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The Fury of Madness

Biographical information
Endora A previous age Several Thousand Leogaire
Physical description
Fae Male 6'2 (187.96 cm) 210 pounds (95.3 kg) Silver Yellow Pale
Political information
The Dawn Court Lord of Madness, Prince of Dementia, Master of Mania, many others
Out-of-character information
Tarsas 7/17/2023 Hero's Wiki

Relorath, also known as the Fury of Madness is a high ranking member of the Dawn Court. A gleeful supporter of its current king, King Andronicus, he presides over those fae who are associated with insanity, dementia, mania, and other troubles associated with the mind. His chief servants are two fae known as the Duke of Mania and the Duchess of Dementia, and his estate outside of Leogaire has two distinct divisions; one of gleeful mania where a never ending crew of revelers party into eternity and another of dark depression and forgetfulness where those blessed with his darker gifts reside. Oftentimes finding himself bored, Relorath can be found roaming Arentil, visiting hs various shrines and answering those who would call upon him.

Born to a high ranking member of the Autumn Court, Relorath was cast out after it was found his affinity was not for law and order, but for chaos and madness. Before joining the Dawn Court, he wandered Erentil, spreading madness and disorder wherever he went. His freedom loving nature brought him into alignment with the ideals of Maedbh, where he was welcomed with open arms. Some say it was by Maedbh herself, but Relorath has long since forgotten his age. Some say that his mind contains perfect memories of everything that has happened since he was born, but he is unable to recall much of them due to the centuries he has lived and the effect of his own power.

Relorath is normally associated with foxes and he can use any mortal and fae fox as his own messenger or servant. His powers produce varied results in humans and his very precense often causes a rise in manic and illogical behavior wherever he goes. He is, by choice, one of the more easily summong Furies and can be summoned anytime a terrible storm is occurring or by offering four owl feathers at one of his shrines. Since owls are associated with law and order, the act of removing the feathers from one symbolizes chaos plucking away at law and order. Shrines to Relorath can be easily created, as he is not picky on who summons him.


Skills & Abiliies

Duanann Affinity - As a member of the highest order of Fae and the Fury of Madness, Relorath possess a Duanann Affinity for madness, insanity, and disorders of the mind. His abilities to affect the minds of mortal and weaker fae alike are considered dangerous amongst the courts. Many centuries of life have also allowed him to hone his abilities’ effectiveness. The power of madness allows him to directly influence the human mind in a significant number of different ways. Though Relorath could simply drive a being insane, he is very fickle and will oftentimes utilize his powers in creative ways. Known for being extremely fickle, his power often comes at a price. A mortal or fae who entreats him with a request may see it granted if it piques Relorath’s interest, and that interest is held by the chaotic and unhinged. A request considered boring is oftentimes met with a price paid by the requestor. One such scenario saw a mortal cursed to spin around three times every time he spoke the word “water” as a price for his inquiry.

Relorath’s abilities also have a static effect on mortals around him. His presence in a room will oftentimes cause an increase in strange and manic behavior. Aggression, bouts of laughter, expressive body language, and an increase of anxiety will occur in mortals when exposed to his aura for too long. Those with preexisting conditions such as dementia, mania, depression, and other conditions of the mind will notice them exacerbated. He can increase or decrease this effect at will and cause a rowdy tavern to erupt into a manic riot simply by being in the room. His aurais easier to resist for most fae, whose minds work differently. Half-fae have sometimes shown to be resistent to this effect as well.

As drunkenness is adjacent to madness and chaos, Relorath also has an affinity towards wine grapes. Wine grapes thrive in his presence and he is capable of summoning wine from the great vineyards of his estate wherever he pleases. As an outward sign of these abilities, the fragrant smell of wine grapes always hangs in the air around him, creating a pleasant aroma for those whom are around. Relorath can also cause grape vines to grow out of any ground, even in the midst of a hostile area where they may not originally grow. These vines will continue to grow as long as he is around and they can feed off of his power.

Celestial Alignment - Relorath is a solar fae, which means his powers directly relate to the sun and certain times of the year during times of strong sunshine. Summertime is typically when he is at the height of his power and at the end of the year during the shorter days of winter is when his power is reduced. The summer solstice is when Relorath is at his strongest, and this is typically around the time he formalizes pacts with new familiars. His alignment is directly related to one of his favorite forms of madness, called heat madness, which he regularly inflicts upon travelers who travel the deserts unprotected.

Elemental Alignment - Being a Fury, which is the equivalent of a High Lord in the Dawn Court, Relorath was born with an affinity for two elements considered naturally chaotic: air and fire. Both elements embody his nature succinctly. Fire burns all, referred to as an element of change and chaos. None can control the wind and it blows where it wills, in total freedom and in submission to no one. As a result of these affinities, Relorath cannot be burned nor can he be frozen, allowing him to experience many different climates and visit many locations that would cause issues for others. He is also capable of using both types of magic, though he rarely needs to resort to such things as the primary power of his affinity is much more dangerous, though there are many useful powers granted by such magic such as flight.

Fae Avatar – As a fae, Relorath can take an animal form. His animal form is that of a house cat, which matches the cat like eyes he maintains when in his full body form. He can also communicate with and use cats as his eyes and ears around the world, provided he has some sort of communication with the creature beforehand and establishes a link to it. The ability to speak to cats is also a power that Relorath imparts on his familiars. Anyone who he deems a warlock may fully transform into a cat.


As a Duanann fae and one of the most powerful fae in the Dawn Court, Relorath has made many pacts throughout his long life. There are three types of pacts which he has made with mortals: homage, familiars, and warlocks. Though known as a particularly dangerous fae to make pacts with, his power oftentimes draws those with the desire for power at any cost to him. Though not an inherently evil fae, this has led to certain evil individuals being associated with Relorath.

Homage – Homage pacts with Relorath are the lowest risk, though are also low reward and can still be dangerous. For an offering of owl feathers, a treasured memory, a piece of sanity, or taking on a minor curse, one can gain insight or knowledge on a burning question. Increased ability in fire magic, air magic, or a general increase in magical power can also be granted. The offering for a boon can also be decided entirely at random by the Fury of Madness, involving anything striking his current fancy. Relorath will also oftentimes make deals with passing desert travelers for safe passage in exchange for exotic goods and sweets from other regions of the world. As with any deal made with the Fury of Madness, risk is involved, as he may decide to harm the requestor and give them no benefits in return.

Familiar – As one in the top percentage of fae in terms of power, familiar pacts work differently with Relorath than the typical fae. Any mortal who enters his pocket realm of Cincerth makes a familiar pact with him, granting them certain boons in exchange for a portion of their sanity. This manifests in many different mental states. Some familiars develop a compulsive disorder for cleanliness, while others develop manic tendencies. Many other manifestations have occurred throughout history and it is said that Relorath himself does not even quite know which one will occur, though he can choose if he so desires. In exchange, the familiar extends their natural lives beyond normal mortal years, and they gain certain powers, such as the ability to speak to cats and some ability to channel fire and wind magic. Relorath can individualize these pacts if he so chooses. All of those who currently inhabit Cincerth are familiars.

Warlock – Warlock is the most powerful pact that Relorath can make with another being and he has rarely done so in his long life. Because of his power, it is less of a risk to him than to lower fae, but the risk is there, nonetheless. Those in his service as warlocks are granted far more boons than a familiar would be, such as the ability to turn fully into a cat, greater access to fire and wind magic, and access to use Relorath’s affinity on the minds of others. Warlocks are pact bound to spread chaos and madness wherever they go, and Relorath watches all his warlocks closely and may simply show up and interfere in whatever situation they are presently in if it strikes his fancy, or even create a situation where none exists. Though becoming a Warlock of Madness grants one great power, the risks are also extreme. A mortal channeling the power of madness will slowly lose their own sanity and eventually end up insane since the mortal mind can only be exposed to so much madness over a lifetime. Once fully insane, the warlock is taken to Cincerth by Relorath where they spend all eternity, whether as a reveler, a servant or perhaps any other role that strikes the fae’s fancy.

Magic Items

Relorath possesses magic items that he wears himself and bestows on mortals from various sources. These items are as strange and varied as their owner. Most of them are kept either on Relorath’s person or in the treasure room of his estate. They have been sought far and wide by many a mortal seeking power and are spoken of in many tomes and books.

Amulet of Lucidity – The strangest item that Relorath possesses is the Amulet of Lucidity, a pendant made of gold with a blue diamond in the center. The item is the antithesis of its owner and can render one entirely immune to the power of madness. No one is entirely sure where it came from and Relorath himself claims he does not remember. The amulet is typically bestowed on his most favored mortal warlock, which allows the user to channel the power of madness without any ill effects. The amulet fortifies one’s mind, rendering it immune to the effects of Relorath’s madness power or any other mental affliction. It is believed that the amulet came from a mortal challenger who came to slay the Fury to save a friend from going insane from a pact. In a rare deal where no deceit was involved, Relorath was so fascinated with the amulet that rendered his affinity inert that he traded the mortal’s friend in exchange for the amulet.

Mindbreaker – One of Relorath’s primary battle weapons is a sword known as the Mindbreaker, which harmlessly passes through anything. Though useless as an actual sword, Mindbreaker’s true power lies in its ability to destroy the mind of anyone it passes through, sending them straight into insanity. Despite its power, the weapon has several caveats. Unless the sword passes directly through the physical mind of the user, the effect is only temporary. The time the effect lasts increases the closer the location the sword passed through is to the target’s mind. The Amulet of Lucidity is a known cure to the sword, immediately restoring the mind of any user who wears the amulet. The sword also does not work on any who are immune to Relorath’s madness affinity, such as other Duanann fae.

Wabbasnak – Likely one of the most insane weapons ever created, the staff Wabbasnak is Relorath’s favorite of his items. He rarely has it himself, however, as he bestows it on mortals whom he favors. Forged at the center of a great volcano during one of the most chaotic and destructive wars ever fought in the world’s history, the staff imbues chaos magic. It has no one effect, rather, it has every effect that can possibly be conceived. Using the weapon is a paramount risk beyond risks, as the effect cannot possibly be predicted, not even by Relorath himself. The staff fires red balls of energy at targets, and any target is immediately affected when hit. There are several notable recorded effects from past users. A target may turn into a rabbit for 24 hours, or they may receive the strength of a full-grown orc, or they may burst into flames, or they might fall in love with the wielder. The effects of the staff oftentimes kill the user before they can use it too many times and Relorath will typically leave it in the mortal world for centuries at a time. The weapon is directly connected to its creator, and he can sense it wherever it is and influence where it ends up.

Staff of Madness – Serving as Relorath’s primary weapon, this device channels his affinity directly and would be dangerous for anyone other than Relorath to use except for other Duanann fae. He can also use his fire and wind magic through it, and the staff is always seen on his person or sealed inside his personal pocket dimension. No mortal or other fae has ever wielded it, but it is surmised one would gain a similar level of ability to channel madness that Relorath himself innately possesses.


As a being, Relorath truly personifies the word “unpredictable”. His most predictable personality trait is that he cannot be predicted. Pinning down a solid personality is nigh impossible and only those who have spent centuries in his service can even begin to describe the few consistencies that exist within the confines of Relorath’s psyche. Long life has also only served to exacerbate these traits as the centuries wear on. Though some argue that he is drawing explicably closer to succumbing to the effects of The Mist, his magic also causes him to constantly change, and it is not truly known if he can even succumb to a disease affecting the mind.

Another consistent personality trait is Relorath’s love of partying and revelry. As the quintessential event for disorder and madness to spread, it is widely known he hosts some of the greatest parties of any fae. His desire to enjoy his existence and satisfy his own desires is paramount and insatiable and is why he can oftentimes be found wandering the world sowing chaos and madness. Relorath is also greatly in love with strong drink and will roam far and wide searching for such delights to satisfy his pallet. Wine that tastes better than his own is said to be a way to make him furious, but it is hard to be sure.

A trait of his personality that is well-known and has never changed is his disdain for authority. The Fury of Madness has no desire to be bound by any leadership role, despite his supposed rank as a leader in the Dawn Court. Once asked if he would support a power struggle to remove King Andronicus and take the throne himself, he became convinced that the request was a joke, stating he was absolutely revolted by the idea. Ironically, Relorath is among Andrionicus’ most loyal subjects out of a sense of pity that the King must occupy such a role.

Though it cannot necessarily be said that Relorath truly likes anyone, as it is impossible to tell the inner workings of his mind, he has many beings, mortal and fae alike, that he has brought into his domain that enjoy his favor. Some say he considers them friends; others say he considers them pets. Regardless of which, these beings exist within his realm and do his will. They share in his power, and he considers them to be those he cares for in his own way.

Biography and Lore


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