The Erlking

The Erlking

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Laigin Older than your dizziest daydreams Laigin
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Fae; Duanann Male 6ft 11 Blonde, almost white Green Pale
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"Now listen here my darling," said the mother to her daughter.
"There are certain lessons that every girl must learn,
When they come of age. Not every man
You meet
Will turn into a Prince.

There is a felon, a creature so foul,
Who seeks out the innocent, the sweet and the meek.
He will appear as beautiful as a summers dawn,
With all the mystic of the wolfs night song.
He will promise you the Earth, Heaven and Hell,
But what he truly wants, my dear, is your soul.

They call him the Erlking, the leader of the Hunt,
He is a King Among Kings, a sinner, a demon.
So ignore what he says,
Refuse what he offers,
His gifts taste sweet until they are bitter.
The fae world is nowt but a pretty mirage,
Have a care dear sweet child, for I hear the horn blow.
Soon he will ride,

And come to claim you as a bride."


Midir is an imposing figure not because he he is broad nor particularly tall for one of his kind, but because he is like the personification of a perfect shard of ice. Deadly but beautiful with long blonde hair which he wears bound or loose. On certain wanes of the moon or in dazzling sun it almost looks as white as a doves feathers. His eyes are a piercing green the colour of a grassy meadow in the summer. Despite the beauty he appears as sharp as a naked blade. Harsh, razor sharp cheekbones, a gaze that could stop a mortals fragile heart, and a scowl that keeps even Mab's tongue was wagging too much.

Despite his status as king he dresses modestly and befitting his title of a hunter. It enables him to spend more time outside the parlour than within it, but also acts as a camouflage of sorts when he comes across unsuspecting mortals.

Duanann Affinity

The Autumn Court embodies Balance and so it should be of no shock to those who know of the Fae that its leader would have an affinity for Life. With his gifts, Midir can accelerate or reverse the sickle of a thing or creatures lifecycle depending on how much energy he deigns to commit. Like his gifts and the way of the courts however, there must always be a Balance with his magic. If he makes one thing younger, something nearby will grow older and vice versa.

All things must die.

Celestial Alignment

As leader of the Wild Hunt and a friend of shadows, Midir is a Lunar Fae. As such he grows more powerful with night and reaches his heights on certain lunar cycles.

Elemental Alignment

Earth and Air are the elements at the Erlkings command. Being able to pass through the jungle thickets in which his home and walk as silently as a summers breeze all lend themselves to his mystique.

Animal Shape

Many animals have been attributed to the Erlking over the years; a raven, a black hunting dog, even a jungle cat. His true animal form however is a magnificent, towering White Hart.

Skills and Abilities

Magick: Across Arethil are magical ley lines which Fae can tap into. These lines connect centres of magical power meaning that when in areas with a higher concentration of magic their abilities are stronger. Magick is borrowed by Fae from these lines and can be stored in their bodies to be used as well as be tapped into during times of need. As this is raw power it can often take many forms dependant on need, though they are governed by the same laws of magic as every other creature of Arethil - despite the myths.

The most manifestations of this magic include:
  • Glamours
  • Wards
  • Travel via ley line
  • Elemental magicks related to Earth and Air in particular
Fae Deals: Midir has never taken on a warlock though many have pleaded and given gifts to secure his favour.


Like the jagged shard of ice many believe him to be, Midir has been different facets to his personality. Hold him up in sunlight and he may sparkle like a diamond, be warm and even pleasant to be around. Hold him up in the moonlight and he may seduce, tempt and tease. His whispers pure adulterous temptation bound in silk. But hold him to the flame or see how he tremors when the horn is blown and you will find danger, destruction and a deadly edge that will not blink to end the life of children, women and men alike.

The Erlking can be anything and everything. Which one will you meet?

Biography & Lore

Midir's history is as long and as complicated as the annuals of man. He has lived a thousand years and twenty, perhaps more, for there are mentions of him in nearly every folk story among every people. But every story has a beginning and every story has an end.

Family and Key Relationships

  • Asemir: Half brother on his paternal side
  • Lorcán: Son with the Lady Aubretta
  • Lady Aubretta: Priestess of the Dawn Court, Midir's past lover
  • Maeve: Daughter-In-Law, mated with Lorcán
  • @Dulan: Trusted confident and Keeper of the Books


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