dawn court

  1. Relorath

    Character profile for Relorath
  2. Gerra

    The Empire Twin Suns

    "Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere." The palace doors of Leogaire flew open and an enormous figure strode through. His eyes simmered like hot coals, his hair burned like tongues of fire, and the set of his jaw was as the face of a volcano - black ash in which death did but slumber...
  3. Leon Ilayda

    Private Tales The Es-Cah-Pay

    Leon Ilayda held the piece of paper that carried the missive with his directions written in perfect, beautiful script. He read it again for the hundredth time as he looked around the empty streets this deep into the Midnight Market of Underhill. The letter told him where, when, and what to look...
  4. Simyeoleonolas Ilayda

  5. Favashi

    Private Tales She Who Dares, Wins

    How old was War? How long ago did the first man pick up arms to lead a group against another over some strip of land, or imagined slight? It seemed as old as life itself though that was not true. It might not have seemed possible to the mortal mind but once there had been years, centuries, where...
  6. Gerra

    Open Chronicles A Court of Sand and Furies

    At the gates to the palace Leogaire waited a lone figure. Tall as a young oak, with a frame that spoke of the blood of ogres… or giants. He wore a loose fitting kaftan of black, with gold scrollwork on the edges, unfazed by the searing Kaliti heat. Jewels glittered on his nine fingers and gold...
  7. Favashi

    Fae Courts Topsy Turvy; Little Folk forget your Shyness!

    Maedbh's Temple; The Dawn Court Hierarchy is one of the greatest constraints we allow ourselves to fall into. I decree that once a year the tables shall be reversed! Lesser Folk and humans may taste what it is like to be a King, and Kings may taste the freedoms afforded to those who can go...
  8. Isiell

  9. Favashi

    Private Tales A Winter's Dawn

    Favashi had wandered far from the lands of the Dawn Court. Oh but the war, it had called to her like the sweetest of songs. The offerings they had laid out and the way they had begged her to stand with them on the field had fed a very core and important part of her very being. She twirled one...