Nairth San'Seya

Nairth San'Seya

Biographical information
Falwood Unknown Forests of Falwood
Physical description
Elven Fae/Duanann Male 6 feet, 9 Inches 210 pounds White Golden White
Political information
King of The Spring Court
Out-of-character information
TapathyWR 4/15/21 LAS-T

Mischief is synonymous with the mentioning of Fae. Ask any living being of Arethil with a rudimentary knowledge of Fae, and they will tell you of trickery, sly dealings and skullduggery. Something as simple as a drink to parch one's thirst can easily be made into a much bigger ordeal when twisted by the creativity of one who delights in such pacts. Indeed, the line between The Courts and the rest of the world was one crossed often, if not for the sake of mischief, then for motives far more devious.

Nairth San'Seya, a Duanann affiliated with The Spring Court, had once delighted in such meddling. The vast, dense forests of Falwood held no lack of adventurers and travelers willing to deal with him. He reveled in the freeing feeling that came with outsmarting a lesser being, and while he was well aware such ideation may have been considered somewhat questionable by some of his peers, he took solace in the knowledge that he steered from anything outright malicious. For while Nairth enjoyed manipulation of the creatures of Arethil, he also felt a deep affection for them. Never would he do them true harm. That much, he had promised to himself.

So when The Spring Court found itself without a ruler, Nairth's tolerance and love for all beings both above and beneath him made the then-Chamberlain an obvious successor to the throne. Now the King of Spring, the once mischievous political upstart has cemented his legacy as a warrior for the values of life and nature in his world, aspiring to make all of Arethil a sanctuary for life of all types.

The shadows of one's past can be difficult to escape, however, and many wonder if San'Seya's reign will stand the test of time.


Nairth San'Seya has long white hair, flowing down his back to his midsection. His eyes are golden in color, and seem to brighten when he experiences excitement or euphoria. Markings adorn much of his body, with only his stomach and lower-back not sporting artistic renditions of various creatures found in the wilderness of Arethil. His attire is extravagant, colorful cloaks of entire spectrums of color, coats that look as though they were made of the wings of a giant butterfly, and robes that appear as though one has plucked the clouds themselves for his wear. He has a vibrant blue marking on the back of his neck, in the shape of his family's symbol.

Duanann Affinity

As a Duanann affiliated with the forest and life, Nairth wields the ability to manipulate lives of a certain size. For example, he can cause plants to grow to full bloom at his command, or conversely cause them to wither and die. This also is true for small animals, though his power grows more limited the more significant the creature is in size and willpower. He cannot manipulate the lives of humans and their kin, save for small amounts of healing or detriment. This is due to the immense willpower and strength that comes with sentient life.

Celestial Alignment

Nairth is aligned with Solar energy. He prefers to be active during the day, and his abilities to manipulate nature and life wane greatly under the moonlight. Ironically, this places nocturnal aspects of nature far more out of his reach than those that thrive by day.

Elemental Alignment

Nairth is aligned with Water and Light, two of the key components to sustaining life. He is not susceptible to magic of these types, or at least not nearly so much as he may be to other types.


Nairth was notoriously mischievous and playful in his youth. Now, he exhibits a much more reserved and polite personality when not in a purely Fae environment. His speech is extremely proper, and while occasionally flirtatious and prone to teasing, he does not appear to engage in many of the social events held by his kin. When he does appear at such an event, it is usually because he must for the sake of Spring. This introverted nature coupled with his polite speech sometimes makes him seem condescending or patronizing. He exudes a very serene aura, one calming and peaceful in nature.

Biography & Lore

Nairth San'Seya has always closely tied his existence to the blossoming and upbringing of new life. Often spending more time in the wilderness of Falwood that teemed with life than in any Fae-controlled space. Despite his considerable power and admitted vice of toying with those lesser-minded than him, he grew a deep-rooted fondness for the world that the Fae share with all other creatures. "It does not matter how powerful a being is, should he have no land to roam, air to breathe or drink to sip." His love for life also took the form of procreation on his own part; He fathered as many children as he was able with his loyal and beautiful wife, Illie. Illie, like Nairth, was exceptionally eager to fill the world with those who loved Arethil such as she. They had met purely by chance, and their similar passions had led them to a large family. He christened himself, his wife, and his children the San'Seya or Lover of World in common speak.

Indeed, his many sons and daughters spread his message of loving the realm so many call home across the Faewilds, and support grew for his cause more and more. The Duanann oft claimed he sought only to strengthen their bonds with those they trod ground with, to promote harmony and peace between all creatures, while still extolling the virtues of a proper Fae, and honoring the traditions that came with mortal dealings.

This love held a line that should not be crossed, however. Nairth did not support romantic feelings for lesser beings. For to lay with a woman or man was to bring oneself to their level, to become equals. Fae were not equals with the rest of Arethil. No amount of love would convince him otherwise.

When one of his daughters, Isa San'Seya, fell in love with a mortal elf, He was enraged. All of his teachings and his warnings had been ignored and blasphemed by his own blood, by San'Seya flesh. He demanded Isa to cease her foolishness, but his reprimands were met with an even more egregious insult; She gave birth to a child of lesser, a common elf. She even dared to christen it with the name he had provided those of his blood: Varys San'Seya.

Nairth was appalled at this. Enraged. Isa had allowed the blood of their family to be gifted to the mortals below. And what had they done to deserve such a gift? They pillaged, deforested, and killed one another. If they had proven themselves worthy of bearing their own Lover of World, perhaps Nairth would be more understanding, but the mortals still had far too much to learn. They would use any gift given for amoral purposes, he was sure.

Not even a year after that, Illie took seriously ill very suddenly.

Nairth did everything that he could to try and find what was causing her to wither away so rapidly. He had so much knowledge, so many resources, he should have been able to save her with ease. Alas, Illie died in his arms, to the sound of her lover's sobs.

Nairth's love began to die that day.

As did all of his offspring who held the San'Seya name. He wiped out any trace of his lineage, deeming them a failure for their ability to fall in love with the common type. Complete euthanasia of his bloodline was an extreme action, but in his rage, he saw no other way of ensuring such a travesty to his name never occurred again. He did not slay Varys however, refusing to break his code regarding the harming of the innocent non-Fae.

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