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The Dawn Festival, perhaps the biggest celebration in all of Solencia. The yearly event that memorialized the Sunfather's arrival to Arethil and his eternal battle with darkness. Serving as an reminded that although the darkness may push back the light from time to time, the sun will away rise. The Radiant Church had gone out of their way to go all out in this years festival, hoping to distract the citizens from the chaos of the Syzygy.

The canals that wound through the city were filled with the floating barges of performers and festival goes alike. Brightly covered tapestries decorated the city hanging from building to building. Merchants and entreprenuers were out in full force selling there wares, and none more so than the Radiant Church whose members were numerous in the city. The Dawn Festival often served as the peak time for donations to the Radiant Church. When one of the city officials had suggested postponing the holy holiday, the church laughed at them.

Near the center of the city, the Hearth, often the heart of the trading district was now home to countless competition and festival games for childrens and adults alike. Winning these games may earn the competitors simple gifts or delightful treats. However, sprinkled throughout the day were the far more intense competitions known as the Trials of the Sunfather. A series of tournaments that included, archery, wrestling, jousting, 1v1 and 5v5 duels, and lastly the sloop races. The victors of these tournaments would be gifted praise, recognition, and unique gifts.

Finally, the festival would end with the Processio Occasum a parade in which the royal family of Solencia traveled from the shores of the city of Sun Throne all the way to the palace at the heart of the city.

May his light shine upon you!
Zelici tilted her head back as far as she could so she could admire the decorations that rose high above street level. Honestly, she hadn't seen anything so impressive in her travels as this. The whole city was decorated for this festival and everyone was having a grand time. There were contests she wanted to sign up for and that was her current mission: find one of the damn sign up areas for the games! She wanted some of those prizes. What she couldn't use she'd sell and use that money to keep going on her travels. She wasn't familiar with the city and that was part of her difficulty. Finally she decided to just ask someone. She tapped the arm of a passing stranger carefully. "Excuse me, do you know where the sign ups for the competitions are?" she asked. Her accent was odd and hard to pin down to one area, but it was almost musical in inflection.
Alex felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned to spy whoever had gotten past her wings. Eyes and mouth scrunched up with a minor look of irritation.

"What's this then?" she said, expecting some ugly surprise there to meet her, or some braggadocious fool after he attentions.

Nothing of the sort.

"Oh," she sounded, and cleared her throat, straightened up some, and adjusted her proud wings. "Was just on my way there in fact," she offered, and smiled at the woman with the horns and tail. "Name's Alex, by the by," she said easy like. "Can walk with you there, if you fancy?" she said with a smile.

Princess Zelici
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Lumi wandered through the streets clogged with people, marveling at how much there was. There were so many people, merchants, games, foods, colors; she wasn’t quite sure what to even start with. Back home, you’d get at most a few streamers for a celebration if the town felt like going all out that year. She whispered to the red pendant hanging from a string of pearls dangling from her neck, her eyes fading to grey and her vision fading along with them.

“Which game do you think I should play?”

A soft chittering noise emanated from the locket. She sighed and her eyes changed back to their bright yellow, the bustling sight before her restored. She hadn’t figured out how to get bugs to talk yet. Lumi knew she’d work it out eventually, though. Kuran had told her all about the speaking crickets of elvenkind.

She closed her eyes and spun around at random. That was a reasonably effective method of choosing your next move when you didn’t know where to go. Well, it hadn’t killed her yet, at least. Just led her into a creepy dark forest or two. When she opened her eyes again, she immediately gasped at what she saw before her. It was a really tall woman with wings. She knew exactly what she must be- a wing-maiden. They were legendary creatures who flew around the world gifting magic swords to people. You didn’t see many of those swords out there because the wing-maidens were really picky.

Lumi straightened her red dress, then strode over to the woman. This was likely her only opportunity to interact with a wing-maiden, and she wasn’t about to squander it.

“I, um, like your wings!” she said with complete sincerity, uncertain how one was supposed to greet a wing-maiden. Being nice was probably a safe bet. She then noticed the woman standing next to her and grinned excitedly. She hadn't seen anyone like her before either. "I like your horns too!" she said, this compliment just as genuine as the previous.

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