Biographical information
Underhill 203 Leogaire
Physical description
Fae, Duannan Female 6' 5" lithe but still with a certain voluptuousness to her form long and black green white as the moon
Political information
Dawn Court, Unseelie Isiell is, of course, not her True Name, but she was known as Isielle in the Winter Court and dropped the final 'e' when she left just to confuse everyone.
Out-of-character information
Feathered Dragon Mistress 2/3/21 CG-Zander (edited by Peony)

Chaos Fury of the Dawn Court, formerly the living nightmare of the Winter Court.


Isiell is tall (especially compared to human women) and lithe, but has just enough curves to her hips and bosom that many a man--and more than a few women--have tripped over their own feet at the sight of her.

Her skin is as pale as the moon, and her hair as dark as the shadows, but surprisingly her lips are not a deep shade of red. They are, rather, a pale pink, and that combined with the softness of her face gives her the appearance of deceptively childlike innocence, and Isiell has no qualms using all of those things to her advantage, especially when creating chaos. She thinks her green eyes are rather plain, and will often use a glamour to change them to something more exotic, depending on her mood.

Duannan Affinity

Isiell's affinity is Chaos. She thrives in situations where she can create confusion, regardless of the outcome, and does not discriminate between causing Chaos in affairs fae, human, or other. Whether the chaos is as simple as misplaced items causing someone to run late for a Very Important Affair or as extravagant as causing a war right after parties signed a peace treaty, Isiell will do it all.

Celestial Alignment

As a lunar fae, Isiell is strongest on nights when the moon(s) are full, and at the winter solstice.

Elemental Alignment

With her elemental alignments of Fire and Air, Isiell was much relieved when she made her home in the Fae desert abode of Leogaire after a lifetime spent in Underhill. The Fire element especially aligns with her Chaos affinity.

Skills & Abilities

She has two ways she can work with Chaos: she can create it, or she can siphon it off of a person/situation where Chaos already exists. Either way, she gains strength from the energy of it. Sometimes, when siphoning it, it will leave a person or situation feeling slightly numb or defused, at least for a while.

As a Duannan, Isiell can also take an animal form when it suits her, and her form is that of a black flying fox.


Isiell is cunning and manipulative, but is highly loyal to what few friends she has, though that does not make them immune to her pranks.

Biography & Lore

Born the daughter of a high noble house within the Winter Court, Isiell was reared to take a seat within the Court of Lords eventually.

However, the longer she was thrust among them, the more she was bored and frustrated with the strict manners and conduct required, and when she came of age she left her house in a fit of frustration and aligned herself to the Dawn Court where she would be able to truly embrace her affinity: Chaos. Because for all that the Winter Court claimed to adhere to Passion & Chaos, they did not much like Chaos when it was directed within their own ranks.

Isiell doesn't care who the subject of her Chaos is, so long as it brings her amusement.

Her oldest and dearest friend is Ariel.


Unexpected Bonds (backstory/past RP, friendship with Ariel)
A Nightmare Dressed as a Daydream (Isiell's first big social event after defecting to the Dawn Court, briefly reunited with Ariel, a tryst with the Autumn Court prince)
A Court of Dragons & Mist (Isiell encounters Fraeya in the forests just outside of the Winter Court's domain and they battle a fearsome beast together)
A Promised Encounter (A visit to Nairth's Grove... among other things.)
The Delights of the Wild Hunt (Post-Wild Hunt party at the Autumn Court. Isiell meets Lorcan's mate.)

Threads Left Hanging

The Dancing Flame (Isiell crashes a party in Oban)
A Court of Sand and Furies (Gerra tries to crash the Dawn Court)

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