was soft and melodic as she greeted her brother. “You look like our father,” she told him as she tiptoed up to give him a soft greeting kiss on his cheek.
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Alynthi's excitement filled him with warmth. She was like a child full of wonder and he was living for it. He wanted nothing more than to make her happy especially now that she was free so to speak. He was going to have issues if anyone looked at her wrong though. He had become surprisingly protective of his ward and he was going to act on that new nature if needed.

"Yes to both. I am honestly surprised to see Queen Mab here. It's been a very very long time since she left the Winter Court." He was equally surprised to see that she was on the arm of Asemir. Or rather he was on her arm. She outshined him so easily. That was a thing he had not expected and he smiled. Good for him, he thought with genuine good feelings towards the couple.

He took a drink of the wine and was about to say something else when his eyes caught sight of the redheaded female. He recognized her immediately and a wide smile spread across his lips. He had not realized that she had moved to the Spring Court and now she was walking down the castle steps looking radiant.

His eyes followed her every move and he realized how much she looked like their mother. She was a spitting image really and he would have known her anywhere. The sister he had never met. He saw the moment that she, too, recognized him and he finished his wine quickly before setting the glass down.

Shaileigh stopped in front of him and immediately used his full name. He flinched and groaned loudly, she was already being an annoying little sister. He had hoped they could go longer before Alynthi learned it but that was too late now.

He leaned down to accept her kiss on his cheek. "Shaileigh, I would like to introduce you to Lady Alynthi. She is my..." He trailed off and looked at the Duanann next to him waiting for her to give a title to what they were. He hated to say the term ward.

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Cas frowned at his sister’s nervousness. Well, he could understand it, especially since he was often the anxious one. Here, he felt a sort of relief, which was most likely due to that fact that he was far away from Jago and wouldn’t be bullied. Well , there was that chance of being bullied since he was only a cwn but… Cas shook his heads, wanting those negative thoughts to leave at once. He had to be cheering up Astrid right now not wallowing in neuroticism!

Well, if there is any sort of drama, we will most definitely just be observing it. Unless it’s Dia, then we go and stop it right away any other means necessary.” This was an important mission they had been tasked with and one they absolutely could not fail. “But! We’ll have hilarious stories to tell back to the others… or maybe just share amongst ourselves.” Cas wrinkled his nose, neither Jago nor Samara nor Vaer nor Baenon seemed interested in petty gossip. But they also didn’t enjoy fanciful thick, jiggly pancakes covered in layers of whip cream and topped with syrup, berries and powdered sugar and maybe a mint leaf or two for that spark of color. “And, we’re witnessing history.” He added, rather excitedly.

Although his words weren’t the best, his sister was always there for him whenever he was getting bullied, and so he pulled her into a loving side hug, briefly resting his cheek on top of her head before patting her shoulder. “Just stick close to me, this time I’ll protect you, don’t you worry.

Astrid Bielke
Vulpesen returned Tharu's bow, his tail swishing joyfully behind him. It was truly a pleasure to hear that things were going so well in the San'Seya household, though evidence of that was quite evident in the reason for their arrival. For some, there would no doubt be some mourning over the late king Oberon, but for the mortal who had only heard of the King of Summer through reputation, this was merely a function to celebrate a new age. "I've been quite well. My master's been keeping me busy, and seems to have seen fit to join with Spring's idea."

"Indeed, much as I love the shadows, it is time that the Vitae Court opened its halls once more. A pleasure to meet you Mr. Tharu, my warlock spoke quite highly of you." The whispered voice came from behind Vulpesen as his master stepped forward, to address the lesser fae. Varos, while smaller than his brothers in stature, still exuded power with the very sunlight seeming to dim around his body. Dressed in his finest of dark robes, Varos regarded Tharu with a smile before peering past him to where the main festivities would happen. "But such things can wait and are best discussed with my brother there," he conceded, motioning back to the two other Fae who stood behind Vulpesen, one a towering warrior and the other a brightly adorned fae who's height stood between the two, and his clothing being as glamourous as a king's.

Nairth San'Seya
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"Rerreno, Lord of Diplomacy of the Brother's Vitae," the duannan greeted as he stood behind his brother's warlock. Adorned in a snow white suit trimmed with glittering gold, his outfit shimmered with a myriad of illusions and glamour's. "The one who seems to have forgotten his manners is Varos, Vitae Lord of Secrets." This was a momentous opportunity. Coronations were a rare thing amongst the fae, even more so among the Seasonal courts. If ever there was a time to make friends and reacquaint himself with the elite, this was it and having his brothers trample over courtesies at the door was not the most conductive path to that end. Of course, he was also tasked with teaching some of his skills to the Zorren who now busied himself with speaking to the chamberlain. Whether Vulpesen knew it or not, tonight would likely prove vital in teaching him how to survive his future in the fae world. That is, if he survived tonight.

Varos gave an acknowledging look to his brother's chiding before returning his eyes to the other attendees. To his surprise, he could see Queen Mab entering in glamorous fashion. Interesting... With the winter queen being missing from the outside world about as long as the Vitae Court, this was indeed going to be an interesting day. Already, his head was alight with a buzz. So many powerful people in one place meant that secrets were abounding.

Wulren for his part, was far out of his element, standing beside Rerreno in glimmering armor, its silvery surface reflecting the sunlight like a mirror. It was a rather light set of plate, hugging his form as opposed to the usual bulk that his battle suits adorned him with. "Wulren, Vitae Lord of War," he introduced, his silver eyes boring into the chamberlain. "Your father had quite the display of power to make this place. I must say, I'm impressed."
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Midir watched with feigned boredom as the guests filed in, a feint that was hard to keep up when he saw Mab enter with his brother on her arm. He very nearly choked on his wine which would be ironic considering his earlier care to test it. The thought amused him enough to smile faintly. He offered a salute with the goblet towards the pair but otherwise didn't make to go and join them; that was certainly not a past he intended on dragging up this century or the next. He wishes his brother every happiness to whatever degree he could get from Mab.

Turning his attention away instead he went to find a seat to enjoy the ceremony. This was a business trip after all and not a socialising call.

Sitting down in one of the main chairs lined up he crossed his ankles one over the other and simply enjoyed his wine and the ambience as more of this new palace was revealed.
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I am honestly surprised to see Queen Mab here. It's been a very very long time since she left the Winter Court.

A slender brow rose up with interest as she watched Mab and her companion, and she had been about to ask who her companion was when she looked up at Leon, her brow instantly furrowing to find his attention was not on her, but on another female. It irked her still further to notice that said female's attention seemed to be on him also, and she was rushing in their direction.

Alynthi's grip strengthened on Leon's arm and her chin rose up as she watched the female approach, a scowl of warning in her violet eyes. She was close, oh-so-close to opening her mouth and spitting some venom coated string of words at her when she said what she could only assume was Leon's full name.

Her mouth fell open and she looked up at him and back to the female. Our father. Ah... But, she decided to track back to the more pressing matter.

"Simmywhatnow?..." she asked, her lips twitching in amusement, clearly trying her very best not to laugh at him.

She turned back to Shaleigh, her scowl now vanished. "Males. How silly of him to assume that I am his anything." she chuckled and reached a hand out to take hers. "I answer to Alynthi Farrow." she smiled.
Midir was the next notable entrance after her own... well, not that Isiell's entrance had been particuarly notable. She might be a Fury of the Dawn Court, but she was... not necessarily powerful. Yet.

She snorted softly when Midir sniffed at his wine. It was, to be sure, a wise thing to do for someone of his position. But she couldn't help plucking that little chord of chaotic worry that streamed off of him.

A fellow Fury, Leon Ilayda, was the next face she recognized, and his ward. She briefly lifted her glass in greeting. Isiell hadn't discussed her plan to attend the coronation with any but Favashi, but she knew Nairth had sent many invitations out. King Andronicus would most like be absent, but with two Furies present it was clear that the Dawn Court was willing to make some sort of alliance with the Spring.

When the Winter Court queen swept into the hall, though, on the arm of someone she... thought she'd seen in passing at the Wild Hunt celebration, but to be honest that whole night was a bit of a blur in her memory after Lorcan's intrusion into her mind. She remembered Maeve and Vaer. But... not much after that.

Mab though... she'd never quite understood why Ariel was frightened of her, but nevertheless Isiell did breath a sigh of relief when the queen's eyes flitted past her. Gods, she hoped that her parents were not in Mab's retinue.

Several other fae flowed in as Isiell continued to sip her wine, perusing the crowd. The next ones to catch her interest in anyway were the one with the tail and the three lord-like ones immediately behind him. A smaller court, clearly, but she couldn't place them in her knowledge.

Isiell grinned when Midir finally turned away from the entrance though--and she'd seen him choke on his wine when Mab entered the room--to take a seat. She swallowed the remainder of her wine, then stood and set the goblet on a tray a passing server carried while grabbing a filled one from it.

Then, delicately hiking the hem of her long skirt up--blast it all, now she was remembering why she hated having to wear the long gowns her mother had always picked out for her--she trekked across the hall.

"Mind if I join you?" She smiled at the Erlking, nodding at the empty chair beside him.

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Mab's smile was smug and she chuckled a little to herself, conveying quite clearly how she felt about his answer. It was not hard to put on friendly appearances with Asemir; they had, after all, been very good friends for a very long time.

And he was right. Everyone was looking at her. As a Queen, she was often the object of great attention, but this was some other beast. She could see the warring glances of curiosity and worry, their questions and speculation, and the air was practically buzzing with her name almost as much as the man she had come to see crowned. It was difficult not to let that go to her head. Impossible, really.

Nairth had attracted a very colorful crowd. There were cwn matriarchs from the various Courts, dressed as really as any Queen; a smattering of the rare shuck; all manner and variety of duanann from every social rank; courtiers and merchants; even dryads and leprechauns. She made a point to glance over a few of them, some she genuinely didn't bother acknowledging the existence of, and a special few received a nod or (as in Midir's case) a coy waggle of her fingers. People to see later and conversations to be had.

For now, she smiled up at Asemir, a woman none the wiser.

"On the contrary, I think you have been thrust into the spotlight by default. Either they don't know you and you are about to be a breaking new scandal, or they know exactly who you are and all the more gossip you will have for it. Either way, I fear you may be relevant again." She chuckled to herself and laid her opposite hand on his arm with a reassuring pat. "Something to consider the next time you venture out of Kor Aren so brazenly."

Mentioning the crown, however, had her attention casually venturing upward.

"Nonsense. I think it suits you. Leadership is a color that always looks best on you." But there was too much sentiment and honesty in that. Her smile returned with a devilish curl.

"And it will help us tell you and Midir apart as the wine starts to flow," she added teasingly. As if there weren't a list of differences between the two. He pondered if it was too early and Mab was less subtle, laughing.

"A question I have never asked and never shall."

Her eyes began searching for a tray, which was not a difficult endeavor, and steered him toward the servant, her golden mantle fluttering and trembling. She picked up whatever they had there, as she had several millennia past abandoned airs of refinement for the simple pleasure of losing oneself to a string of delights and surprises. A little bit of chaos, in which her Court and others relished.

Humming with pleasure at the first long drink, licking her deep mauve lips to savor the taste of the wine and its notes of currant and oak, she waved the hand curled around Asemir's arm.

"While you find our seats, humor me. There has to be someone here you know more about than me, yes?" She laughed, raising her glass for another drink, which she then lowered abruptly to point a warning finger at him. "Mm! And your brother does not count!"
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Casimir was her saving grace right now. Abuse, humiliation? Those she could handle with finess. Worming her way around Jago, she was an expert. Keeping Casimir out of the jaws of the shucks? Piece of cake. Here she felt like she was drowning, out of place and awkward.

Astrid smiled up at her brother as he tried to calm her nerves. She loved him dearly, and this was just one of many reasons. If she had been in her other form, her tail would have definitely been between her legs. "Good, I don't want to get involved if we don't have to. The fae here are bound to be extremely powerful, I just don't want to tangle with them."

At his mention of them witnessing history, she wrinkled her nose. She should be more excited, but she couldn't be with all these high fae around. "I'll just be glad when it's all over Cas." She did manage a small smile as he pulled her in for a quick hug. It did make her fell a teeny bit better. "I'm glad you're here, I'd be a mess if you weren't. Maybe a drink will help my nerves."

She looked to Casimir for permission, they were technically working after all. It just seemed like at least one drink should be allowed. Right? She was okay with a little rule bending, as long as her older brother allowed it.

Casimir Bielke
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Tharu was beyond ecstatic to see that Vulpesen had thrived as a mortal among the Fae. It was a claim that a scant few could make, and the pure-hearted male that stood before him deserved that privilege. Tharu knew little of the Vitae, but any who employed the service of his friend deserved his respect. That is why he bowed quickly as Varos approached from behind, in a show of only the deepest respect to the dark-robed fellow.

"I am but a chamberlain looking to serve my court in whatever way possible sir, but I thank you sincerely for the praise you offer me." He'd seen the other Vitae earlier, intimidating fae, each one in their own unique way. He would have to imagine that having such a small group would serve to ensure they knew each other well. He could only imagine how efficient the three of them were.

Straightening from his bow, he gestures the other two approaching them, bowing to the both of them as ell. "Really, you all should take a seat. The King will be here any second now." Quickly, he snapped his fingers at a passing server, who snapped to attention, standing straight as the trees of the forest. "Give the Brothers Vitae a fresh round, make sure they want for nothing." Tharu ordered, before smiling at Vulpesen and Varos.

It was only seconds later when the tall doors at the top of the staircase beside the dias slowly began to swing open, the sound of stone hinges against wood deafening as light and warmth poured through from beyond that gateway. The young chamberlain's head snapped around as quick as lightning as his lips parted to proclaim with his voice booming. "May I have your attention, everybody please! The King incumbent, Nairth San'Seya, has arrived!"

There were a great many in attendance that the shimmering figure that emerged from the door did not recognize. Faces that the relatively young duanann had not met, whose opinions of him would only be based on the things they had heard, the stories that graced their ears. In his brilliant blues and whites he stood out amongst the earthy tones of the oaken innards that surrounded the party, his long flowing silver mane cascaded down his back like a sheet of thick snow down the side of a great mountain, the crown he held gently atop one hand with long raising points like the roots of a tree reaching for water.

Not a word left his lips as he descended to the dias, though the flaxen gaze of his eyes did fall upon Isiell, an expression of gratitude settling in his features. She was far from the only familiar face; The Vitae had come to welcome him as well, as had Midir and Mab herself. It did seem one of his other invites had chosen not to attend, however; He saw hide nor hair of Eske. The King had to hide his own dissapointment at that, and amusement at the rest as he swept the tail of his coat behind him, lowering slowly to his throne situated at the front of the Grand Hall. How little some of these Fae, his own brothers and sisters, likely thought of him right now...

But this occasion was a rare one, when personal feelings would be put aside out of formality and respect for tradition. They were here to hear a new King speak, to witness the passing of leadership, and Nairth had the floor. Whatever he said now would set the tone for his rule, set the path of the Spring Court and cement the opinions of those in attendance here today. The silence felt as though it would suffocate him with it's sheer weight. Resting the crown on the arm of the throne, Nairth's gaze fell to it as he began to speak.

"I thank you, all of you, for coming today. The Court of Spring is far from the most important thing for any of you, and I know that very well. That some of you are here out of respect for the late Oberon is also not lost on me. His reign was long, his counsel wise. I myself served as his right hand for many, many years." Had it been anybody but Oberon he were here to take the place of, Nairth doubted even half of his guests would be here. The high-fae's fingers would slowly trace the points of the crown, a soft hum leaving his lips.

"When illness took him, I struggled long with the idea of taking this mantle. I questioned my worth, my ability, my passion for this Court. It was a harrowing ordeal, before I realized the true importance that this day would bring." Finally, he would grip the crown, raising it slightly from it's place. "Oberon was wise, but he was a content man. He saw the Spring as many of you do; a Court of lesser importance, one that served a singular purpose and ideology. We are Spring, lovers of life, nature and freedom. Indeed, the name San'Seya derives from a most ancient tongue's translation, "Lover of World."

"Oberon, in his age, did not see as I do how quickly this world he loved is changing, how quickly we, the fae, are changing."
Now he would direct his gaze to his audience at last. "The mortals rely on nature less and less, the advancements of their technology alowing them to colonize more and more of this wonderous land we hold so dear..." San'Seya need not look at anyone in particular, the comments that would soon leave his lips would be divisive enough without the notion he was directly moitioning towards any one person. "So too have many of us become complacent with our place here. We hold lavish balls and parties given any excuse, to celebrate our own longevity as though it is something so difficult to accomplish, as though we won't be here in ages future as the walls close in on us, and we wonder why we sat here and relished in our wines and feasts and sex while time passed us by."

A pause, a long one. Nairth brought his hand to his mouth, clearing his throat. "Forgive my brazen words. I am not immune to nerves. So many of you I have never laid eyes on before...The point that I am attempting to make is that I realized that with this crown, I can use The Spring Court to enact change. True and meaningful change. This world is my world. It is all of ours. I will not stand by idly as the evils and corruption of a growing world twist what I love, not when I have already lost so much. With this crown... Nairth brings both of his hands to the crown, raising it at last over his head and lowering it to adorn him as the new and true King of Spring at last. "...I will preserve. Myself and all The Spring will stand for the preservation of our world, through any means neccesarry. Nature, Freedom and Life... they can no longer defend themselves. The greediest of beings take more from Nature than they need, the corrupt steal Freedom from those they subjugate, and the Life of countless beings, with so much potential, is so needlessly wasted. These tenets require a vanguard, and I mean to be the sword and shield. From this day forward, any who threaten to upset the natural balance will be met with the fullest extent of my power."

The implications were immense, Nairth knew. With this proclomation, he had likely made enemies on the spot. The duanann had of course anticipated this, but he could not let it deter him. "I understand that such a stance may be unpopular with some of you, and that the definition of a natural balance might seem entirely subjective. Instead of boring you further with my own personal beliefs on the correct order of things, I would invite you instead to observe my work thus far; This southern part of Falwood where we now feast, untouched by man despite ready access to it for centuries through my influence, my power. Plants and animals here that have become scarcities in all other lands thrive here under my care. It is these lands that I ask you to indulge in tonight. These foods harvested from the most fertile of land, the meats carved from plentiful beast and drinks with the spirit of the wild around us. The hot springs bubble with the heat of the very crust of our world itself, eager to soothe your skin, the sun baking your skin with it's rays, blessing you with beauty beyond time." The King raises his hand into the air, as Tharu brings him his own glass to drink from.

"The time for talking politics is over. I would be dissapointed if you did not find some amusement on this day. Drink! Eat! Be merry! I, King San'Seya, welcome all of my brothers and sisters to this wonderful castle, in the heart of what will become the great city of Grovehaven!"

Tharu would slowly approach the throne with a drink. Nairth gently picking it up and bringing it to his lips.
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"On the contrary, I think you have been thrust into the spotlight by default. Either they don't know you and you are about to be a breaking new scandal, or they know exactly who you are and all the more gossip you will have for it. Either way, I fear you may be relevant again."

the man grumbled in distaste. He'd been plenty relevant and spent more than his fair share in the spotlight in his earlier years. Between his military and wartime accomplishments, the scandal of him leaving Summer Court to join Mab, the further scandal of him becoming Mab's lover, further wartime profits, and then his several millennial-long run as a titled Hound in the Wild Hunt, then the scandal of him leaving Winter Court and Mab so abruptly and without recourse ... Asemir was more than happy to not be in the spotlight anymore.

Why had he agreed to the seat of Triumvir again? Curses.

"I venture out of Kor Aren plenty," he remarked quietly to Mab through a level, thin-lipped expression. More than Mab had out of Winter. Oh, but then she brought up telling him apart from his brother. His brow furrowed at the comment and the line of his lips faintly frowned. If anyone could tell them apart it would be Mab, for plentiful reasons. He withheld comments on that and snatched a tumbler filled with pale amber liquid from a passing attendant to swallow the sour taste slowly rising up from his gut.

This was fun. This was fine. Everything was fine.

His gaze shifted back down to the Winter Queen to find her pointing accusingly at him, which bubbled up a host of emotions from various ages of his life that he pushed back down with another swallow of liquor. Truly, he was becoming a lush. Sorry, not sorry Dianthe Cyrene

"I do not pretend to know more about anyone than the Queen of the Grapevine," the look on his face leavened back into a faint but playful smirk, "you know gossip was never my language. Mm," oh but Mab hated when he didn't play along and he wasn't here to garner more reasons for her to be angry with him, "but I know more about her than you do." He lifted his own glass to point across the crowds of those slowly collecting in the area to find their seats towards a tall, elegant blond duannan making a belated and unannounced entrance just as the King made his own. Mab would recognize her as the fae form of the Lady Mirlorne, Eske, who had delivered the Futures to Winter in the earlier years of the Dusk Court before Aster had been elevated to the task.

Neither of them had time to discuss the High Omnia as the words of the new King of Spring Court carried across the gathering. There were quiet murmurs about the man's speech as he delivered his various points on the new comeuppance of Spring. Asemir wasn't one to field naked opinions on words alone - he'd rather wait to see what the new King would actually do and follow through with. He didn't know enough about the man to pass any sort of judgement, but he suspected Eske likely knew more. Perhaps she might join them later.

He gave nothing but a short and thoughtful mmm on the breadth of the speech. Asemir briefly glanced down at the table to his left only to find his and Mab's names on the seating labels. He set down his glass and pulled the nearer chair out for Mab, "Your chaise, m'lady."