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Vel Anir 22 Unknown
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Human female 5'8 average golden-blonde hazel fair
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Fraeya has fair skin and even fairer hair.

Skills and Abilities

+Can hunt and set snares
+Can sense when magic is being used or when there's another magic user around, especially the fae
+Can see through fae glamours
-Does not trust easily


Fraeya tends to plunge into danger and has a hard time not speaking her mind, even with the consequences it brought growing up. Around strangers she can often be cautious and silent.

Biography & Lore

Fraeya was born to a military family and gypsy mother in Vel Anir that she never grew up knowing. Her mother died giving birth to her and she was given away only at a few days old. She has two older brothers she's never met: Remy (deceased) and Cassian.

Bound for the city of Dornoch after given to a merchant family who'd always wanted a baby of their own but were unable to do so she was replaced with a changeling by the fae on the road. The fae may have regretted taking this human, spirited, and willful child. There was a small time when Fraeya thought she was one of them. But that only lasted a few years. They made sure she knew she was...lesser, the family that had taken her to the Autumn court. They treated her like she was nearly nothing more than an indentured servant, ensnared to work off the food, clothing, and other things given to her growing up. She was often mistreated, close to being no better than a human in Summer. Eventually, she came into the possession of a new fae 'family,' one Delun. And while her circumstances improved greatly, she never quite forgave or trusted the fae again, taught to fear and respect the Erlking.

At age 22 she got word of her biological father dying and a message to go visit the home he left behind in Vel Anir. Promised to marry and serve a fae warlord, she seized on the small window she had to go investigate, hoping to find something that would pay off her debts and set her free. Upon visiting the small house, she learned from an old family friend what happened to her father and that she had two brothers. One was still alive, Cassian. And he is said to be keeping the company of Lexi Quinzell and the White Ravens Templar Order.

And that Cassian and Lexi are wanted for the death of her father. For their father. She met each, eventually. They viewed her as family but also something wild. A struggle of not quite belonging to the humans or fae. With no choice, she returned to Delun, stuck in a bargain she never agreed to and unable to break those bonds of belonging to the Autumn court.

Later, Midir came to settle a bargain they'd made. Fraeya asked to become something powerful enough to protect and serve the balance, due to a vision of a horrid future of a destroyed world she saw from the Mystics of the South. With the combined magic of the Erlking and that of the brownies who had marked her when she was younger, she became fae-made into a new kind of fae; A Grey Shuck. Her appearance changed as well, the curve of human ears turned to fae-points. She became stronger, faster, and can heal like a duanan. Her other magic and powers are still unknown

Notable encounters with the fae:
Delun: or 'Daddy Delun,' a fae and caretaker who raised her after a very dark decade of her life with the fae; she was also his assistant for the Lists and Book of the Hunt up until her transformation by the Erlking. Fraeya considers him like a father and loves him like family.

Maeve: Someone Fraeya is beginning to consider as a close friend and sister she never had.

The Erlking: Fraeya made a bargain with him. She fears and hates him the most but she'd never show her fear to him.

Prince Lorcán, son of the Erlking: Fraeya kneed him at a fae ball, the prince fully deserving her actions. While she first thought him a narcissistic, spoiled-fae prince, her views may have changed just recently.

Raphael: Fraeya agreed to work for the spylord in exchange for assistance with helping any humans that may need it, have not gone on many missions yet

Isiell: Fury of the Dawn, Fraeya met her within the court and had an enticing conversation about becoming the female's warlock. Regardless of any magical decisions, Fraeya considers the female a potential ally.

Nairth San'Seya: Spring court fae, one Fraeya met as she danced toward the Erlking. He protected her identity when he could see through her magical disguise. He also offered her himself as an ally to protect the humans among the fae. Fraeya considers him a strong ally and friend.

Ariel: Winter court fae, one Fraeya met and turned down a dance from, then later met again coming back from a mission from Delun where they both encountered Nagai and other enemy fae who had infiltrated the court's borders. Fraeya would consider Ariel an ally certainly in combat though probably not with her heart.


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