1. Arius

    Private Tales Another World

    The Spine Amaryllis "Perfect." Arius said as he plucked the flower from it's stem and placed it gently onto the page of his book. He admired it for a brief moment, then slowly closed the journal. Fingers tightened around the leather binding, letting the book press the flower. He held it there...
  2. Khehe

    Private Tales Crosswinds

    The village of Ecrin sat on a rise at the center of the fertile valley, safe from the temperamental river and central to the meadows surrounding it, carved up by fences for livestock and pastures. Beyond them, fields patterned the landscape like quiltblocks blanketing the rolling hills. Beyond...
  3. House Ard an Greine

    Fable - Ask A Solstice Miracle

    Tag: @Amaryllis Tag: @Peony / @Faolan Theme A Solstice Miracle Today was a very special day, not only was it special because of the Solstice event but Áine and Ardghal were having their fourth child over the course of 400 years. While four kids might not seem like much to outsiders not...
  4. Jace

    Private Tales I robbed Tinkerbell?!

    A thief was not a good thief if he hesitated when a prime opportunity presented itself. Hesitating didn't put food in your belly, it didn't put logs on your fire, and it most certainly didn't make you feel 'good' about yourself for not stealing in the first place. Only a person who had never...
  5. Maeve

    Private Tales Ash and Iron

    A year. She'd been free for a year. Maeve took a deep breathe of the ocean scented air and closed her eyes, savouring the warmth of spring sunshine on her face in the pretty coastal town. She had learnt so much in that one year too. How these lands worked, the different types of people who...
  6. Vaer Nhimei

    Fable - Ask A Fae Moon on the Rise
    Threadmarks: Moonrise: The Party Begins!

    Underhill was alive with color, sound, and light. The city under the mountain had been transformed for the full moon that heralded the new year by the Pnerian calendar. Its streets were decorated in lanterns, painted with sigils for fortune and luck or to look like Pneria and Lessat. Fae from...
  7. Vaer Nhimei

  8. Sandbox The Autumn Court

  9. Diyue Rhianni

  10. Midir

    Fable - Ask A nightmare dressed like a daydream

    You are Cordially Invited... ~ The Heart of the Autumn Court, Laigin, lay deep within the Ixchel Wilds. An area left relatively unscathed by the encroaching hand of mortals in part due to its mystic and wild qualities. People who dared enter the wilds were often not seen again and if they did...
  11. Sandbox The Summer Court

  12. Sandbox Underhill

  13. Sandbox The Winter Court

  14. Skyler

    Private Tales Malison Breaker

    Skyler always hated the cold. It seeped past her threadbare jacket and gloves all too easily. A plume of mist left her mouth as she crouched in the curve of an old oak. She'd went deeper into the Eastern woods today. Further away from their small town of Briar. Her teeth were chattering and...
  15. Alistair Wren

    Private Tales Beware the Bad Fae

    It had been a month into Alistair's exile. With his big, string bag around his shoulder, he trudged through the undergrowth of a forest just west of Alliria. That was the only thing he knew about where he was. "I must be near Falwood by now," he thought as he shoved the arm of a tree out the...
  16. Favashi

    Private Tales A Winter's Dawn

    Favashi had wandered far from the lands of the Dawn Court. Oh but the war, it had called to her like the sweetest of songs. The offerings they had laid out and the way they had begged her to stand with them on the field had fed a very core and important part of her very being. She twirled one...
  17. Delun

  18. Favashi

    Fate - First Reply Come take me from this dull world

    Little sprigs of flowers, pots of honey, saucers of fresh cream. These were the gifts for Little Folk and she watched as they relished in the small offerings. Only those with the Sight would see them scurry hither and thither to complete mundane tasks and miracles; finding a lost sock...
  19. Favashi

  20. Sandbox Fae