1. Zeri Rekani

    Fable - Ask Luuruk-Hur, the Coming of Spring

    Zeri missed her shot. Again! And the small herd of Delta Zebra scattered and ran from the watering hole. Retreating away from the grassy clearing and running back among the trees. Zeri sighed. Stood from her hiding spot among the bushes and the trees at the edge of the clearing. And started...
  2. Acteon Cass

    Open Chronicles A Festival of Coins and Crops

    It was that time yet again in Alliria. The entire city had been preparing for weeks. The Festival of Alliria and Panae had finally arrived. It was a festival dedicated to worshipping Alliria, the Goddess of Fortune and Luck, and Panae, the Goddess of the Harvest, Shepherds, and Alcohol. Traders...
  3. Orival Theodric

    Open Chronicles Welcome All, To An Evening of Love in the City of Shadokien.

    "Welcome all! To an evening of love in the City of Shadokien!" The crier boomed into the enormous crowds with a response of applause loud enough to crack the heavens. Fireworks were shot into the sky and fists were raised as the night of celebration began. The City of Shadokien was not one...