The Spring Court

The Spring Court

Faerie Court Chamberlain - Vacant
Ambassador - Tharu San'Seya
Military Leader - Razareal
Artifact Specialist - Quacey
Grovehaven Castle Southern Falwood Forests, Grovehaven City
Out-of-character information

The Spring Court is a Fae Parlor Court, arguably one of the smallest of the recognized courts despite its long history and important place among the other seasonal courts. Located within the southernmost expanses of the continent of Falwood's dense forests, the Spring Court largely contributes to the thriving wildlife of Falwood as a whole, its unseen influence preserving the lush forests and crystal clear lakes through settlements that would have depleted other lands.

For many ages, The Spring Court was considered to be a quiet and uneventful parlor, its long-time ruler King Oberon sought not to step above his chosen station, instead content to maintain the lands that Spring had made their home since the court's inception. With Oberon's mysterious death, his Chamberlain Nairth San'Seya has since taken the crown and introduced sweeping and dramatic changes to the Spring's ideology and methods, building a grand castle and a massive city among the Falwood trees from which The Spring Court now operates.

Tenets and Politics

"...I will preserve. Myself and all The Spring will stand for the preservation of our world, through any means necessary. Nature, Freedom, and Life... they can no longer defend themselves. The greediest of beings take more from Nature than they need, the corrupt steal Freedom from those they subjugate, and the Life of countless beings, with so much potential, is so needlessly wasted. These tenets require a vanguard, and I mean to be the sword and shield. From this day forward, any who threaten to upset the natural balance will be met with the fullest extent of my power."

The Spring Court hails the tenets of Life and Freedom and extolls the virtues of preserving nature and connecting with the world that all things live in. Members of the Spring are encouraged to enjoy their lives and exercise the freedoms offered to them by life, often times Spring Fae will travel to other lands, enjoying the company of Fae of all creeds and upbringings, with interpersonal relationships not restricted by ideals. Still, the natural order of life is held in the highest regard amongst the Spring, and anything that could possibly threaten this order is seen as an enemy to the court. This means that members of more violent and unpredictable sects such as The Night Court are far less tolerated by the Spring.

Politically, The Spring Court is content to remain uninvolved with the larger conflicts between other courts, only interfering if a threat to nature or the order of life is interpreted. Spring shares a very close relationship and alliance with The Vitae Court, with whom many of their ideals align perfectly. They are less fond of The Winter, Night, and Dawn courts for their leanings towards violence and chaos, seeing their disregard for the natural order and insistence on meddling as wanton and unseemly. The relationship between Spring and Autumn is somewhat more complicated; While they agree on many things, King San'Seya has a clear distaste for Autumn's Erlking, and this has historically hampered relations between the two. More recently, common threads have begun to mend this gap.


As a relatively small parlor court that has only recently begun a re-structuring process under a new ruler, the Spring's court structure is relatively simple; King Nairth San'Seya heads the Spring as ruler, with a Chamberlain acting as his second-in-command and a proxy for he himself when he is otherwise indisposed. Other positions are active, such as Ambassador and Military Commander, but these positions are flexible and exist solely at the King's discretion.

Because of its lack of powerful Fae at present, those who join the Spring Court are often evaluated by the King and suggested suitable roles within the Court through which they may contribute and become integral to the structure of Spring itself. King San'Seya promotes active recruitment and is very accepting of those who wish to pledge themselves to the tenets he serves.

There are those who are affiliated with Spring that do not serve the King directly, this consists mainly of lesser species of Fae, and these species make up the majority of the court at present, inhabiting the forests and other settlements that the court encompasses and the city at its heart.

The King

Being a Parlor Court, the title of King is not passed by blood, rather any who is deemed worthy is eligible to rule. It is through this that the current King Nairth San'Seya came to power when the previous King Oberon passed suddenly and without warning. Nairth San'Seya had been the Chamberlain under Oberon previously, and his selection to succeed was an obvious one.

With his succession, San'Seya had introduced many changes in his still-young reign as King. Immediately he declared any force that would tamper with nature to be Spring's enemy, and began a campaign to recruit willing Fae from other Courts to bolster his own stagnating parlor. Nairth also quickly constructed a castle and a city to serve as the center of Spring, as well as to provide a home for those who wished it.

There have been numerous rumors abound already about the methods of Nairth San'Seya's ascension, including assertions that he was responsible for Oberon's death, that his personal relationship with the High Omnia, Eske, offered him an advantage, and that he had been planning a coup long before Oberon's passing. It is too early to discern the validity of any such claims, but already the Spring Court has grown under San'Seya's rule.

Nairth San'Seya is a calm, fair, but strict ruler. He does not often impose restrictions on those who serve him, but those that he does are expected to be followed to the letter, as the San'Seya does not take kindly to perceived disrespect. Even so, he sees those in his Court more as a family than anything else, and believes in placing the well-being of those he rules before even himself.


Grovehaven is the name of the massive city at the center of Spring's land, built by Nairth San'Seya using stone and wood from the forest in a single night, shortly before his coronation. The city consists of smooth stone buildings interweaving between trees, rivers, and cliffs, with sizes ranging from massive towers to small shacks. The lesser species that live under Springs banner have already begun to make a home out of the city, with Fae run shops and services abundant in a market district nearest to the castle that rested at the base of a massive tree, with residential homes usually situated on the outer edge of the city.

Grovehaven Castle itself holds more room than nearly the entire city. Constructed at the base of the massive tree that once hung over a mystical grove tended by the current King, Grovehaven Castle is the symbol of Spring; a place where any who values life and freedom may feel safe, warm, and welcome. Equipped with kitchens, a Grand Hall, Hot Springs, an Observatory, a Library, and a large number of personal rooms for those who wish to stay there, the beacon of light that shoots from its tallest tower each dusk is considered a call to all those in need to take solace in the arms of the Spring.

PC List

Nairth San'Seya - King of The Spring Court
Tharu San'Seya - Prince of The Spring Court & Ambassador
Razareal - Knight & Head of Military
Quacey - Knight & Artifact Specialist
Elida - Denizen
Amalia -Denizen
Eske - Under King Nairth's protection

Court Relations

The Summer Court: Bad
The Vitae Court: Very Good
The Dawn Court: Uneasy
The Dusk Court: Good
The Winter Court: Uneasy
The Night Court: Bad
The Autumn Court: Good

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